Air pulse and thrusting dual vibe

Powerful Pink Pastel Plaything

I'm embarrassed to use this while the husband is aware. He will wonder what the heck is going on as I'm rocking and shaking in bed. This thing is that powerful and shakes my entire body. A remote control would be nice also. When this is on high power I can't lower the intensity. I have to pull it out and start all over again.

Caution: The clit flicker needs extra lubricant. Otherwise uncomfortable.
Separate controls for 3 motors, super strong, soft clit hole
Stiff toy, not flexible, a remote would be nice, can't use clit suction unless fully inside
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First impression

My first impression when I unpacked the Swish: Pretty pink pastel vibrator with a clit stimulator.
Heavier than most smaller toys. Bit longer than I expected.

I played with the three control buttons and discovered you have to press each one till it lights up. Then press again to go through the cycles.
The first one is the Power button to activate the vibrating shaft. There are 10 patterns.

The middle button with direction arrows controlled the thrusting shaft. Only the top 2 inches" of the head will thrust. There are 3 modes, low, medium, and high.

The third button resembling a cyclone controls the 10 clit stuff.

Three controls means three motors. Separate motors will have much more power.

First Use

My first use I only used the vibrating and thrusting part on my clit. I'm a clit gal and love stimulation and lots of it. I let it lay on my clit and rub and vibrate away. It was already late and I was tired. I was content to go to sleep after use using this on my clit. The shaft is stiff and I didn't feel like getting out some lubricant and mess up the sheets. The vibe was also a bit loud and I didn't want to wake my husband.

Further Experience

My next few times I used it the same way. For some reason, I was hesitant to put the stiff shaft in me. The vibes along with the moving head were already very enjoyable. No O's but very happy with clit play always. I was disappointed the toy was so stiff. I wish it was bendable enough to use the clit sucking flicking. As it was I could only use that if it was fully inserted. Meaning I had to put the entire 5 1/2" inside before being able to experience the clit sucking part. I really wanted to. The little "tongue" inside flipped quite fast. And on some of the patterns it even comes forward a little.

Finally, a few weeks later my trusty Womanizer kept petering out after about 10 mins. Wanting my clit taken care of I had to use the Swish. After some good arousal from my dying Womanizer and super Onyx wand, I was ready to tackle the stiff Swish.

I was already wet but not quite ready. So I used some water-based lubricant so as not to feel uncomfortable. Being stiff it did go in with a little pop. I had already powered on all three controls. That is a good thing about this. After powering on I could activate the toy versus it already shaking, thrusting, and flicking in my hand.

The vibrations on the shaft were very good and strong. Actually too strong when used with the thrusting head. It was a distraction, shaking my tummy. I had to push it in all the way to feel the "tongue". The flicking piece inside was short. In order to feel it flickering it had to really go in deep. It was a little uncomfortable for me. While all the way in not only could I now feel the flicks but also a suction. Seems when the tongue is flicking really fast it makes a suction. The "mouth" opening is soft and stuck on to me. It was quite good. Better and stronger than my Womanizer. I was very pleased the clit part was much much softer than the rest of the toy.

Vibration Map

As mentioned there are three separate motors. All are very strong at the higher patterns. When all three are powered on at higher levels the toy is extremely loud. I can't use this if my husband is asleep. It's that loud and buzzy.

The numbers below have to be placed somewhere. Actually, when this is on high power all areas of the toy are 3's.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I have not orgasmed with this yet. Or at least not that I know of. There's so much going on and rumbling. The Swish was making my body shake all over. I probably did have 1-3 judging by the wet spot on my sheets but mostly felt like I was dancing and shaking in bed. Putting extra lubricant in the clit sucking hole made this much more enjoyable. Otherwise, it's like something tickling you.
Pleasure Meter

This is how
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my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
I’m rating this 5 stars now! Swish is my new Go To toy. I have so many good ones this just sat and collected dust. Last week my husband gave me some wake up cunningness. After I had soaking wet I thought he was done. Few seconds later he returned and suddenly I felt something enter my very wet pu””y. It was vibrating and thrusting like crazy. After a few seconds I felt something sucking and vibrating my clitoris.
I couldn’t believe how good the combination was. He left it in me and went for his morning coffee. I laid there for about 10 minutes and had at least 3 orgasms.

Needless to say I’m going to be Swishing on a regular basis.
Can’t say how good this is!
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