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Little Worm

I tend to be texture sensitive, so I hesitated to buy this. The soft silicone pads the texture enough that I'm able to use this so long as I keep the thrusting to a moderate speed. The vibrations are on the rumbly side. They aren't set the world on fire strong, but they do have enough kick to make me happy. Since this is the first textured vibrator I've been able to use without pain, I'm one happy girl.
Texture that can be used by more sensitive users
Plushy silicone
Small size
Not rechargeable
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Meet Little Paul. He's the smallest of the Paul vibrators by Fun Factory. Paul is an internal vaginal vibrator. It should not be used anally as it does not have a flared base. It has a slight curve that may be able to hit some user's G spots. It offers a texture that is middle of the road intensity for extra stimulation. If you like the looks of the Paul line but don't like a lot of size, Little Paul is the man you want to get to know.

Little Paul can be used solo or with a partner. I really like the Minivibe line in general for partner use. My husband tends to get overenthusiastic with his thrusting when he gets excited and can easily hurt me. With the Minivibes, it's not a problem. Little Paul is also waterproof and can be used for playtime fun anywhere.

Material / Texture

Little Paul is made of silicone. This puts it at a 10 on the safety scale. It is made of the same silicone as the other vibrators in the Minivibe line. It is a super plushy silicone with a lot of give to it. I can squeeze it in a good amount, though it will push back against me. While the silicone is plushy, there is a firm core so the overall feeling is mostly a firm one with a softer outer later. This shields some of the size and texture. The silicone has a good bit of drag to it. You will want to use lube to insert this.

I really love the Fun Factory Minivibe silicone. The plushy feel just wins me over. I don't have a preference for plushy silicone or anything, but something about this line's silicone just makes me happy. It feels wonderful when inserted. It's different from a lot of other silicone because of how plushy and thick it is.

It has a ribbed texture down the entire shaft. It's multiple rings that gradually get closer together as you get closer to the head. The groove that makes the ring goes inward which allows the silicone to create a bulge outward. Here you can see what I'm talking about:

Now, I'm somewhat texture sensitive. I actually held off buying this for a long time because this looks like it would hurt me. My feeling on Little Paul is that if it was made of glass, I could not use this texture. Because the silicone is just so soft and plushy, I can get away with using this texture. There's also the size to consider. I have the G4 Paul as well and it has the same texture and I find that it's much more noticeable on the G4 than on Little Paul because it pushes more against my vaginal walls. The silicone is slightly less plushy, too.

The texture is noticeable when used. If I use this and twist it or rotate it, I don't notice it as much. If I thrust it, I can feel it. I find that if I start to thrust a bit too vigorously, the texture will start to get to me and I'll have to stop for a minute or two. It feels like road bumps, in a way. You can feel each time you go over one of the sections.

I think beginners should be able to use this texture. It's not overwhelming and is pleasurable. I think it's actually a pretty good vibrator to look at as a starter texture vibrator. Those who like a lot of texture may not be fully satisfied, but may still find this enjoyable.

There is a very light silicone smell to Little Paul. There is no taste.

Design / Shape / Size

First of all, Little Paul is shaped like a worm or something of that nature. It even has eyes! Have a look:

It looks up at you through your vagina! Kinda creepy. And yet, kinda cute.

Anyway, since it's a Minivibe, Little Paul is a smaller vibrator. It is 5.5 inches total length of which 4.25 is insertable. The product page says it is 1.25 inches in diameter. I got 1.5 at the widest part, but as usual maybe I just suck at measuring. At the head, it is 1 inch in diameter. Looking at this, it does look like it is probably only 1.25 in diameter at the base. So maybe ignore my inept measurements at the base of this photo.

If held to the tip of my middle finger, Little Paul comes to the middle of my palm.

I tend to prefer smaller vibrators, so the Minivibes are always a nice fit for me. Little Paul was no exception. This was just the right amount of girth. I could have maybe used half an inch more length, but I won't complain about half an inch. I think this size is perfect for beginners or an advanced user that prefers smaller sized vibrators. Those that like a lot of size should look at the other Paul options.

Since it's so tiny, Little Paul is easy to throw in a drawer and hide away. I guess it's somewhat discreet because you could maybe say it's a dog's toy (if you have a dog). I'm pretty sure I've seen chew toys that look exactly like this in the worm shape. Still, if you want to avoid questions, it's always best to hide.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Little Paul is operated by a two button control pad. There is a plus button and a minus button. To turn on, hold the plus button. To turn up, press the plus button. To turn down, press the minus button. Once you reach the highest setting, you can activate the pattern function by holding down the plus sign again. Then press the plus button to scroll through the patterns. To turn off, hold down the minus button until it gets to the lowest setting and then press once. I had no issues with hitting the controls accidentally during use. The buttons are easy to use during use without having to remove the toy.

