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The Juno kegel exerciser is an inventive product that can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and reap all the benefits that accompany strong PC muscles. What distinguishes Juno from other kegel exercisers is that it can be used as a measure of PC muscle strength. It also serves admirably for G-spot stimulation.
Allows you to assess how strong your PC muscles are, easy care, could get you on the Dr Oz show
May need to be inserted farther than is comfortable
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The Juno kegel exerciser is meant to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Strong PC muscles prevent incontinence and strengthen orgasm intensity.

Like many kegel exercise tools, this one can double as a G-spot toy.

Material / Texture

Juno is made mostly from lucite. It has four steel balls inside it to give it extra weight. It is hard plastic and completely smooth. It has no texture other than the shape of the bumps where the steel balls are embedded.

Design / Shape / Size

Juno is almost seven inches long. It has four steel balls of different sizes inside it. The balls are evenly spaced and are arranged from smallest to largest. The circumference at the large end is four and a half inches.

The plastic part of mine has a pink/mauve tint.

The steel balls don't look round when viewed from the side. Its difficult to tell whether they actually aren't round or whether the lucite distorts their appearance.

Its quite durable and can be safely stored with no storage bag.


The instructions for Juno state:

For beginners use the lighter weight (smallest ball) while standing, by inserting the smaller end and supporting the other end gently with the palm of your hand. You can work your way to a heavier weight, first by inserting up to the second ball, and then turning Juno around and inserting the largest end first while squeezing vaginal muscles around it.

This is the exact opposite of what makes sense. Its easy to hold Juno when the largest ball is inserted. That requires no effort. Holding it with the small end up however is another story. While inserting the small end, there are three possible places - at each of the three narrower regions between the steel balls. Its most difficult to hold it with only the smallest ball inserted.

The package directions are clearly wrong and I have no idea why they haven't been corrected in all the time that this product has been on the market.

Here are the correct instructions that Dr Laura Berman gave on Dr Oz's "How to get your best orgasm after 40" show (transcript):

Dr B: This is sort of, the advanced version.
Audience: [Laughter].
Dr. B: This is weighted.
Dr. Oz: It is weighted?
Dr. B: It is like lifting weights for your vagina.
Dr. Oz: Yeah.
Dr. B: Once again, you start on the biggest side, lying down at first, supporting, holding it, then you can go here [turns it so its small side up and holds it somewhere in the middle] and eventually [suspends it by the smallest ball with her fingers], I haven't met too many women, but I have met some who can actually do that.
Dr. Oz: Oh, that is showing off!
Dr. B: Yeah.
Dr. Oz: You can do it this way, please e-mail us at

She demonstrated Juno right after showing Isis, her beginner kegel exerciser.

Also note that how lubricated you are will affect how well you can hold Juno inside.

Care and Maintenance

Juno is truly an easy care product. Not only can you wash it with soap and water, then towel dry it, any lube is safe to use with it and it doesn't even require a storage bag.

Note however that if you do use lube, you will have a more difficult time holding it inside. I suggest using the minimum amount of lube (or none) necessary to allow insertion.


Juno arrives packaged in a simple clamshell container with a card inside explaining (incorrectly) how to use it.

I'm pleased that at least California Exotic has broken somewhat from its practice of stating 'not for internal use' with this product. Instead, they say 'as a novelty product, use internally. Insert gradually over time and use according to your comfort level.' Baby steps. At least its a step in the right direction.


When I first tried Juno, I held the large ball easily, then turned it around to see where I stood with the small end inserted. The tip of the small end is so small. I insert it very slowly to avoid the sensation that I'm poking myself. My attempts to hold it at the first or second ball are a dismal failure. It looks like I won't be emailing Dr Oz anytime soon.

My first attempt at holding it in with the three smallest balls inserted was also met with immediate slipping out. There is actually a big difference in effort required between holding Juno by the large ball and holding the three smallest balls. This is Juno's biggest disadvantage. I'm sure many women fall into the range where they need a level between the large ball and the three small balls and Juno doesn't fill that need.

Juno's other disadvantage is that if you need to insert the three smallest balls, that will be five full inches of toy to insert, which is quite a bit if you're not aroused. And the small end is so pointy. I do wish the balls were a bit closer together.

During later trials, I find that I can hold it in for a few seconds with the three smallest balls inserted. It would be a more satisfying workout if I could hold it longer. Maybe the way to achieve a good workout with Juno is to keep your hand under it to prevent it from slipping out for ten seconds then test how long you can hold it just with vaginal muscles.

I even recently managed to hold it in for a few seconds with only the two smallest balls inserted. I don't believe I'm making such fast progress. How well lubricated you are will affect what level of insertion you can hold.

In any case, Juno's real strength is in giving you a way to measure your progress. If I ever advance to being able to hold only one ball inside, that will be wonderfully satisfying.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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