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Put Some Spring In Your Step

Spring has sprung on me! It's not as strong as I like, but it's strong enough to get the job done. It works as a stand alone or paired with another vibrator. I love the plushy give of the silicone paired with the velvety finish. It's rechargeable and waterproof to boot. The vibrations aren't the most rumbly, but are rumbly enough to satisfy me. The small size works well for me over many of the bigger Fun Factory choices available. This has become one of my most reached for vibrators since
Smaller size
Plushy silicone
Stronger vibrations
Could be a little stronger
Could be a little longer
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The Minivibe Spring is one of Fun Factory's smaller options in the Minivibe Collection. It is an internal vibrator but can also be used externally anywhere you might enjoy it. The only place this little vibrator should not be used is anally as it does not flare at the base. It features fairly strong vibrations and plush silicone material. This is a great vibrator for those who have been lusting after the G4 line but found them to be too big for their tastes. This is also a great vibrator for beginners or advanced user that like a smaller size.

The Spring is great for either solo or partner use. It can be used for foreplay for partner use or externally during sex. While it's not as great for the latter as a dedicated clitoral vibrator would be, it can be sufficient for this purpose if your in a bind.

Material / Texture

Spring is made from plastic at the handle and silicone for the body. Silicone comes in at a 10 on the safety scale and plastic is an 8. The plastic portion takes up a very small amount of the vibrator's overall length. The silicone on Spring is very plushy. I know that's a weird way to describe silicone, but that's exactly what this silicone is. If I squeeze it with my fingers at the tip it squishes in. In the shaft there is a hard core, so there isn't as much of a squish to that portion but there is still the plushy feel to it. When I run my finger along the material, there is a bit of a drag. It still feels velvety and very soft. I really love this silicone. A lot of times plushy, squishy silicone has a sticky feel to it. There is no tacky or sticky feel to this silicone. It still retains the velvet feel that I love about silicone but with the great plush that I love about the stickier silicone. It's the best of both worlds!

There is no odor to Spring. There is a slight taste, but it dissipates quickly from the tongue.

Spring is so named because of the flowers on it for texture. There are three flowers on Spring - two near the head and one near the base. While I can easily feel these when I run my hands down the vibrator, I cannot really feel them when I insert it. I would say the texture is about the equivalent of a seam, so if you're sensitive to seams you will likely not like the flowers on Spring.

The texture is fine for beginners and advanced users alike, but not for those that like a ton of texture in their vibrators. I think this is a great material for beginners because it's a nice introduction to high quality silicone without being too hard or unforgiving.

Design / Shape / Size

Since it's part of the Minivibe collection, Spring is on the smaller side. The product page says the total length is 5.25, but I got 5.5. It says the insertable length is 3.25, which is probably measured from right above the buttons. I measured from the plastic, which is 4 inches. You can actually insert past the buttons if you'd like since this is waterproof. I did this a few times and you can't really feel the buttons at all and there seemed to be no issues. The diameter is 1.5 per my measurements and 1.25 per the product page. We disagree on everything, it seems. Now, I'd like to mention that I suck with a ruler and maybe I had a really off day when I took these measurements. So don't take my word for 100% here. If I didn't get exactly what the product page said, I would say you can safely assume the actual measurement is somewhere between what they say and what I got.

Spring is smaller than my hand. If I hold it to the tip of my middle finger it falls in about the center of my palm. I took two pictures for dimension purposes, but we'll get into the shape in a minute as well.

I quite like the size of Spring. I tend to like my vibrators on the smaller side and Spring was just the right size for me. Well, I could have handled a little bit more in length, but the girth was just right. It was thick enough for me to orgasm from this as a stand alone but not so thick that I felt like I was being stretched apart. If you like a lot of size, this is not the vibrator for you and I would recommend looking elsewhere. I would say this is a great size either for beginners or for the advanced user that likes a smaller size.

Spring is not rounded perfectly. It's almost a rounded triangle. It has three sides that are curved so they don't hurt when you insert them There's also a curve to the shaft. To be honest, I could feel but not feel the difference when I used this. Part of me could tell it wasn't the same as a traditional vibrator, but the shape wasn't so prominent that I was able to feel the curve exactly when it was inserted.

Here's a look from the head.

Here's the curve of the shaft.

Here's one more from the side to show the shape.

While the shape is not discreet, being phallic and all, it's small size means it's very easy to hide in a dresser drawer or tucked away somewhere else if you need to keep this away from prying eyes. It would also be a great travel vibrator because of its small size.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons, a plus and a minus, that operate all the functions on Spring. To turn it on, hold down the plus button. To go up in speed, press the plus button. To go back down, press the minus button. You can also hold down the plus button to quickly go all the way up. Once you hit the highest speed, holding down the plus button again will go into the pattern cycles. To turn it off, hold down the minus button until it goes through the speeds down to off.

