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Silicone Bliss, hit or miss.

I give the Silicone Bliss 2 stars because personally I think it's overpriced, has a design flaw as well as limited and weak control settings. Overall, I am not impressed with California Exotic Novelties right now, let me tell you that!
Waterproof, latex free, not intimidating, g-spot stimulation
Uncertain of silicone quality, loud, minimal control settings, weak vibrations, design flaw.
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The Silicone Bliss by California Exotic Novelties has an extended clitoral vibrator as well as an elongated shaft with rotating beads. What this toy offers that many other rabbits do not is a lovely curved tapered tip at the end that strokes your g-spot. The Silicone Bliss states to be made of "100% Silicone", therefore it is latex free, hypo-allergenic and phthalates free making it perfect for sensitive women who enjoy dual stimulation during their solo-masturbation. This rabbit is supposed to deliver as a multi-tasked women's pleasure tool being completely waterproof with its g-spot stimulation, bead rotation all while providing clitoral stimulation, but does it?

I find the toy is best suited for beginner users more than advanced users. As an advanced toy user myself, I was not fully thrilled with the 4 3/4" when I first inserted this rabbit, nor did I find that the 2-clitoral vibrator settings were strong enough to suffice to my orgasmic needs. The curve on the tip of the Silicone Bliss did nicely for g-spot stimulation, but I found that the rotating beads did not pack the stimulating punch I had hoped for(due to only having one speed setting and being rather noisy). But alas, with much work Silicone Bliss does prove useful! I was able to have a g-spot orgasm with some aided clitoral help from my new strong bullet vibrator provided to me for free by Eden Fantasys when I subscribed to the Eden Newsletter[]. If you don't need much clitoral stimulation to orgasm, the Silicone Bliss may be able to hit your g-spot, but not much else.

The 2 clitoral vibrator settings with one speed rotating bead setting of the Silicone Bliss are not over-powering, and the small size with white smooth velvet "silicone" makes this rabbit look un-intimidating while providing easy insertion.
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    • Gift
    • Solo
    • Beginner users
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    • Bedroom
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Latex free
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The box says that the Silicone Bliss is "100% Silicone". However, I think Cal Exotic is not giving you the full story on what GRADE of silicone this toy is made of.

"100% Silicone" California Exotic claims, very questionable.

As I pulled the toy out of the box I noticed that there was a fine rise in the 'silicone' lining the entirety of the toy along the centre, which began my personal questioning as to how pure the silicone was in this toy. Though I noticed no taste with Silicone Bliss I did find it to have a ripe smell of plastic that I am familiar with when I get toys made of TPR. Cal Exotics makes sure to list the only material of this toy being silicone, but it is obvious from what other reviewers have stated that this toy is in fact made of TPR Silicone. Though not pure silicone, the beginner toy user can still find joy in the toy itself as it is velvet to the touch, with smooth texture. The toy does seem to have some flexibility to it in the g-spot curved tip, but that is limited due to the toy having its rotating beads located just below it. After the tapered smooth g-spot tip the toy does give rise to 3 raised bumps where the beads are located.

These bumps add some extra sensation and allow the beads to freely rotate inside the toy without jamming.The toy also displays a 'claw' like extended clitoral stimulator. I personally found the 'claw' a nice touch because it added more stimulation than just a single piece of extended silicone.That's about all the texture this toy has to offer, so if you are a texture fiend you will not be pleased with the soft smoothness that the Silicone Bliss offers.
    • Somewhat porous
    • Flexible
    • Present odor

Design / Shape / Size

If you like toys that are less then 6 inches, look no further, for the Silicone Bliss is just right for you! The toy itself is 4 3/2" of smooth velvet insertion with the tapered g-spot end, giving rise to 3 bumps that house the rotating beads that fall back into smooth velvet before hitting a stop at the clitoral vibrator.
When it comes to storage the Silicone bliss is a total length of 8 1/2", so it can easily be hidden away in a drawer.As for being discrete and travel friendly I wouldn't say this toy can meet those standards.The Silicone Bliss doesn't come with a storage container, so to travel with it you would have to get creative and make your own container to take it with you. As far as discrete looking, well you can be the judge of that. If you saw this thing sitting on someones night table would you know it was a vibrator? I think we can all say that as far as discrete vibrators goes the Silicone Bliss isn't trying to fool anyone about its intentional use.

