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Fresh beaded nipple clamps

Nipple clamps by PHS International

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Make It Work! ... Or Not...

The Fresh Beaded Nipple Clamps are cute in your hand but not on your nipples. They are difficult to secure and may leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. For something to look adorable, it has to fit well, and you really can't have one without the other.
Cute, decent bead work.
Too long, too narrow, and the slider ring was too small.
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The Fresh Beaded Nipple Clamps were designed it seems for the girly girl inside us all, for those of us that want to look pretty, feel pretty, yet be spanked.. very, very hard. Fresh is a fabulous line of powdery blue, bright pink, and nauseatingly cute bead work that would make any vanilla person say "Okay!" to light BDSM.

I do not have very much experience with nipple clamps, in fact, this is the very first pair that I've ever purchased for myself. I had pierced nipples years ago, so it's apparent that I love my nipples and I know how to stimulate them. I enjoy a little bit of ache and ouch so naturally these were a perfect transition from nibbling lips, gnawing teeth, and pinching fingers. In recent weeks I've started to follow the mantra of "pain is pleasure" but after using the Beaded Nipple Clamps I wondered, where exactly was the ‘pain'?

Let me suggest right now to forgo trying to put them on by yourself. Unfortunately, these tweezers pinch closed by a ring that you can slide upward or downward to increase/decrease the intensity of tightness. The ring seemed to be too small, it was a struggle sliding it upward (even when they weren't attached to my nipples.) I thought that maybe it was because they were new, that the ring was giving me trouble because it needed a little grease but even using silicone lubricant didn't help, all it managed to do was make the clamps slippery to hold on top of everything else. The ring was just too small, it made it impossible for me to secure the clamps to my nipples. Even after I had thought I had the clamps on firmly, as soon as I stood up or tried to engage in any sort of activity they fell off. It was sheer frustration trying to put these on by myself, I had to call in my husband to save the day.

He seemed to have just as much trouble as I did but I will admit two sets of hands made using these worlds better. He slid the ring up as far as he could, which was actually not very far as my nipples were too big! As tight as he could pinch the tweezers wasn't really very tight at all. I didn't feel any sort of painful or intense sensations, all I could really feel was a light tingle. It was disappointing! After struggling for 20 minutes to finally wear them, once I had them on I didn't receive the sort of pinch I had hoped for. I removed the rubber casing hoping to find some sort of little torturous treat underneath and was surprised that the ends of the tweezers had "teeth". I had expected them to bite into my nipple but they didn't, it was a little bit more of the pain I was going after but not by much.

These nipple clamps were surprisingly long, using a measuring tape I realized the entire length of these clamps was 4 ½" not the 3" I had expected. I have large and heavy breasts for my frame, when I had the clamps attached as firmly as possible to my nipples they dangled low against my upper abdomen. Their length felt awkward and I kept questioning whether or not they looked sexy. Looking in the mirror I had the thought that the clamps made my breasts look saggy, I couldn't decide whether or not I felt good about my breasts or if these were poorly showcasing their voluminous shape. I can only imagine that women with smaller, perkier breasts would be thrilled with the way they look, but I with my large bust was not. I am also certain that women with smaller nipples would have a much easier time using these and that they'd probably work the way they should. Unfortunately, they were not designed with big breasts in mind and yet again I found another product that left my tits feeling slighted and discriminated against.

These clamps are cute but they're too long and too narrow for women with large breasts and large nipples. As Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!", I couldn't. I tried and I tried and I tried but it was a flop. In the end there wasn't pain and there wasn't pleasure, there was just a frustrated woman sitting on the edge of the bed staring at these adorable nipple clamps thinking they were a complete "hot mess".
Follow-up commentary
When these arrived I was afraid that the beads may fall off, they've held up really well. It still looks as gorgeous as it did the very first time I opened the box but unfortunately they just don't fit.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    It's unfortunate that these didn't work well for you or even look good in place. It just doesn't seem like there are many items available to dress up large breasts and nipples that actually work. Maybe companies just figure large breasts don't need to be dressed up, they're beautiful on their own. Maybe that's just me though. Thanks for the review/warning about these clamps.
  • Nashville
    Aw, thanks for trying to make me feel better! Yea, I just don't know what it is- you know, big tits want clamps too~ it seems a lot of companies are sizest and when I saw their cutesy gear I should have figured it would run small.
  • Naughty Student
    These are cute its a shame they didn't work well.
  • Nashville
    Thank you Naughty and I'm just as disappointed as you Sad face
  • ~LaUr3n~
    These types of nipple clamps are not my forte so I guess I don't have to be dissapointed!
  • lamira
    I love this toy. I love the color and I love the stars. It's a shame that it isn't such a great quality toy as I would have hoped for.
  • kawigrl
    i hope we see another review about size
  • Tart
    Wonderful review
  • Red Riding Hood
    Ugh that does look tedious. They are pretty though.
  • darkkitty
    Nice review!
  • Dusk
    Thanks for the review - I have these (and smaller breasts) and they don't work for me either. They either fall off, or I have to clamp them far too tightly for comfort.
  • Passionate Pastor
    They look cute but sound like trouble. Thanks for the review.
  • alayamae
    thanks for the review!
  • Britt&Daniel
    thanks for the review
  • billybobtoy
    great review
  • starklover
    Thank you
  • sexystuffeve
    It seems like they make them to heavy or something so they don't stay on easily... maybe if they didn't make them as long...
  • roskat
    Shame these didn't work for you so well.
  • ToriTastic
    Nice review.
  • kaylajoy89
    aww too bad they didnt work out for you
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