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Oooh La La! So Good!

The Silhouette is a lovely toy to see and to touch! It has a fantastically plush body with a silky skin which makes every thrust a heavenly experience. The smoothness of the shaft promises a slick and easy ride, and the slender size allows for both vaginal and anal explorations. While I didn't find the tip to be the most effective G-Spot stimulator, I was still able to hit my own with a little bit of angling. For those who enjoy a smooth, buzzing partner, this toy is for you!
Very plush, silicone, waterproof, easy to operate, phthalates free, smooth body.
May not be firm, thick or textured enough for some.
Rating by reviewer:
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The Silhouette is a realistic feeling and well rounded toy, perfect for persons looking for a more modestly sized vibe. It works very well for clitoral, vaginal and even anal stimulation.

I prepared myself for a blissful session of self loving, with hopes of a happy outcome with this pretty and pink toy. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I began warming up by putting the Silhouette on its lowest setting and placed the tip to my clit. The vibrations were a wonderful starting point, not too strong, not too weak, but really, just right for me. The tip itself felt very pleasant and the texture was soft, giving and gentle. I knew right away that I would enjoy my time with this toy. As my session continued, I would lean the tip in different directions, apply different amounts of pressure and adjust the vibration settings throughout. With many other vibes, I've experienced discomfort in certain positions and angles. Imagine my surprise when I experienced nothing but pleasantries!

When I inserted it, I found that it slid in with ease and felt incredibly realistic. The vibrations were strong enough to keep the grin on my face and I really enjoy the vibration settings that cause this vibe to throb and shake within me. The feeling of the material itself also felt wonderful. Its skin-like exterior causes the perfect amount of friction to make the my pussy extremely wet and happy. It does not grab or pull, and feels nice and soft against even the most sensitive areas.

The tip itself did not make a huge difference for me - it's an okay G-spotter - but with a little angling, this toy was able to find its way to my spot.

While it performs very well as an anal toy, there is no flared base, so use with care. If you want to slip this in you or your partners bum, make sure you have a really good grip on it and do not insert more than halfway. I was able to tease my partners bum with this by sliding in just the tip. I found the body of the toy very easy to grip, even with just one hand. It was very easy to control while thrusting and wiggling. I had every confidence that it would not slip in further than I intended.

Material / Texture

At first, this toy had a very strong and unpleasant odor. When I opened the package, I cringed and checked again to make sure it was indeed phthalates free silicone. Yep. Well, not all silicone is created equal. Thankfully the smell has dissipated after several washings and after being aired out over the 2 weeks I've had it. I don't smell it at all anymore - and I have a really sensitive sniffer.

Being a huge texture freak, I always run my toys through several taste and touch tests. I like my toys to feel as close to the real thing as possible. These tests include squeezing, bending, twirling, rubbing, licking, kissing, sniffing, and more. I am happy to announce it passes just about every one of them!

Besides the initial smell, this material is just FAN-TASTIC! It is super plush - so plush, when you squeeze it firmly with your fingers, you see it bulge a bit on the sides. Just like a real penis, actually. It feels almost as if it moves with the curves of your body, adjusting to your shape. If you don't like that sort of thing and prefer something really firm, this is definitely not the toy for you.

The texture of the Silhouette is smooth and silky, providing a velvety friction during thrusting. There are no nubs or bumps on its skin, just a single, pretty ridge that runs along its shaft. When I ran this across my lips, I kept thinking to myself, "Besides not having a head, this feels like a real cock". It has since received several blow and lick jobs.

Design / Shape / Size

The modest size of this pink gem is ideal for beginners and for those who don't need a lot of girth. This toy would be perfect for me if it were just, perhaps, 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch thicker. So, I'm still looking for my ideal toy, but this one is very close in the running. On the other hand, this toy is definitely petite enough to put in your purse or travel bag.

Its straight, smooth body combined with its silky skin creates a very fluid and gliding sensation. I daresay this is now the most realistic feeling toy I own. It feels incredible when its slipping inside of me, I love the way it feels. I found it incredibly easy to grip while using on myself and did not lose my hold on it during any of my many solo sessions with it.

The single ridge cannot be felt during thrusting, but it does give this toy a very beautiful and feminine appearance. There is a slight curve at the tip, meant to stimulate the G-Spot. While I did not find the tip to be the most effective at this, I was still able to hit my spot with a little bit of angling.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Silhouette has two simple, clearly marked buttons near the base: a power button and a vibrations button. I really like that when you turn on the power, the controls light up! Why is that so cool? Well, you and/or your partner will never have to scramble in the dark or under the sheets to get this baby buzzing - you can see the buttons SO clearly when they are illuminated! You'll also never leave it on, unknowingly allowing the batteries to die while it's not in use.

Simply push the power button and then the vibrations button to go through each of the 7 settings. Each setting has something different to offer, from gentle stimulation to throbbing and bobbing. The first 3 settings are a low, medium, and high vibration and the last 4 include different pulsation patterns. Trust me, you'll enjoy experiencing what each and every one has to offer. When you've had enough alone time with The Silhouette, you can instantly turn it off by holding down the power button.

If you have concerns about your vibe being too noisy, rest assured that the Silhouette is a very quiet toy. It's definitely not something you could hear through a closed door, or while immersed in water. Even on the loudest setting.

After using this in the shower, I checked for any leaking in the battery compartment. I have not had any water manage its way inside my toy after my showers, or after giving it a thorough washing. So far, so good! It seems that the waterproofing in this toy is pretty effective.

Changing and removing the batteries is incredibly easy. The base has a rounded cap, similar to a washing machine dial, that you simply turn and lift out. It has two little knobs on the sides which insure the cap is properly in place. I have since wondered why more toys don't have this battery case design - it's quick, convenient and simple.

Care and Maintenance

Water based lubes work best with silicone toys, but if you want to use silicone lube with the Silhouette, make sure to do a small patch test first.

This beauty can be cleaned with soap and water, a 10% bleach and water solution or toy cleaner. You would normally be able to throw this in the top rack of the dishwasher, but because of it's mechanical parts I would HIGHLY advise against it.
Follow-up commentary
I still find myself reaching for this toy when I am feeling frisky. I cannot get enough of the Silhouette's "skin feel" and the vibrations are ample. I've had no issues with water leaking into the battery chamber, even after several nights in the shower. This is definitely a keeper.
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