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Pain And Pleasure In Finger Form

I got this thinking it would be a nice, small vibrator. This actually is now a go to for me when I want something bigger due to the girth at the base of the shaft. It offers a small feeling near the back but a stretch toward the front that can cause a bit of pain for those not used to it. The head of this comes to a point that varied for me from painful to pleasurable, depending on my mood that day. I would say to proceed with caution on this as it does have the potential to hurt.
Gradual taper of size
Smooth silicone
Size may be too much for some
Flexible head may not be right for all users
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Pipedream's Wow No. 4 features a unique design that is intended to recreate the feeling of being fingered. It even has a little fingerprint pad on the tip and curves where the finger would naturally curve. Neat, huh? The curve allows for G spotting, though the flexibility of the tip may mean not everyone will be able to use it this way. Wow is intended to vaginal use but can also be used externally. The curve fits nicely to the shape of the body and can be used to stimulate the clitoris and lips at the same time. Wow does not have a flared base and thus should not be used anally. It does taper out and get wider as it goes, so some experienced anal users may be able to use this successfully if used with extreme caution. Proceed at your own risk.

Wow is waterproof and can be used just about anywhere you so choose. It's great for solo or partner use. The pointy tip can hurt, so if you use this with a partner make sure they know your limits.

Material / Texture

Wow is made of silicone. This puts it at a 10 on the safety scale. Wow's silicone is incredibly soft. There is virtually no drag to it. It's very velvety, but I wouldn't go so far as to say buttery soft. It's smooth to the touch. The tip has a bit of give when squeezed, but not a lot. The shaft has no give whatsoever. There is a seam that runs down the vibrator, so those that are sensitive to seams may be put off by this.

The only part of Wow that has texture is the tip, which has a circular design to simulate a fingerprint. I can feel it slightly when I run my finger across it, but cannot feel the circles when I use it. If you are sensitive to seams, you may notice these circles.

Here you can see both the circles as well as the seam:

The design of the vibrator offers some added stimulation in the form of the ridges from joint to joint. These are noticeable during use, especially when thrusting. While these may not be enough for those that like a lot of texture, these were just the right amount for me to like without setting off my slight sensitivities.

There is a slight scent to Wow, but I had to hold it to my nose to detect it. There is a slight taste as well.

Beginners and advanced users should enjoy this silicone, granted that you're not seam sensitive. I'm really impressed with the quality of the silicone on Wow, especially at the price point this vibrator is offered. It feels much more luxurious than the price would suggest, though not as luxurious as $100+ vibrator silicone.

Design / Shape / Size

The product page and I disagree once again, though as always this could be attributed to my lack of talent with a measuring stick. The product page lists the total length at 8.5 inches while I got 8.25 inches. It says the insertable length is 6 inches, while I measured 6.25. It lists the diameter at 1 5/8 inches. I got 1 inch at the head, 1.5 at the middle, and 1.75 at the base. From a feel standpoint, the base feels like 1.75 to me, not 1 5/8.

If held to the tip of my middle finger, Wow comes below my wrist. I took two pictures for dimension purposes to give you and idea of the size.

I don't know anyone that has fingers this big, if the purpose of this was to replicate being fingered. I got this thinking it would be good for my smaller vibrator preferences. I actually found this better to use on days that I wanted a little extra in the size department. What was nice about it was that it wasn't thick all the way through so that if I didn't want the full 1.75 inches (which mostly I didn't!), I simply inserted less of the length. Even inserting less of the length, I still felt very full and stretched near my vaginal opening where the widest part of this fell. If I tried to insert this fully, I got a very stretched feeling to the point of causing some pain. Now, I'm used to smaller vibrators, so those that are used to more sizable vibes may not have this issue.

The head of this vibrator comes to a point. It's a rounded point, but it's still a point. I found that when inserted, this could cause a bit of stabbing pain, especially the deeper it was inserted. Personally, I like a little bit of pain every now and then. How I felt about this vibrator seemed to depend a lot of how much pain I was in the mood for. If I was in the mood for a little bit of pain with my pleasure, this vibrator became just the thing between the slightly pokey tip and the wider than my normal girth. If I was in a more sensitive mood, I found this to be uncomfortable and quickly switched to something else. I can't say for sure if everyone will have the same experience, but I would advise to proceed with caution the first time you use this due to the point of the head.

The top of Wow has a curve to it for G spotting. The curve is fairly flexible, so it may not apply enough pressure for all users.

I was able to get pressure on my G spot with this, but unable to have a G spot orgasm. It should be noted that I have a very particular G spot and toys that can give me a G spot orgasm are few and far between. I certainly won't hold that against this toy. I'd have a lot of toys I hated if I required G spot orgasms from every toy that claimed to do so!

I would recommend this toy to more advanced users or beginners that know they like more girth. The top is a bit deceiving since it is narrow, but when this is inserted you will feel the wider parts of this toy. The very last section of this toy may be too much for some users. I also hesitate to recommend this to beginners due to the point at the top.

