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Nature's Touch

Touch has so much going for it. The design is perfect - it forms to the body and hand. The vibrations don't go upward enough to get to your hand due to the length of it. The controls are easy to use and it's made of body safe material. Touch has a major pitfall - very buzzy vibrations that could be stronger. The buzzy vibrations don't cause itching or numbing, but are very surface level and high pitched. It's a good toy that could have been one of the best. It just fell a little short.
Pinpoint stimulation, Ergonomic design, Won't cause numbing to hands or skin, Easy to use controls
Very buzzy vibrations, Could be stronger
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Touch is one of the external vibrators in the Leaf line along with Spirit, Fresh, and Life. It is primarily used for clitoral stimulation, but could also be used for external stimulation anywhere you so desire. It is not intended for insertion. You could probably insert a small amount of this, but I don't think it would give much satisfaction. It should not be inserted anally under any circumstances as it does not have a flared base and is small in size. It could easily get lost, resulting in an ER visit.

This vibrator is good for partner or solo play. It can be used easily during sex due to its size and shape since it doesn't get in the way. It can also be used nicely with an insertable toy or simply by itself.

Leaf's Touch is powered by Power Bullet technology. This is the same motor that powers the Jopen vibrators. The Leaf vibrators all have different power levels and types of vibrations. Touch is a moderately strong, buzzy vibrator. It's made of body safe material. It's ergonomic in design and easy to use. As long as you think the type of vibrations will work for you, this toy will be suitable for beginners and advanced users. The price point may keep beginners away, however.

Material / Texture

Touch is made of silicone. Silicone rates a ten on the safety scale. It is non-porous and body safe.

Touch's silicone has a light amount of drag to it. When you rub your finger on it, it doesn't hop around but there is some resistance. If you don't like any drag to material, you can add some lube to the toy or body to create more of a gliding sensation. The material feels velvety aside from the resistance that it has. It's not the softest silicone in the world, but it is nice and obviously high quality.

There is a very light silicone scent to Touch. There is no taste.

The flat end of Touch has raised wording on it. According to the instruction manual, this is required by international law. It has the Power Bullet logo and battery information. The other side has the Leaf logo. These can be felt with the hand. They aren't in areas that will be pressed against the body, or at least weren't the way I used Touch. It's a visual issue, but not problematic in use. There is a seam that runs down both sides of the toy.

The material can be used by beginners and advanced users. There is enough drag to give resistance to those that prefer it but not so much that it's uncomfortable. Those that don't like drag can add a bit of lube to the toy to create a silky feel.

Design / Shape / Size

Touch is 5" long. It comes to a point at both ends. At the widest point in the middle it is 1" in diameter. Near the smaller end it is .25" and near the larger end it is 3/8" in diameter.

When held to the tip of my middle finger, Touch comes down a little past the middle of my palm. Here you can see it in my hand for both size and dimension purposes:

Touch is longer than I expected, though I wasn't paying too much attention to the dimensions I'll admit. I actually ended up liking this because very little vibration traveled to my hands. It also was easy to handle during use. It's still small enough to be used during sex or with insertable toys without getting in the way.

Touch comes to a point on both ends. It's almost like a banana in shape, but more triangular. One side comes to a rounded point and one end is flat.

The shape allows for great pinpoint stimulation. The sides can also be used for a different type of stimulation that's angular. It's not exactly broad but not exactly pinpoint either. It's closer to pinpoint, but covers a larger area. So the point that the side comes to gives a sort of pinpoint feel, but then the length of it means that it isn't pinpointed in the size of the area it's targeting. The tip can also be used a little above where it comes to a point for a slightly more broad stimulation.

If you need very broad stimulation, Touch probably won't work for you. It is more designed for those that prefer pinpoint or some variation of pinpoint stimulation. It can get a slightly broad stimulation, but not like you would find in a wand style or rounded vibrator.

Touch is incredibly ergonomic. The curve of the body aligns with the curve of the finger, allowing it to rest in its natural position. You can also grip the tip of the toy fully or grip it slightly and let some of the finger curve along the toy. Any way you decide to hold it is comfortable. The curved tip hugs the shape of the body perfectly and requires little adjusting to get it in just the right spots.

Beginners and advanced users will be able to use Touch so long as the type of stimulation sounds appealing. There is really no experience requirement for the design or size of Touch.