Now some weird things to note: I was very intrigued by the interesting battery compartment of the Silicone Bliss.The Silicone Bliss is a normal screw off base, but then you find....

What the heck is this thing?
As you can see it has this interesting lock do-dad type thing that you must slide forward and pull off. I don't understand why there is a lock mechanism on this toy, maybe to keep the battery gnomes at bay? The answer is still unknown!
So, after fiddling with the lock-do-dad for a few moments I happily gained access to the battery compartment for the 4 triple A's.

Behold: The internal workings of the Silicone Bliss!
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls of the Silicone Bliss are rather easy to figure out, literally just press and go.

4 Button Control Pad
The 4 Buttons are as follows:
-Left hand Buttons:The buttons on the left of the control pad are the on/off buttons. The top left button turns on rotating beads and the bottom left button turns on the clitoral vibrations.
-Right Hand Buttons:The top right button is the rotational direction,and with a simple click it will go clockwise and when you click again it will go counter-clockwise. The bottom right button is the vibration speed button, and with the 1st click it turns on the very low vibration(buzzzzzzzz)and with 2nd click it turns on the high vibration setting(BUZZZZZZ). The lack of multiple clitoral vibrator settings most definitely made me kind of frown, come on only 2 vibrator settings?

I decided to take the Silicone Bliss on a bath time adventure to test the claims of it being waterproof.

Upon its submergence into the water I can report that the Silicone Bliss is waterproof and makes a lovely pretend submarine, equipped with a g-spot periscope for underwater expedition.

As for being discrete with sound, the Silicone Bliss can be,so long as you don't turn on the rotating beads. The clitoral vibrator is near silent even on its 2nd 'high' setting, but as soon as you turn on those rotating beads the toy goes from 1 Bee to 4. So, if you happen to have paper thin walls or live in a dorm this toy may not be what you're looking for.
    • Easy to use
    • Not very discreet
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

Well, of course you're looking at this toy and thinking "Oh well it must be low maintenance being made of silicone and all". And of course you're just thinking all you will have to do is wash it with warm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap before and after use and that's about all you need to do, right? WRONG! Look at this design flaw!

Upon finding this I was horrified due to it being such a lovely place for bacteria to flourish! So how do we clean such a horrible little design flaw you ask? Well yes with warm water and antibacterial soap, but you're gonna have to put some elbow grease into cleaning this toy and make sure to get right in there or else risk something evil growing!
So, you're now wondering now how to wash it? While I find while I'm washing the Silicone Bliss, I pull back this lip and take the anti-bacterial soap and make a lather and than scrub to the best of my abilities! I then run the pulled back lip under hot water for several moments to make sure it's nice and clean.I then inspect to make sure I've cleaned under this lip and scrubbed away anything that might make a safe haven for bacteria. If you're like me and want it EVEN CLEANER cause you're afraid of germs (and rightfully so too), then take a q-tip and spray anti-bacterial toy cleaning on it, and pull back the lip and run the q-tip all up in there!

Okay, so we have the design flaw out of the way. So you're probably now wondering how I store this thing?Honestly, ya ready for this? I just used the box it came in! It holds the toy as well as separating it from my other toys and protects it from attracting dust and debris as well as storing nicely in my bedside draw.

