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Seduce Me, Or Not.

Disappointing vibrations and a less than mind blowing design, left me wanting more. While a quality toy with unique packaging, I can only recommend the Seduction to beginners or fans of smaller shapes and lighter vibrations. Even then, I suspect you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere.
Silky texture, non-porous plastic, waterproof, multispeed, not intimidating, easy to use, odor free.
Plain shape, lackluster vibrations and size, pointed tip, easy to accidentally press the button.
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The Waterproof Seduction is a take on the standard vibrator, which everyone who enjoys internal stimulation should have in their toy box. Its sleek lines and feminine colours (pink and purple) are inviting, not intimidating, and even toy-wary partners should be able to enjoy this insertable without feeling upstaged. Its tapered head and smaller size (at the widest point is has a diameter of 1.4") make it perfect for beginners, people without a lot of room, or those who prefer their toys of the more petite size.

Although intended for insertion it will work just as well externally, whether you or a partner has hold of the reins. People like myself, who normally prefer clitoral stimulation, might want to look for a vibrator tailored to external stimulation however. The waterproof functionality makes this toy even more versatile. And if the only private time you have is in the shower, the waterproof Seduction would be a great addition to any bath time routine.

Material / Texture

The Waterproof Seduction feels amazing in my hands due to its velvety ABS plastic. The silky texture reminds me a lot of an erect penis, actually, and is seamless. Although this vibrator is hard and has no give, the velvety matte finish gives it a softer touch that anyone can appreciate. It even has a "softer" appearance than other hard toys, and there's no need to worry about Phthalates or strange smells from your Seduction.

Unfortunately, my girl parts just weren't as sensitive to the finish as my hands. Furthermore, the rounded base of the Seduction may become slippery during use with lube.

Design / Shape / Size

This is a no fills vibrator which starts off slim and gradually widens to a somewhat bulbous point. Its curves strike me as feminine and it's definitely a pleasing design. With an insertable length of 5 3/4" and a maximum circumference of 4 1/2", the Seduction is great for beginners but will probably fall short for us size queens who desire a little more or anyone looking for G-spot specific stimulation.

Fans of texture may also be disappointed at the smooth surface of this toy, and the lack of variation in sensation. However, it could easily be hidden, tossed in a purse, or packed for travel, but it's unlikely that prying eyes would be ignorant as to the true purpose of this toy.

The tip of this toy is a rounded point which some might find painful or uncomfortable if it comes into contact with the cervix. I expect this would be a more serious issue with hard and fast thrusting. Nonetheless, I did not experience this issue due to my specific anatomy.

I found the design to be bland, overall. It simply was not spectacular. Whether thrusting fast or slow, deep or shallow, the Seduction didn't provide enough of a unique or varied sensation to please me; and I was rather disappointed.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Toys don't get any easier to use that this one. There is one button to push at the base to switch on the vibration. Pushing it once or twice more increases the level of vibration, which is focused in the head of this vibrator but can easily be felt down to the base, and a fourth press on the button turns it off.

Users must cycle through all 3 levels of steady vibration to turn off the toy. I found it easy to accidentally push the button during the worst of times however; I frequently turned the toy off on myself. On the other hand, pulsation can easily be simulated with the push button.

The vibrations of the Seduction are somewhere in the middle, on the scale of high frequency buzzy vibrations to bone shaking vibrations, and are acceptable for 2AA batteries. I would have preferred stronger, shakier vibrations but I suspect that many will be more than happy with this toy.

I found the sound level of this toy to be a little out of proportion with the strength of the vibrations, especially on the highest setting where the increase in sound is noticeably higher than between the lower settings. On high, it can definitely be heard through covers and possibly through a closed door or thin walls. If discretion is an issue, you might consider a quieter vibrator.

Care and Maintenance

The Seduction really isn't a fussy vibrator and washing it with soap or toy cleaner will do the trick. The texture does not affect cleaning in any way. Although it's made of non-porous plastic, you might consider using a condom if sharing, or wiping down with isopropyl alcohol.

I love that I can store plastic toys without worrying about melting or reactions, rather than having to wrap them up or separate them from other toys, but the Seduction does pick up strong smells from other materials. While I used water based lube, it's fine to use any silicone or oil based lube of your choosing as well. You can extend battery life, and avoid possible corrosion, by removing batteries from your toys when storing them.


The Seduction was my first Evolved toy and I was definitely impressed by the metal box in which it was packaged. Sitting safely and snugly in a foam cut-out, the Seduction peered through the window on the box as if to say "Here I am". I could see myself gifting an Evolved toy to a friend in its tin, and the box would definitely work for storage; however, I find it to be bulky for the room I have and once the toy is removed from the box, it all seems less impressive. It's also not very discreet.

All the information about Evolved's toys is on their box including material, waterproof capabilities, number of speeds, battery requirements and more, but it's definitely tailored to hype up the product. Although I had no problems with battery insertion, I cannot recall if there were any actual instructions on how to do so.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Well, I thought I'd give this new review template a whirl and it was harder than I expected it to be. Wow!
  • Sammi
    I'm going to be trying the template soon ...
    good review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
  • Carrie Ann
    I like my Seduction but it IS loud and I find I don't pull it out near as often as other toys.

    Good review. Smile The new template sure is different to use, eh? Been a long time since I struggled with a review and using it made me rethink everything I normally do!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Carrie Ann, i'm really not a traditional vibe girl, anyway. It takes a lot of texture or size for one to win me over and, unfortunately, this one just did not have it.

    And yea, this took me forever it felt like.
  • LicentiouslyYours
    Aha, someone else who thinks the soft finish on hard plastic is a lot like the real thing. Sounds like this is a pretty mild toy compared to some of Evolved's other models.

    Nice use of the new template, any struggle you had wasn't noticeable in the end result. Smile
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Thanks so much!

    Really, I haven't tried ANY Evolved toy that wasn't lacking in power. And, yes, the silky texture really did feel realistic (albeit a bit firm)
  • Rockin'
    I agree with previous comments about the writing/format -- it's different, but I just interpret the sections as you pausing while talking about the toy, to switch focus. It flows a lot better than I expected! Nice info. Sad to hear it's a lukewarm toy, it sure looks sleek.
  • Ashly Star
    It came in a metal box? That's cool.

    I've never tried anything by Evolved though I've wanted to before but the more I read about them, the less I'm curious about them. Lame vibrations are not for me, heh.

    Nice review.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Eh, the box seems cool until you take out the vibe. Then it's like "Now what do I do with it?" LOL
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Also, not one single Evolved toy has been strong enough for me
  • lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
  • Fruity
    Good job.
  • Online
    very useful review!
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