Pink pleasure balls by Cal Exotics - review by Astraea

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Pink pleasure balls sex toy review

I don't recommend these for beginners like myself, and the retrieval cord needs to be much stronger to prevent ‘losing’ the balls inside.
Inexpensive, spikes are firm but not too hard.
Retrieval broke off of both balls, very difficult to remove without this, holes allow fluid entry.
Rating by reviewer:
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When I first received this product, I was surprised at how much they weigh. The size is a little larger than I was expecting, also. I wanted to review this product because I read a few different stories that involve a woman wearing balls similar to these as they go about their day at work or wherever. This is how I tried to test them. As a college student, I planned to wear the balls during the two hours of my work-study job, which entails basically just standing around a tiny campus mail room.

The idea seemed like it would be fun. In actuality, it really wasn’t. I had a lot of problems with these. There are small holes in the pink plastic (from the cord) where fluid can definitely get in. I found this out by just rinsing them in water prior to using them. Next, they aren't that easy to put in. I didn't have anything but ‘natural’ lubrication, but still. While at first I really didn't feel them inside of me, by the time I had walked across campus to work (5 minutes maybe), they hurt so bad I had to go straight to the nearest bathroom to get them out.

Here’s where my biggest problems started. When I did go to pull the retrieval cord, it broke. Only one ball came out. The cord connecting the two balls was still attached to the one inside me, but when I pulled that, it too broke off. Now, I'm in a fairly busy public bathroom stall in my college's main building trying to remove the remaining ball. I probably started to panic a little, which obviously didn't help. After about 10 minutes of pushing with my vaginal muscles and also reaching for it with my fingers, the ball finally came out!

This brings me to my final complaint: the little spikes held onto a lot of fluid, so they really needed to be cleaned. This would not be that difficult, except for those little holes in the balls where the string is supposed to be. I can only hope that the other women in the bathroom as I left didn’t notice that my face was flushed with color and I was sweating from the effort.

Overall, I can only give this product one star. It was fun in theory, but not practical at all. The only advantage I see for these is that they were inexpensive. These need, at the very least, a much stronger and more secure retrieval string. A way to seal the balls around the string to prevent fluids from entering would be great too.

Personally, I'm going to stay away from vaginal balls for a long time. These make me rethink anal balls too. If there is a next time for me, it will be a more expensive set. These were my first vaginal balls (Pink pleasure balls|Vaginal balls: Pink pleasure balls), and I most certainly do not recommend them to other beginners. Maybe someone with more experience would have better luck, but I can’t say for sure.
Follow-up commentary
Having read the comments to my original review, I am glad that people appreciated my honesty. I was a little worried I was being too hard on the toy, being just a beginner with things like this, but everything I said was the truth of what happened, so I am glad people appreciate the honesty.

After the terrible experience I discussed in my original review, I knew I would never use this toy again. So, I decided to cut the pink spiky plastic apart, to see what was inside. First, I was just using scissors, so you can imagine how flimsy they were, and second, there was one metal ball inside each pink ball. As I mentioned in the review, there are holes in the pink plastic that would allow moisture to seep in. Of course, we all know that metal and water make rust. Who wants rust in their vagina?? As I said, I knew I would never use these again, so after i cut them apart, I simply thew them away. There wasn't much else I could do.
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  • Always Aroused Girl
    I'd recommend the Luna Balls or Smart Balls for the vagina.  While it's a big pain in the neck to get out something "stuck" in the vagina, they won't get lost there entirely.

    The ass is a different matter, and I totally agree with you.  I'd never put something on a flimsy string up my bum.  There are a couple sets of beads from Tantus tho that are connected by silicone, not a cord.  I'd use those.
  • Talk about a disaster. Better luck next time - as aag said, something connected by silicone (or at least not as flimsy as string!).
  • Many years ago, back in the late '70s, I tried the Ben-Wa balls. After reading & hearing all the hype I expected to be a veritable walking orgasm. In actuality, the only thing they produced was a loud clacking sound with each step I took. They ended up in the trash after I found my kids trying to use them as a clacker* toy.

    While I'm not happy they haven't improved over the years, I was quite happy to read your review. It convinced me to not waste my money once again. Great review.

    * Kids' toy where hard plastic ball was attached to each end of a thin rope. Rope was held in middle & you swung balls so they hit each other & bounced up. They required no real intelligence, a minimum of coordination & were great fun until, inevitably, one ball would detach, go flying & either break the neighbor's window or give an innocent bystander a concussion. I think they were finally outlawed.
  • Violet Vamp
    what a great review! thanks for sharing. I had the exact opposite issue with a pair of balls. I had them in while on a date, and I needed to use the restroom. I peed and they fell right in. Leaving me wondering  "to retrive or not to retrieve?"
  • ScottA
    Yikes! I'll file that away to remember when thinking about possible presents..
  • Nashville
    These sounds like trash, thanks for being honest.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Wow! These seem to be a really shoddy product!
  • Lavender*Moon
    Thanks for the honest review. I think I'll stay away from this product!
  • Ladygaga
    Thank you.
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
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