So, now that you're perfectly aware of how to clean and store this toy properly what else can I give you? Well some personal FaerieLove details to further your enjoyment of your new Silicone Bliss of course! Due to the toy being made of "silicone" it should only be used with waterbase lubes! I promise that if you apply this rule the longevity of your silicone toy will continue on into many months of blissful experiences!
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean


The Silicone Bliss comes in a thin plastic box, that really makes sure to tell you what the toy is about.If the window on the front of the box displaying the Silicone Bliss inside isn't a big enough clue for consumers Cal Exotics has also decided to littered the box with fun sayings, such as: "SENSUAL G WITH POWERFUL ROTATING BEADS, WATERPROOF, PERFECTLY SHAPED G-SPOT, SENSUAL G WITH DOUBLE PLEASURE TEASERS." As you can see the box is far from discrete!

Pictures of box are as fallows:
-Front: About 4" x 9.5"
-Side: About 2" x 9.5"
-Back: Same measurements as front

As for instructions, the Silicone Bliss actually does come with them:

Of course they're in green! The instructions also come in several other languages I'm just displaying the english version.
So, you're saying "FaerieLove, I can't even read what that white and green piece of paper says!"
Don't worry, I'm going to give you a quick break down of what these instructions say to save you from squinting and cursing at me. The instructions pretty much are as follows: how to insert batteries, how to deal with an electrical malfunction, how to insert the toy properly, and my favorite common sense warnings such as: making sure the battery compartment cap is on securely before submerging in water,do not use toy if signs of irration or inflammation are present,store your vibrator on its own and not combined with other toys, if the vibrator gets really hot turn it off, etc. Let's just sum up the instructions this way, they're REALLY detailed!
    • Not discreet


My experience with this toy is just all kinds of frowny face. For the amount of money you're paying you should be getting more functions for stimulation and not having to deal with cleaning a design flaw (the lip, as shown in previous pictures).
Follow-up commentary
This toy continued to just put a frown on my face. So, because I disliked this toy so much, I ended up just throwing it in the garbage. It's unfortunate because it has so much potential to be a good toy! But, due to the design flaws and other issues, it just was useless for me.
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    Thanks for the nice review and pictures! have you tried the flame test on the not quite silicone material? That sucks about the design flaws and weak vibrations. Sorry
  • FaerieLove
    Thank guys! The flame test, I'm not familiar with that?
  • wetone123
    Well that ripe smell gave it away so you probably don't want to do the flame test. But look it up on Eden anyway- it's very interesting, but may be dangerous too. If you put a match to it and it melts it's definitely not silicone. Never do this until you read all ScottA and Tool Time Tim have to say about it though!
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    A very detailed and wonderful review, thanks FaerieLove! I was so excited about a silicone rabbit but now.. not so much. Ah well, some day there will be a decent one, some day.
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    This sounds like a darn nightmare! Lol. Too bad too because I had this baby wishlisted. Not now! Lol. I just loved your review. LOL @ "Battery gnomes" you added the perfect touch of humor to your bad situation and from what I can tell... it was BAD! I really hate the sound of this toy and as far as cal exotics giving a darn about the actual material and what they slap on the box, there's a lotta questioning I've done with them as well. Half of the cal exotic toys were very clearly not "silicone." I completely quit buying from them and you know what's strange, that rise of funky material you mentioned... I had the SAME thing happen with a cal exotic toy! It was weird. I was thinking of giving them another shot since I liked the look of this and one other rabbit they sell here, but no siree I have changed my mind. It really puts me off when a company has to lie about what's in their toys. It makes me very suspicious. Lol.

    Thanks a ton for the nice pics. That really showed some of the important and strange things about this toy. It's certainly different. I've never seen that battery lock thingy and never seen strange material sticky-uppies in any toy besides the wonderful ol' cal exotics! I do hate that this was so nightmarish and I hope you find a better toy.
  • FaerieLove
    Oh Kendra thanks so much for taking the time to read my review. I know this toys a flop but I'm hoping that Cal Exotics can win me back. I'm glad you enjoyed my review and I am really happy that you feel that I've well informed you
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