Rabbit vibrator with licking stimulator

Pink delight

This toy is wonderful. It's unique from your average rabbit, and the tongue feels amazing. It's rechargeable and would be travel-friendly. As with most silicone toys, it does collect my dog's fur easily but washes off easily too.
May not fit everyone right, but it's easy to adjust the clit arm. Was not a con for me.
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First impression

This arrived in the discreet brown box in the mail. I was extremely excited when it arrived as I thought it looked like a unique and fun toy to try out and have fun with. Once I opened the box, it was in a clear plastic package. Inside was also the see-through black mesh storage baggy and the USB charging cord. Looking at it for the first time, it seemed slightly bigger than I had imagined but not too big. I've been trying toys out a little bigger than the smaller toys I have, and this was perfect.

So I opened it up, and my first thought was how soft and silky smooth this felt. The clit arm was extremely flexible, and the head of the shaft had a little bit of give also. The tongue on the clit arm was also flexible, and the toy looked extremely nice and well made.

First Use

Before using this, I went to charge it up and realized it was precharged. The light lit up red and stayed red, so I washed it with soap and water before going through the functions. The power button was in the center of the 3 buttons, and you just press it quickly, and a little red light turns on.

The bottom button is for the shaft, and once you hit that button quickly, it starts to vibrate, and then you can cycle through the 12 vibration patterns. It seemed to have a nice variety as I was clicking through them, and the vibrations also felt nice, nothing that seemed overwhelming either. To turn the shaft back off, you hold the button in for 2-3 seconds. I then clicked on the one for the clit arm and cycled through it. I noticed there were 3 tongue-flicking settings for that one, and the tongue flickered back and forth extremely fast. I was intrigued and couldn't wait to see how it felt. Also, with that one, you hold the button for 2-3 seconds to turn it off too.

My first use with this was a good experience. I had never tried a toy with a flickering tongue like this, and since the clit arm was so flexible, I decided to try it out first. So I never inserted the shaft in yet and hit the power button, and turned the clit arm on. I went to the first one since it didn't seem as powerful and put it on my clit. I was shocked at how amazing it felt! I thought that if I pushed it on my clit that it would slow down the flickering, and that definitely was not the case! I had played around with it on my clit for a few minutes and had an awesome orgasm. I hadn't even fully tested this toy out yet and was already loving the setup of this toy.

So I gave this a minute or two and then wanted to try the shaft out along with the flickering tongue. I had put some water-based lubricant on this ( it's best to use water-based lubricant with this being a silicone toy, don't use silicone lubricant) since it's a bit bigger than my normal toys and inserted it. I had then turned on a setting I like and then turned on the clit arm with it. This toy is awesome! The head of this has a nice bulbous head and hits my g-spot amazingly. The clit arm is very adjustable, and the tongue feels absolutely wonderful flickering on my clit. I had quite a few orgasms with this my first use!

Now when I went to wash this up after my use, I noticed the red light still on. So make sure once you turn the shaft and clit arm off that you hit the power button also. You'll know it's still on if it's lighting up red.

Further Experience

The next time I used this, I decided to try it out in the shower. I'm honestly not a huge fan of shower play with my toys, but this toy made me want to give it a try. The way this felt inside me while standing up was great. I love the bulbous head to this, and the shaft further down gets thin. It makes it where it hits my g-spot perfectly. Also, using this in the shower had the tongue flickering on my clit without me having to adjust it much at all. This toy is also pretty quiet, so you wouldn't hear it outside of the bathroom. My shower experience was awesome, and this was a great choice for me to pick for it.

My husband had seen my liking to this toy and wanted to give it a try on me. I, of course, had to explain the buttons to him because he was slightly confused. Once he figured it out, he gave it a try on me. He thought the tongue flickering was interesting, and he got up close to see how it worked. This was a great foreplay toy for us before engaging in sex. I had an amazing orgasm, and sex after that was amazing. We both have enjoyed this rabbit together.

This Rabbit is made of silicone which is a 10/10 on the safety scale. I absolutely love silicone, and they always seem to last for a very long time. Silicone is non-porous, so it doesn't harbor bacteria. This is also hypo-allergenic, latex, and phthalates-free. The size of this toy is 7 3/4" long with an insertable length of 5 1/2". Now when I measured this, the circumference at the widest point was 4 3/4" with a diameter of 1 3/8". To clean this, I use soap and water. You could also use a toy cleaner. The hardest part of cleaning this for me was the clit arm where the tongue part was. Inside that area are little ridges, and it gets dirty. I found the best way for me to clean this is with a toothbrush. This also has the memory mode, so when you turn it on, it's at the vibration pattern you last used.

Vibration Map

I think for the vibrations with this rabbit, the most powerful part is the clit arm. The whole clit arm doesn't necessarily vibrate, but its power is the flickering of the tongue. It seems all the vibration and power are right in the top for the clit arm. The lightest setting for the clit is an even powerful feeling. The shaft is powerful with the vibrations; it's just not as strong as the clit arm. My personal preference is the way this is set up; I prefer a stronger clit arm than I do in the shaft for rabbit vibrators.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My orgasm intensity feels like it's through the roof with this toy. I'm not sure if it's because of my excitement about the flickering tongue and bulbous head or what. This toy gets me off quickly, and it feels amazing. I absolutely love it, and I'm extremely happy with my choice for this rabbit.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this toy! It has become a favorite of mine. I really love the clit arm and how unique it is and I love the way the shaft curves.
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  • Contributor: CuriousFun
    Thanks for the great review! I was intrigued by this when I first saw it, but was hesitant to buy it without any reviews. I wanted to know how that flicking tongue thing worked on an actual human being, because on the one hand it looked like it could be awesome...but when things like that aren't well-designed, they can be a total bust. But it sounds like it performed as advertised! I'll definitely try to pick this up in the near-future.
  • Contributor: frisky069
    Thanks, I'm guessing there will be some people who struggle with the clit arm, but it's so flexible that I don't think it'd really be a problem!
  • Contributor: aznbbgirl
    That tongue looks small but mighty!
  • Contributor: frisky069
    It is! It feels amazing
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