The buttons are very easy to control and I did not once accidentally press them during use. They require a little pressure, not much, to push which means that brushing against them won't do anything. They also don't fall exactly where I hold my hand, coming in a little above the base, which means my hand wasn't in prime position to hit them constantly.

I counted out four different speed settings on Spring. These range from a very low one vroom where I was wondering if it was even on to a mid level four vroom at the highest setting. There is a lot of range available here so there should be something for everyone save those who need the highest of the high in power. The vibrations are on the rumbly side, but not completely rumbly. They have a buzzy undercurrent to them. They will not annoy those that don't like buzzy vibrations, but won't completely satisfy those that are looking for a super rumbly vibrator.

The first pattern cycles through from low to high speed. The second pattern does the same, but at a faster pace. The third is a very quick pulse that feels almost like an oscillation. I did not use any of these as I'm not big on patterns, so I'm not sure how great they are.

The vibrations center mainly at the tip, which allows this to be used nicely as an external stimulator. The vibrations radiate nicely up the shaft and can be felt pretty evenly throughout the vibrator.

Spring is pretty quiet. I can muffle it with covers pretty well, though it is still somewhat audible. I cannot hear it through a closed door.

It is a rechargeable vibrator. It operates on a magnetic charger. The magnetic charger connects to the base of the toy. It will glow red when charging and orange when charged. It took about two and a half hours to get a full charge on this.

Another great feature is that Spring is waterproof. There is no charging port to worry about and I had no issues with a submersion test or with splash tests.

Care and Maintenance

As a waterproof vibrator, care of Spring is very simple. Wash with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner or spray. No concerns about messing this vibrator up with a good washing.

Silicone lube should not be used with Spring, as silicone lube can potentially destroy the material. Water based lube should be used only.

Spring can be stored in its original packaging, if you wish. I have mine in a pouch, which is another option. You should keep this away from other silicone vibrators as, like the lube, silicone and silicone do not play well together.


Spring comes packaged in a tan colored box with a clear cut out that you can see the vibrator through. The front says "Fun Factory" in medium sized letters that can be made out clearly. The back has a large picture of the Spring on it. The package opens via a magnet to reveal some information about the vibrator it what seems like a hundred different languages. I think this is a pretty unique little packaging idea with the magnets.

The charger comes packaged separate in a small square box.

While I do like the packaging, I don't think it's up to standard of other vibrators in the same price range. I don't think it's ideal for storage and it doesn't come with any other storage option like a pouch or anything. It does come with extensive instructions which is nice and a small sample of lube. However, since Fun Factory lube gives me yeast infections, I would have preferred a pouch.

The packaging is not discreet since you can clearly see the vibrator through the clear cut out. In case you missed that, there's a large picture on the back. So, yeah, not discreet.

Personal comments

I would highly recommend this vibrator, especially to beginners. I think it's a great introduction to the Fun Factory line at a smaller size than many of their options. The silicone is great and the vibrations, while not as strong as I would prefer, have a decent kick to them.

I would also say this is a great option for anyone who likes a smaller vibrator and moderate to moderate-high vibration levels. It's not the rumbliest vibrator ever, but it is on the rumbly side and should satisfy most users.


I got this because I'd heard great things about the Fun Factory G4 line, but the size of those is just too big for me. I found these and figured maybe with would be like a mini G4. I don't have the G4 to compare it to, but I really love my Spring. While it may not be the strongest vibrator in the world, the mid-level four vroom is enough for me internally. Externally, it can bring me to orgasm, but not nearly the level of orgasm that I would prefer. As you might have guessed, I don't use this externally.

I really love this paired with a clit vibe and that's how I use it most of the time because that's how I have the strongest orgasm. However, the vibrations are just at a high enough level and the girth is just enough that I can use this by itself and also achieve a pretty decent orgasm with this. While I do thrust sometimes, I usually prefer to rotate this, but that's just my general preference with most things.

Ideally, I like things to be five vroom rated. I'm willing to say this is five stars anyway because it has quickly become one of my favorites. I've been testing some other vibrators for reviews and find that I keep this one close by to grab at the end even if the other vibrators were totally satisfactory. The only things I would change about this is to add a little power and maybe an inch more insertable length.
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    Very good review. I think the smallest of the G4 line is the Patchy Paul if you were ever looking into getting one. It's slimmer than my Minivibe Bubbles.
  • Miss Anonymous
    I have this too and I love it. I'm glad that you liked it too. It's so little and fun! I hae it in green too.

  • - Kira -
    @schwaltze - Thanks! The G4 version of Patchy Paul is 1 5/8 in diameter, which is probably a little on the big side for me, especially with the added texture (which I'm sensitive to). I have been looking at Little Paul though and if it goes on sale on Black Friday I'll be scooping it up!

    @Miss Nessa - The green is really pretty! It's so springy, just like the name.
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