I think there are five setting of constant speed, but I always have a really hard time counting out the Fun Factory settings for constants. The lowest setting is a low one vroom. It gets up to a high of a high three/low four level vroom.

The vibrations are located in the center of the shaft. The radiate out in both directions well. They are not focused on the tip. Two comments on that. First, this will not be good for external stimulation. Second, if you're using this for G spot stimulation the vibrations will not pinpoint onto your G spot. So something to consider if you're looking at this as a G spot centric vibrator. While I could feel the vibrations in my hand, I didn't have any issues with my hand going numb.

The vibrations are rumbly. When held in my hand, I can feel the vibrations go into my arm. They do not make my hand go numb and are not surface level vibrations. They are also not the most rumbly or deep vibrations ever and are not earth quaking. The pitch is low and deep, but I have much lower and deep vibrators. This will not annoy you if you don't like buzzy vibrators though.

I always wish anything that isn't a level five vrooms was, but I'm still satisfied with these vibrations. They are strong enough for me to use internally but not externally. The rumbly feel of them is nice and satisfying.

Little Paul also has pattern options. The first goes from the low speed to the high speed. The second does the same but does it faster. The next is a fast paced pulse. It's not a ton of options, but they are there in case you want them.

The noise level is about the same as a cell phone. It can be mostly muffled through covers and not heard through a closed door.

Little Paul is waterproof. I haven't had any issues with it, though I have not submerged it completely. I have washed it and run it under the sink at the battery compartment to test it. I don't see an O ring on this, so I'm not sure what makes it waterproof and don't trust it enough to submerge it. You can try if you like.

You will need 2 AAA batteries to operate Little Paul. These insert at a twist knob at the base. For some reason, I though this was rechargeable. I guess because my other Minivibes are. I should have known better since this is a lot cheaper than the others. Silly me.

Care and Maintenance

Since this is a waterproof toy, you can simply wash it down with soap and water. You could also use a toy cleaner or toy spray. I tend to take a little extra care with this one because I don't know how I feel about the waterproof claim.

You should use only water based lubes with this toy. Silicone lubes could potentially destroy the material.

You can store this in the package it came in. The package is larger than the toy and does take up a bit of space. Alternatively, you could use a pouch. You should not store this next to other silicone toys as this could also destroy the material.


This comes in traditional Toy Factory packaging. The front says "Fun Factory" and "Minivibes." It is cut out so you can see Little Paul. The back has a picture of another vibrator for some reason (The Angelo, I think?). The back is magnetized and opens up to display little blurbs about the toy in multiple languages and a diagram of the toy and how it works.

It comes with an extensive instruction manual. I honestly didn't bother to read it because it's in, like, a million languages and I could pretty much figure out how to work it. It is nice that they include it.

In general, I feel pretty eh about Fun Factory packaging. For the price of Little Paul, I think it's great packaging. For the price of their higher end toys, not so much. So for this toy, you're getting really nice packaging for the price you're paying for the toy.

You can use this for storage, but it is a bit bulky. You could potentially gift this, but it is not discreet and you would want to do this somewhere private if you decided to do so.

Personal comments

If you're looking for a small vibrator with some texture, Little Paul is a great option. The vibrations are solid in both strength and type. If you're looking for a great G spotting toy, this probably won't be it. The vibrations aren't strong enough in the tip and I couldn't really get pressure on my G spot with the minimal curve to the tip. Your results may vary and I do have a difficult G spot. If yours is less finicky, you may have better luck. I would recommend this to anyone who likes smaller vibrators. If you are somewhat texture sensitive, you should still be able to use this. If you are extremely texture sensitive, you probably will not be able to.


I love the idea of texture, but my insides don't agree with me. I have toys that collect dust because they have too much texture on them and I just can't use them. As such, Little Paul was one of those toys I lusted after but figured wouldn't work for me. After making a few Minivibe purchases and seeing how forgiving the silicone was, I decided to give Little Paul a go. I'm happy I did.

First of all, as with my other Minivibes, I'm really happy with the vibrations. They may not be the most rumbly in the world, but they are pretty rumbly. They also may not be the strongest, but they are strong enough for me to like them. Externally they are useless to me, but internally I can use them.

I'm also really happy to find a texture toy I can actually use. I think this is the first textured toy I can use. Now, as I mentioned, I can't get too fast with it because then it will become painful. I can thrust at a moderate speed with comfort. That tends to be enough for me so long as I have an external vibrator with it, so I'll take it.

Overall, this gets five stars from me. I wish it were rechargeable, but I'll live.
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