I don't know what you could explain this as other than a vibrator. It's not traditionally shaped, but it does look like a big, pink finger. So try explaining that away and let me know how it goes. It's not small, but it should be easily stowed away in a night stand or larger pouch.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons at the base of Wow on each side. Meaning, on the front of the toy there is one button and on the back of the toy there is another. This had be confused for a while, but once I figured it out, I really liked it. I found the buttons to be very easy to use during actual use and never had to pull this away from my body to change a setting. The button on the front is the power button and turns the vibrator on and off. The button on the back cycles through the settings. It has a memory feature and will start up where you last left off. The buttons are easy to hit, but I did not ever accidentally press them when I was using this.

There are three constant vibrations modes - high, medium, and low. It actually starts on high for some reason and goes down. The high level is about a mid level three vrooms. The mid level is a low level three. The low level is a high level two.

The first pattern is a sort of pulse and escalate combo. It goes from the medium to high setting in a jumpy sort of pulse. The next is a moderate speed pulse. The next is a fast paced pulse. The next is an even faster paced pulse. The next is another pulse, now somewhere between the moderate and fast speeds. The next is a moderate pulse at the higher power setting. The next is a moderate pulse at the lowest power setting. It then cycles back to the constant vibration settings.

The vibrations are located in the first section of the vibrator. They radiate nicely through the second section but less so through the third. They can be felt in the last section, but very weakly.

The vibrations are pretty buzzy. If I hold this in my hand, it will begin to go numb fairly quickly. I had this resting on my stomach counting out the patterns and it made my skin itch. I didn't notice any itching or numbness when I was using this, even at extended periods, but I don't tend to mind buzzy vibrations unless they are overwhelmingly buzzy. This isn't SO buzzy that it got on my nerves, but it's buzzy to be sure.

At the highest setting, I can clearly hear this through covers. I can hear it slightly through a closed door, but it does muffle it some. It's not the quietest toy, so if you seek the utmost discretion in sound, this won't be it. It's not the loudest thing I've run across, but not as virtually silent as other vibrators either.

As a waterproof toy, I have had no issues with this during either submersion or washing. It is secured with an O ring at the base of the toy that protects the battery compartment.

It runs on 2 AA batteries that are not included. These go in at the base of the toy. The base unscrews and they are inserted in.

Care and Maintenance

Care is simple since this is a waterproof toy. Soap and water or toy cleaner or spray will do just fine.

Only water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lube can potentially degrade the material and should be avoided.

The packaging this comes with serves as a lovely storage option, but if it is too bulky for you, I would recommend picking up a pouch for this toy. It should not be stored against other silicone toys as this could also harm the material.


The packaging has a decidedly Juicy Couture vibe to it. The front is pink, white, and silver with a crest on it that says "No 4" and "WOW! VIBE" underneath the crest. So not so discreet, if you were hoping for that. The back has a large picture of the vibrator and goes over the features and has a short instruction blurb about the button controls.

The packaging gets nicer once you slide the outer packaging off. Inside, there is a simple white box that says "WOW! VIBE" on it. No pictures on this package, so the only non discreet word is "VIBE" which is written in all caps. When opened, the Wow is placed in a nice satin like placement that fits it nicely.

I actually like the packaging, perhaps because of the Juicy vibe it has to it. I also really like the inside box which makes for a nice, although large, storage option. If you were going for a gift giving but discreet option, you could always slide off the outside layer and just present the white box, though you might want to save the outside for the instructions.

Personal comments

As mentioned, I would keep my recommendation on this to advanced users who can manage the girth of the lower section and use the pointy head without potential injury. Beginners could give this a try granted they know they have a preference for wider toys and take caution with the head of the toy.

It is also noteworthy that there isn't a lot of oomph to this vibrator and that power queens or those that like rumbly vibrators should likely stay away. At a level three vroom, this would be most suited to those that like moderate level vibrations and don't mind their toys on the buzzy side.


The first time I tried this toy, I HATED it. It felt like someone was poking at my insides and stretching me out in the front. If this wasn't an assignment, I might have stored this away and never used it again. I'm glad it was an assignment and I gave it another chance when I was in a different mood. I'm a pain glutton sometimes, and I happened to get in one of those moods while testing this toy. When in that particular mood, the poking feeling became pleasurable and the stretch and the opening of me felt somewhat good. I wasn't ever able to insert this fully as I'm used to smaller vibrators. I see myself using this, but only when I'm in that particular mood otherwise this causes discomfort.

As for G spotting, I was able to get a good amount of sensation to my G spot with this toy when angled just so. It wasn't a lot of pressure because of the flexibility of the head, but it was enough to be pleasurable. It was not enough to give me a G spot orgasm, but this is due to the curve and not the amount of pressure. I require a hook shaped curve for G spot orgasms and this just clearly wasn't that.

The vibrations could use a lot more power. A level three is okay, but no where near my personal preferences. I prefer a four or five for internal use. I can use a three internally, so this wasn't a complete loss for me. I was able to use this both with a clit vibe and as a stand alone.

All in all, out of personal experience I'm giving this a four. It has a lot of things it could improve upon, but it feels a much needed hole in my collection of things that can cause just the right amount of pain to cause pleasure. I do think this is a vibrator to proceed with caution with for most users. It is entirely my personal preference that makes me like this. If I wasn't a fan of pain, I'm not sure this would have a place in my stash.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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