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Roses are red...

This isn't the worst product out there. It offers multiple functions, dual stimulation and a change of pace. However, it has some downsides that may make or break this product for you.
Multiple functions, decent clitoral stimulator, quiet.
Bad smell, poor shaft design, cheap material.
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Sadly, this was NOT a rose worth writing poetry about. I can't tell if they REALLY tried with this product or didn't try at all. It seems like a decent idea, however if you want dual vibrations, this design or product itself didn't seem to really give me what I was looking for. It wasn't TERRIBLE, but for the price I expected at least a little more out of it. It seems the best way to use this product is to remove the bullets entirely and use them by themselves. If the price were just a bit lower, I might consider recommending this to a thrifty person wanting an "okay" vibe. But generally speaking, I wouldn't recommend it.

The idea of this product is to achieve dual stimulation. Much like a rabbit vibe, you have your vaginal stimulation with the shaft and the clitoral stimulation in the front. The design makes this almost impossible and you can barely feel the vibrations due to the density of the jelly material, which isn't even that pleasurable to begin with.

Material / Texture

There are two major parts to this toy. The bullets and the jelly insert which makes up the body of the product. The bullets are your standard plastic bullets with a plastic cord and controller. Easy to clean and store. The jelly is a firm jelly which is almost hard in some places and weak in others. I like jelly materials for some things, but the shaft felt almost too firm at the tip and it seemed to just poke me more than pleasure me. The clitoral stimulation was alright, aside from the material being so hard and dense that it didn't carry vibration well. It seemed to take more of my own effort to achieve an orgasm than just enjoying the vibrations of the toy. It also had a foul odor when removed from the package and didn't seem to fade for at least six washings. This is to be expected out of most jellies. Most of the product is smooth, but the rose at the base which is for clitoral stimulation has SOME texture. Most of it can't really be felt.

Design / Shape / Size

I have mixed feelings on the design. It seemed like it would be a decent idea and a change from the typical rabbit-style dual massagers. But most of the reasons for this design are ruined by the poor craftsmanship of the product. There is no real way to change the use or to tailor it to fit your own body. I tried many positions and nothing seemed to work well for me. The shaft is a bit too curved and firm at the top to offer pleasure and I never could reach the clitoral stimulator while the product was inserted. The shaft just didn't bend in ways my body liked. And the lack of vibration didn't help.

It also began to split after the 3rd time using it where the rose and shaft meet. This area of the product seemed cheap and weak and began to split along the right side. This made it MORE difficult to use the product as I had to take extra care when using it as to not split the material any further. The size of the toy seems alright for use, but it wouldn't be easy at all to hide. And if you are a size queen, don't bother. The shaft is only thick at the base and it will just poke you at best.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The best part of the product was the bullets. They aren't super strong, but they are easy to use and you typical bullet. I tried a stronger bullet of mine in the product to see if that would improve the feeling in the jelly and it did, but not by much.

The bullets are controlled by a hand-held, push button controller in which the batteries are also stored. The product runs on three AA batteries which seemed to last forever. This doesn't drain batteries too quickly, but it's also not super powerful. The bullets alone were pleasing, but once placed in the jelly, they lost a little oomph. The clitoral part was satisfying, but I had to position it without insertion due to the shaft not bending with my body in a way that would make it reachable. The toy isn't noisy at all which is one little plus and you do have variety with the multiple functions. The product is easy to use and with a simple push of a button you can go from one speed, to the next and onto another function. The added convenience of a hand-controller makes this a lot more enjoyable. This isn't a waterproof toy, so no vibration fun with Mr. Bubbles.

Care and Maintenance

The bullets are easy to clean and care for as they are plastic and easily washed with warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner. They are also easy to store as you can put them with other plastics.

The jelly is a little more complicated. First of all, being a jelly, it attracts dust and hair and all of that junk. It's also harder to store, as you cannot put it with silicone, jelly or other toys that can cause it to melt or react in a bad way. Because of these things, special care must be taken. During cleaning, use a mild soap or toy cleaner and warm water and be SURE to clean those little creases that seem to trap more dust than ANY product I've ever used. During storage, I used a plastic freezer bag. It was the only thing that I could use that won't make it melt, that keeps it dust free and that can be easily replaced if it wears out or gets nasty somehow. This worked just fine for me. Being a jelly, you also have to be careful what lubes you use. Only water-based lubes for this one! As far as covering with condoms... of course that is best... And you can try. But I could NOT keep a condom on the shaft of this thing. I'm stuck with using plastic condoms and you don't get a size variety which makes it hard to keep on the shaft of this product. Perhaps latex users would have better luck?


This comes in a box with two bags inside. One bag contains the jelly body and the other contains the bullets. I wasn't really able to use this as storage as the box basically fell apart and the bags are difficult to reuse. I didn't receive ANY instructions with this product which shocked me as most products at least have a battery instruction slip. And seeing as this isn't an attractive package, you might want to refrain from giving it as a gift.

Personal comments

This wasn't a terrible product. I think most of the issues I had were due to my body. I also didn't like how condoms were difficult to use. I can't say if there are better products with the same structure, but I would be willing to bet there are. Unless you really just want to try something new, I wouldn't recommend this. Please keep in mind, I rated the product based on it's intended use, NOT with the bullets being removed from the toy.
Follow-up commentary
One of the bullets has gone out on this thing. This is sad, because they were the best part of the product. I really hate when a product can be picked apart and only one part is good. I never bother to use this thing anymore as I have other toys the pleasure me and this one was never comfortable to use. I pulled the bullets out and used them many times, which may be why they cut out so fast. I also used them with other dildos and whatnot and that can burn a motor out a bit faster. Either way, I find this product nearly useless and wouldn't recommend it.
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