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Reasonably strong, but LOUD vibrations

The Key Charms Curve is probably strong enough for most users and has vibrations that are on the deeper side, but it is not whisper-quiet as advertised. You will need to be ok with its loud nature to be happy with it. It can be used as a G-spot vibrator, although it is a bit short and narrow to be the best choice for that purpose. It's easy to use and could be a good choice for those for whom louder toys are not a problem.
Attractive, strong, vibrations lean to the deep side.
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The Key Charms Curve is listed as a G-spot vibrator and is shaped like one, but is a bit short to work comfortably in that capacity. It is perhaps best used as a clitoral vibrator for those who will use it with music or other sound on, or who will have the house to themselves while they use it.

It may hold special appeal for those who like pinpoint vibration.

It is a good size for use during partner sex, but the sound level of this vibrator may be distracting.

The Key Charms Curve is not suitable for anal use, as there is nothing to keep it from slipping completely inside.

Material / Texture

The Key Charms Curve has a silicone exterior that completely covers the hard vibrator underneath. A shiny, silvery button extends out a tiny bit from the end. The control button is metal plated. The end of the button has the word "Key" engraved.

The bullet inside the Curve is made of ABS plastic, but feels velvety smooth when you run your fingers along it.

The silicone has a nice feel and provides good traction when pressed against your clitoris. There is a seam, but it is not prominent and is unlikely to bother even users who are sensitive to seams. While the silicone covering the shaft of the vibrator has a nice feel, it is stiff, and is thicker and fairly stiff at the tip. You may not even notice that the curved tip is hollow. It does not bend during use.

It comes with a black satiny storage bag with a drawstring closure. The bag itself is somewhat stiff and has a prominent tag that reads "Key" sticking out of the side. There will be room for other small toys or extra batteries inside the bag along with your Curve.

Design / Shape / Size

The Key Charms Curve is cylindrical, with a tip that curves and can potentially be used for G-spot stimulation. But, it is only four inches long and three and a quarter inches in circumference, so perhaps its best use is for clitoral stimulation. Those trying to use it for internal stimulation will find that there isn't much to hold on to. It will only work internally if your G-spot isn't located far inside, and you don't mind having a short handle.

It is a perfect compact size to hide in a drawer, cosmetics bag or other location. Or, keep it in the satiny storage bag that comes with it to keep lint off of it. The storage bag will also make a convenient way to keep that battery separate, either to prolong battery life or to ensure that it doesn't self-start during travel.

The cap does not have threads. Instead, two tiny protrusions on the inside of the cap fit into matching indentations on the body of the vibrator when the cap is pushed down and turned slightly. Even so, it does maintain a waterproof seal.

The silicone covering of this vibrator is thick, especially at the curved end. The silicone is thick enough in that region to be remarkably stiff. If you squeeze the curved tip, you will notice that it is hollow in that area. This isn't noticeable or problematic during use, however.

With effort, the silicone covering can be peeled off, leaving a solid black vibrator with no curve at the tip.

The black plastic under the silicone is quite smooth and velvety. It appears that possibly the same vibrator is the base of all the Key Charms vibrators. Do not remove the silicone covering. It is next to impossible to put back on. Vibrations transmit excellently through the hollow tip and make them feel a bit deeper than without the covering.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibrator is controlled by a single button at the end. Press once to turn it on. Each additional press moves it to the next of its five patterns. Pressing the control button again when it's on the fifth pattern moves it to the first pattern.

To turn it off, press and hold the button for three seconds. It actually only takes about one and a half seconds of holding the button for vibration to stop.

The Curve's five patterns and the names Jopen gave them are:

1) steady vibration (High)
2) fast pulses (High 2)
3) escalates, then drops down to low and repeats escalation (Tease)
4) stronger, slower pulses (Pulse)
5) two slower pulses, then three short pulses (Throb)

The Curve's vibrations are on the deep side (more back and forth movement) as opposed to being buzzy (fast back and forth movement.) They are reasonably strong, too.

The Key Charms Curve is a fairly loud vibrator. Others will hear you if you don't have loud music on or you're not using it in the shower. It is waterproof, so the latter is an option. After this vibrator was water tested, water was found to seep under the silicone sleeve, although a rubber gasket prevented any water from entering the battery compartment.

If you choose to use it as a G-spot vibrator, you will not have much handle to hold on to. You will need to be careful how you manipulate it so you don't press the button and change its vibration pattern during use. If you press the control button just a little, it stops for a fraction of a second, almost as though it's about to change to the next vibration pattern. But it will stay on the selected vibration mode until the button is fully pressed.

Used internally, the vibrations feel quite pinpoint.

Care and Maintenance

The waterproof battery compartment and silicone covering make this an easy care toy. Wash after use and dry, then store in the included storage bag or other container.

The instructions recommend using only water-based lubricants with this product.


The packaging for this product is quite elegant and attractive. Remove the shrink wrap and a silk tab extends out of the top. Remove the top of the box and a flap opens to reveal the vibrator, which is nestled inside a black foam insert. Inside another plastic package is the warranty and silk storage bag.
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