The design is very discreet. It looks like a green banana or a banana leaf. Unless someone is familiar with the line, they likely won't guess what this is. This is one of the few toys you could leave out and no one would be any wiser. It has a locking feature for the vibrations so those that come poking around still may not discover its intended use. This also makes it good for travel. If you're still concerned, it's small enough to easily hide away.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Touch is controlled from one button in the center of the toy. It operates in the same fashion as the Jopen line. It works differently from many toys and may take some getting used to if you haven't used the controls before. To turn on, press the button once. To turn up, hold the button down until you reach the desired speed. When you release it will stop at that speed. You can continue to turn up by holding the button down again. There is no way to turn it down once it is turned up other than turning it off and starting over. To turn it off, press the button once. To lock it, press the button three times in quick succession. To unlock, do the same.

The button is slightly raised from the body of the toy, but not by a lot. It is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. While I sometimes have issues accidentally pressing the button on my Leaf and Jopen toys, Touch's button was placed well and I have yet to accidentally press it during use.

There are not power settings on the toy. When you turn it on, it starts at the lowest setting. As you hold it down it gradually increases. It doesn't jump from speed to speed in preset settings. This means you get a range of options between the lowest and highest setting. At the lowest setting, Touch's power is one vroom. At it's highest it is a mid level four vrooms. It is just at a mid level four, which means almost a low level four but just enough power for me to classify it as mid level.

As a reference point, I take wand vibrators out of the equation when rating. To compare it to other toys, Touch is weaker than Mimi by a good bit (which I would rate at five vrooms). It is also weaker than Life in the Leaf line. It is weaker than Leaf Spirit. It is stronger than Zini Seed by a small amount. It is weaker than We Vibe Salsa and Tango. It is weaker than We Vibe Touch but only by a small amount. It is stronger than Lelo's Nea.

The vibrations of the toy are extremely buzzy. They are surface level and do not penetrate the skin due to this buzzy quality. However, for being so buzzy they do not cause any numbing or itching. The operate at a higher frequency.

Touch does not lose power with pressure. I was able to press very hard against my body with this toy and not feel a drop in power at all.

I can handle buzzy toys to a certain extent even though they are not my preference. While Touch's vibrations are far from my favorite, they were just strong enough for me to orgasm from. I did have to work at it more than I would with a stronger toy. What I really liked was the no matter how hard I pressed, I did not get any drop in power. Most toys will lose at least a little strength, but Touch held it's full strength no matter what I did pressure wise. I also was impressed that it didn't cause numbing or itching even though it is one of the buzzier toys I have. Most buzzy toys will start to cause those problems after using them for a while. This has some of the nicest buzzy vibrations I've felt.

That being said, if you don't like buzzy, Touch will probably not go over well with you. The vibrations are very buzzy. They don't go deep into the skin and have a high pitched whine. All the pressure ability and lack of numbing in the world likely won't change your core preferences. If you don't like buzzy toys, I would say pass on this.

The vibrations are located what looks to be about an inch away from the tip, as per the instruction manual. These are on the wider tip, not the smaller one. These radiate down to the tip well to the point that I would have said they were located closer to the tip than what they actually are. The vibrations carry upward, but cannot be felt very strongly at the other tip. This makes the smaller tip pretty much useless for vibrations, but does make it nice to hold. It means your hand won't be vibrating along with the areas of your body that you actually want to vibrate.

Touch is very quiet. It is softer than a cell phone. It can be almost completely muffled by covers and cannot be heard through a closed door.

Touch is listed as a waterproof toy. You may have noticed that the charging port is open in some of the photos. If you submerge it in water, a bubble forms around the charging port which allows for the waterproof capability. I'm not exactly sure how this happens, but I have tested it. If you don't trust this, you can clean it with a wipe instead of submerging it in water. I have had no issues with any of my Leaf or Jopen toys which all use this same open charging port yet waterproof feature.

The toy operates on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The charging port for the battery is located a little further down from the middle of the toy. It requires a three hour charge before use and between uses. This charge time should last about 1 hour 40 minutes if used on low or 60 minutes if used on high, as per Leaf. I've actually gotten more than 60 minutes of use out of a charge using it on high. I'd say maybe 70 or 80 minutes. This time may decrease down to the 60 after I've had it longer.

