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While I do love many of the features and innovations of the G-ki, I simply do not love how mild its vibrations are. This is an amazing toy that, for me, needed to be more powerful. But if you like mild to medium intensity vibrations, you will love this vibrator!
100% silicone, innovative, rechargeable, bendable.
Vibrations not strong enough.
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What do you say about a toy that is “almost” perfect? Where everything about it is gorgeous, extremely well made, innovative and just down right classy looking, but doesn’t get you where you want to go. Frustrating? To say the least. I want to love the G-ki. I really do! I do like it. And I even enjoy using it. But try as I might I just can’t reach the finish line with it. I always end up giving up and choosing another toy to finish the job. So to Je Joue I say, why couldn’t you have made the vibrations stronger? And to anyone else reading this review, if you don’t need strong vibrations this is an amazing toy.

The G-Ki by Je Joue is a truly innovative vibrator. There really is nothing else like it on the market today. First of all it is bendable. There are two points on it, one just below the head and one almost half way down that you can adjust to fit your anatomy. There is a button under the silicone at each of these spots that you push in to unlock the G-ki’s current position. Once you have it unlocked you adjust it by pushing the head or neck to your desired position, and then it just locks back in place. This is one of the thing I love about this toy. You can angle it so it hits your G-spot perfectly, and you can even position it in somewhat of a J shape so that it hits both the G-spot and the entire vulva/clitoral area at the same time. The head of the G-ki is round and bulbous making it perfect for rubbing or pressing against your G-spot.

Another wonderful innovation of this vibrator is that it’s not only rechargeable, but the way it is charged. Je Joue made this toy completely waterproof. Which is not an easy task with a rechargeable vibrator. What they did is made the charger magnetic. You just place the magnetic points of the charger onto the buttons that control the vibration speeds and plug it in. While charging there is a small red light that flashes. The light stops flashing and has a steady glow once it’s fully charged. It only takes about two hours to charge it, which gives you two hours of play time.

The G-ki is 9 inches long with 5 of those being insertable. It’s girth is 1 1/2 inches at the widest point. With that in mind, the dimensions of this toy should work well for anyone.

And it’s one of the prettiest vibrators I own! I have the pink one. It actually looks more like a light lavender with the oval control panel on the front, being a medium shade of pink. With the exception of the control panel, the G-ki is completely covered in 100% silicone, which is nonporous, body safe and phthalate free. The silicone on this is firm and velvety giving it a bit of a drag. It is also not in the least bit tacky or sticky. Silicone has quickly become my favorite toy material.

Operating this vibrator is extremely easy. There are two small, round, silver buttons on the control panel. The top or one, turns the vibrator on by simply holding it down for 2 seconds. It is also how you increase the vibration intensities, of which there are 5 in all, and after those, there are 5 different patterns as well. They are a slow pulse, fast pulse, a roller coaster mode, a slow pulse that increases in intensity, and a fast pulse that does the same. The minus or – button can be used to cycle back to a previous setting. It is also how you turn the G-ki off, by simply pressing that button and holding it for 2 seconds.
The vibrations of this vibrator are rumbly. They can be felt throughout the whole toy. But even on the highest setting they are diffused not very strong. And this is where I have a problem with this toy. For me, they are just not strong enough. This is also a very quiet vibrator. It has a soft hum that nobody else would hear unless they were right next to you.

The G-ki comes in a beautiful black matte box with a ribbon to tie it shut. It is very classy looking and worthy of leaving out on your dresser. Inside is a removable plastic form that fits the G-ki perfectly for storage. Underneath the form is where the charger, instructions and warranty are located.

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As with all silicone toys, it is important to only use water based lubricants. And since the G-ki is waterproof, cleaning is extremely easy. Just soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner is all that is needed. Since this is a vibrator, it is not possible to fully sterilize it. So if you’re going to share it, putting a condom over it would be a good idea.

As I previously stated, I wanted to love this vibrator! I love its amazing ability to change angles to hit my different hot spots. And I love its ability to be used for dual stimulation. I love that the vibrations are felt throughout the whole toy. I just don’t love the fact that it’s not strong enough to give me an orgasm. I have tried it many times now with the same frustrating results. But I do want to say that I am one of those that needs strong vibrations. And if you’re not, you will probably love it. \This is a truly amazing vibrator!
Follow-up commentary
I really truly want to love this toy. I have tried it several more times, believe me I've tried! But it's just not right for me. I love that you can adjust it to fit your shape. Or that you can use it for g-spot, clitoral or both at the same time. I love that it's silicone and rechargeable. Actually I love almost everything about it, except how mild the vibrations are.

So if you don't need strong vibrations, I highly recommend the G-Ki. But if you're like me, pass this one by. It will only frustrate you with its lack of ability to get you to the finish line.
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