G-Ki - g-spot and clitoral vibrator by Je Joue - review by Carrie Ann

G-Ki. The Key to your G? Quite Possibly.

The G-ki is a truly innovative and versatile toy that suits any type of stimulation you may be desiring at any particular moment. From g-spot dildo to vibrating g-spot thruster, clitoral stimulator to dual stimulator, this toy has it all. The bendable joints in the shaft make it easy to find the exact shape you need for the G-ki to feel good to *you*. Waterproof and rechargeable with a nice storage or gift box, the G-ki is an all around winner, suitable for nearly any user.
Bendable, adjustable joints in shaft and head, goes from g-spot thruster to U shaped dual stim toy
Diffuse vibrations, while strong, may not be quite enough for all users.
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The G-ki, by Je Joue (makers of the revolutionary SaSi) is yet another innovative and amazing product, quite unlike anything we've seen before.

Want g-spot stimulation? A thrusting toy with a firm, bulbous head and a heavenly curve? Diffuse and strong vibrations to rumble your vagina and tickle your g-spot? Yes?

Well, how about clitoral stimulation? How about dual stimulation? Yes? You want it all?

With the G-ki, you get it. All of it. All. Of. It.

The G-ki has adjustable joints that allow it to go from a curved g-spot toy that looks fairly standard to a J shaped dual stimulator with vibrations that rock the entire surface of the toy. On top of all that? It's rechargeable and waterproof.

Innovation, at it's finest.

Material / Texture

The G-ki is a silicone toy, which means it's body safe and has no foul scent or taste. The texture is smooth and matte, which adds just a bit of drag and tug when you rub it along the skin -- though that can be minimized by using an extra dollop of lube for less friction.

The head and shaft of the G-ki are slightly squishy yet firm enough to enable pressure as you thrust or rock the toy. The handle is much more firm, with no real give to at all, which makes it very easy to control.

There are no seams to mar the surface of the G-ki, though there are two small buttons along the side of the shaft to enable bending which are a bit raised. They can be felt with a finger but are not noticeable once you insert the toy.

This vibrator is amazing in it's versatility and is ideal for any user; beginner to advanced, newbie to toy snob, the G-ki is almost guaranteed to please.

Design / Shape / Size

The G-ki is nine inches long with five of those inches being insertable. It's diameter is an inch and a half. The shape, when you take it from the box, is fairly standard for a g-spot toy; curved with a prominent head made for rubbing and thrusting against the g-spot.

That is where the standard part of this toy ends, however.

The G-ki is designed to not only be a vibrating g-spot toy but to bend. Yes, bend. And not just bend over, like a soft dildo. The G-ki has joints. The G-ki is adjustable. The G-ki goes from a standard, though amazing, curved vibrator to a hooked g-spot tool to a J shaped dual stimulator and all sorts of options in between.

The G-ki has two buttons on the insertable part of it's shaft that, when depressed, allow interior joints to be bent to other angles. The first joint, at the head of the toy, allows three minor adjustments to that head that take it from a minor curve to a major one. Need a super prominent g-spot head? Adjust it to it's max curve and you've got it. Need just a slight one? Leave it at it's original position. Something in between? Well, you get the picture.

The second joint is in the shaft and, upon depressing the button, allows the shaft to adjust into about five different positions. Again, from a fairly gentle curve all the way to a sort of L shape. You can adjust this angle, both angles to suit exactly what your body needs to get the most, and best, stimulation.

Adjust them both and you end up with a J shape that nestles your vulva and clitoris while pressing against your g-spot for some pretty unique and wonderful dual stimulation -- without a rabbit ear in sight!

The size, shape and adjustability features make this probably the most versatile toy I've ever used, excellent for nearly any user.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrating functions of the G-ki are controlled via metal buttons on its handle. A simple plus and minus button make it easy to use. A single press to the plus button turns it on to a low setting, subsequent presses increase the steady vibrations until you hit it's highest level at five presses. The sixth push of the button begins your patterns of vibration -- of which there are five. The seventh press of the button returns you to a moderate steady vibration. Pressing the minus button takes you back down thru the patterns and levels while holding the minus button down shuts the toy off no matter what level you are on. Excellent for those times you need to turn your toy off fast.

The G-ki has vibration points in both the head and the shaft so when you turn it on, the entire toy vibrates with a diffuse but strong hum. There is no area that doesn't carry the vibration, though it is strongest by a small amount in the head. The patterns of vibration are a bit different than most as a few of them alternate between the pleasure points to give you a waving sensation that makes the toy almost feel alive, in motion, inside you.

Vibrations are not pinpoint but they are quite strong. This is not the type of vibrator you can simply rest against your clit or g-spot and have a two minute orgasm. It's firm and allows for plenty of pressure and best results seem to be from using a rocking, rubbing motion against your clit when using it as a dual stimulator. This creates a rocking, rubbing of the head against your g-spot at the same time and, while it's a bit more work than a pocket rocket, the orgasms are fantastic, deep and strong. Used as just a clitoral stimulator or just a thrusting vibe it performs quite normally though, again, vibes are diffuse, not pinpoint.

The G-ki is fully waterproof and rechargeable. One of it's best features is the magnetic charging mechanism. Rather than a plug and port, the charger magnetically attaches to the metal buttons and charging is done via them. A charge takes about two hours, a blinking LED will turn to a steady light when the charge is completed, giving you two hours of use when you're done.

Care and Maintenance

Je Joue warranties the G-ki for one year but use caution! Though the shaft is unwilling to bend without depressing the buttons at the joints, if you do force it to bend without pressing the buttons, you will void your warranty. Use care and press the buttons firmly, allowing them to pop back up once the toy is in the position you want.

I've noticed, with my G-ki, that if the buttons for the joints have not come back up and locked, the buttons for vibration don't work properly and I cannot increase the vibes or patterns. This could be a fluke or it could be intentional, I have no idea as it's not mentioned in the instruction booklet.

Because the G-ki is silicone, you can wipe it with a bleach solution to sanitize it or simply wash it with soap and water. It's waterproof, so no special care needs be taken. Do not boil it or stick it in the dishwasher, however as it may damage the motor.

Use only water based lubes unless you do a patch test on an unobtrusive part of the toy as silicone lubes may harm silicone toys.


The G-ki comes in what is rapidly becoming the standard packaging for luxury toys; a black cardboard gift box with the name discreetly printed across the top. The G-ki box ties closed with a ribbon, which is a nice touch.

Inside the box is a raised form to hold the G-ki, under the form you find the manual, warranty and charger.

I suggest storing the G-ki in it's packaging or in a drawstring bag (sadly not included) to keep it as free from lint and dust as possible.

Personal comments

I cannot rave enough about the G-ki. Seriously. This thing, while it does have a learning curve to it, gave me one of the strongest g-spot orgasms I've had to date. It made me soak my bed and, frankly, yell. You know, that can't hold it in , oh my god, sort of yell that comes with a deep and long lasting orgasm.

Please check out the video over on Eden Cafe for even more details about how the G-ki works. I'd have included it here but I had to do a descriptive review and the template doesn't allow video.

Vibrations on the G-ki are very diffuse and are both buzzy and deep, depending on the level of vibration and the pattern you use. Patterns are amazing and make for incredible, long masturbation sessions that lead up to deep and intense orgasm.
Follow-up commentary
Of all the toys I've given away, the G-ki is the only one I regret.

It was lovely and I miss it and I am definitely going to get a new one - likely in rose!

I've yet to find a replacement that hits the g-spot so well and with such precise, excellent vibrations much less one that can stimulate my clitoris, as well.

The G-ki. The one that got away.

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