I have not noticed that the toy weakens much before it dies except in the last few minutes. However, when I first got my Spirit it didn't weaken much before it died for the first six to ten charges. After that, it started to weaken significantly about half way through the battery life. I don't know if Touch will do the same thing, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I have not had this issue with Touch, but with my other Power Bullets (Leaf and Jopen), I notice that sometimes when they are 10-15 minutes away from dying they will have an issue with the button lighting up like it's on but the power will not actually come on. If you shake the toy, the vibrations will start. When it's fully charged, it won't have this problem again until it gets close to dying once more. Again, I thought this was worth mentioning as it can make it appear as though the motor is defective when the light comes on but no vibrations happen.

Care and Maintenance

If you are willing to trust the waterproof feature, you can wash Touch with soap and water or toy cleaner. If you want to be extra safe, you can use a wipe to clean it. Another option would be to spray it with toy spray and then remove the spray with a dry cloth. You could also wipe it down with a damp cloth and some soap. It should not be boiled due to the motor.

I have not found the silicone collects much lint, dust, or hair. It will collect some since it's silicone, but it collects less than many silicone toys that I have.

You should use only water based lubes with Touch. Silicone lubes could damage the material.

Touch comes with it's own pouch for storage. The box can also be used if you want something more sturdy. If neither of these appeal to you, a plastic baggie will do just fine.


Touch comes in a brown box to give it an eco-friendly appearance. There is some debate on how eco-friendly the line actually is, which is something I'll leave up to you to decide. The front says "Touch" and "Leaf" as well as "100% silicone finish, rechargeable, natural pleasure" with the Leaf web address on it. The back has a drawing of Touch with the same information as the front has. It also says "press and hold speed control" and has the recyclable symbol on it. It opens up to reveal Touch wrapped in a plastic wrap, the pouch, the charger in a plastic wrap, and a folder that contains the instruction manual.

The instruction manual has both text and diagrams. It has a lot of good information in it and should be enough to get even new users up and running with Touch.

The packaging is very nice and could be used for storage or gifting. It's not exactly discreet due to the wording, however.

Personal comments

The Leaf line doesn't come cheap and so you may be asking if you should buy one of these. The answer to that will depend completely on what type of vibrations you like. If you prefer buzzy vibrations with a pinpoint sensation that are moderately high in power, then you should get a Touch. If you require a ton of power, Touch won't work for you. If you need a rumbly toy, this will be a pass in that area as well. Touch has a specific market that it caters to, so make sure you are in that market before plunking down the money for this toy.

If you are in the set of people that the vibrations will please, Touch is a great toy. The ergonomics on it are simply amazing. The Leaf toys in general are some of the most ergonomic I've run across. The curve to the hand and body beautifully.


I've been using Touch about twice a day for a week now and I just can't decide how I feel about it, honestly. On one hand, I think the shape is one of the best I've run across. It is long enough that the vibrations don't carry to the hand. It offers great pinpoint stimulation. It curves to my body really well at the point. It allows me to use it with one hand, something I'm not really able to do with other clit vibes. Normally, I have to hold the hood of my clit back with one hand and then hold the vibrator with the other. This means that using and internal and external vibrator is a seriously difficult task. With Touch, I can use two toys easily. So major points for that. The silicone is also really nice and the controls are easy to use.

On the other hand, it's beyond buzzy. It goes into the "super buzzy" category. I don't mind buzzy, but buzzy isn't what I'll reach for if given the option between a buzzy or rumbly toy. I can orgasm from it, but it's not as good of an orgasm. It's a shorter one that just isn't as satisfying. I do like that the vibrations aren't numbing. I really, really like that I can press down with all my strength and not lose power.

I also feel meh on the battery life. It's better than Spirit, which I thought had the most disappointing battery life of any toy in existence. It's not a bad battery life. I just generally think at least three hours is where the aim should be for toys otherwise I feel like they live on the charger, especially ones that get used a lot.

There's so many things that I just love about Touch. There's also some things I just don't like. If this had rumbly and stronger vibrations, this would be the perfect clit vibe. It would never leave my hands. Since the vibrations are overly buzzy, I just don't know how often I'll want to grab this over other toys. There are days I like buzzy and this will be my go to for those days. On most days, I just see this being too buzzy and about a power level too weak.

I'm going with a four on Touch. There's enough things I love about it to keep it above a three despite the vibrations not being my favorite. The buzzy and not quite strong enough vibrations keep this from being a full five stars.


Touch was my gift from Eden for hitting 100 reviews. I want to take a minute to say thank you! I really wanted this specifically because of the shape, which turned out to be just as good as it looked. I'm so thankful to Eden for gifting it to me! You guys are wonderful!! Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful review program that you offer!
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