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Takes a little time to figure out, but the G-Ki's flexibility and consistent vibrations (even under pressure) make this a fun toy for women or men, and great for couples (since you both can use it, provided you plan ahead).
Consistent, relatively strong vibrations. Rechargeable, adjustable, long battery life.
For P-Spot, slightly straighter setting would be nice. Control panel junction can be hard to clean.
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The G-Ki is a great partner toy. It's great fun for the girls as either a G-spot or clitoral vibrator, and a guy can also enjoy it as a P-spot vibrator. Either sex could use it as an anal vibrator, and it's great for warm-up and relaxation. Quite possibly the best feature of the G-Ki is the consistent vibrations along the entire toy, even when it's firmly pressed into a sensitive bit (no hot spots or dead areas here on this toy!) The other feature, the adjustable neck, is fantastic for women, who can bend the toy to their liking (even into a "C" shape to concurrently stimulate the G-spot and labia/clitoris), but I found the G-Ki most comfortable for men in the fully extended position.
    • Any couple
    • Everyone
    • Couple foreplay/after climax play
    • Long / extended session
    • Relaxation/alone time

Material / Texture

Exclusive of the plastic control panel with the two metal control buttons/charging points, the JeJoue G-Ki vibrator is sheathed in a almost seamless layer of silicone that's thick enough to last for a very long time, even with heavy use. I say almost seamless, but in truth you'd only notice the seam if you're looking at the G-Ki under bright lights or specifically seeking out the seam with something sensitive (such as your tongue) - JeJoue has done a very good job of minimizing the mold line, and they went through and carefully trimmed the one spot on mine where the mold line might have been noticeable.

The matte-finished silicone makes the G-Ki easy to clean and easy to use, and also provides a smooth, slightly squishy surface for the user, with only a few bumps betraying the mechanics hiding beneath the surface

Design / Shape / Size

Lying on the table as straight as it goes, the G-Ki looks like a unbalanced, slightly lumpy techno-boomerang. The rounded, slightly elliptical handle fits comfortably in the hand, and the adjustment buttons are easy to locate. Unusually, the G-Ki is a vibrator seemingly designed for extended sessions - the handle is comfortable grabbed in many different ways, the G-Ki itself is very lightweight to reduce fatigue, and - possibly best of all - the rechargeable battery lasts well over an hour (two hours according to the guide), and a G-Ki vibrator run for that length of time only betrays its use by being slightly warm.

While there isn't a flange limiting insertable length for anal use, the G-Ki is best used anally with 4-1/2" or less inserted, about half the total length. Inserting more is possible if you really try (I was able to insert the whole toy with some effort), but it's extremely unlikely that it will ever get "lost" accidentally. Even after fully inserting the toy I was able to pop it back out with little trouble. For anal use this toy doesn't get five stars for safety, but it does get 3-1/2 to 4 stars, since the curve is at least as good as a small flange at keeping the toy where it belongs, and removal of a fully inserted toy is easy (just push out).

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls of the G-Ki are conveniently located along the comfortably shaped handle. In contrast to the common single-button controls on many vibrators, the G-Ki has two buttons (up and down) that also serve as the charging points via a neat magnetic clip-on charging cradle. The two buttons make it easy to cycle through the various programs, but I found that I came back to the constant settings the most (there are 5 of them). If you like programmed vibrations there are another 5 of those, with various types of ramping and pulsing patterns. My only difficulty with the controls was during solo anal use, where it was sometimes difficult to figure out which button my finger was on during use. Mispresses were simple to fix - due to the twin button control errors could be rapidly corrected.

Vibrations are consistent across the toy from tip to tail, a wonderful feature, and do not decrease when pressure is put on the vibrator like many silicone vibrators do.

The G-Ki's silicone coat is completely waterproof, making bath use and cleanup easy and safe. While this probably isn't a toy you'd want to use with a roommate, it's quiet enough to where someone walking by in the hall probably wouldn't notice (provided you've closed your door).

Care and Maintenance

Being silicone the G-Ki is easy to take care of. After use it can be washed off with soap and water or with toy cleaner (a brush can help to ensure that the ridge between the control panel and the G-Ki's silicone skin is cleaned out), and it can be sanitized in a 10% bleach solution (very important if you're using it with a partner or going from the anus to the vagina). Since it's mechanical and electrical you shouldn't run it through the dishwasher or boil it, and it's best not to leave it in the bleach water too long, since the control/charging buttons can pit after a while. It's best to store it somewhere protected from being squished or dropped, since it is possible to break the mechanism if you aren't careful, and the box that it comes in makes a great place to store it at first (it will eventually wear out).

The G-Ki is compatible with all water based lubes and many oil-based lubes - just make sure that the lube is compatible with yourself and that it is cleaned off after use, especially if you combine anal play with oil lubes.


The G-Ki comes in a nice reusable box with a plastic cradle insert. It would make a suitable presentation case for gifts or a good storage box, at least for the first few years.

Personal comments

I absolutely loved the consistency of vibrations. Many of my other vibrators aren't as strong at the tip, or else the vibrations weaken if you press the vibrator up against something. I didn't notice that at all with the G-Ki. You can use the tip or the tail to tease, or lay the handle up against the vulva for external stimulation. The G-Ki can be pressed either "forward" or rotated 180 degrees for "backwards" stimulation (sometimes easier to hold, especially when used anally), and while JeJoue didn't get back to me about how much force could be applied to the G-Ki I was able to use a fairly strong amount of pressure and still feel the vibrations. It's a great toy.


The G-Ki took a bit of experimenting with to get just right. I thought that a bit more curve would mean more prostate stimulation, but when bent the neck didn't quite hit the spot. A later try with the neck set as straight as possible worked like a charm, leading to that feeling of almost electric stimulation throughout the pelvis that makes a P-spot orgasm (or P-spot enhanced orgasm) feel so good.

Once I had the selfish bit out of the way I turned my mind to the possibilities of partner play. The G-Ki works great on women, too both inside and outside of the vagina or anally (great for relaxing the anus for other play). Provided you can clean and sanitize between partners you can use the G-Ki any way you wish, but between fluid-bonded partners the best way is probably G-spot/clitoral -> anal (on either men or women) so you don't need to stop and wash/sanitize. Two G-Kis could fix that problem, though...
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