Red hots Blazing love clamps - sex toy by Topco Sales - review by Caspella

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Some Like it Hotter (Than This)

Red Hots Blazing Love Clamps are good for beginners at nipple play, or for couples seeking to add a little spice…but I’d call it mild rather than wild. If you are a seasoned connoisseur of nipple clamps, these won’t even simmer. The toy says it’s waterproof, and technically it is. Call me crazy, but I don’t think a waterproof toy should have parts that rust!
Two toys in one, Lots of variation in play, Mild clamps for beginners.
RUST! Lack of bite on clamps, Can barely feel vibrations, Limiting controls.
Rating by reviewer:
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I never masturbate without the aid of one of my (many) different kinds of nipple toys! Being someone who also enjoys clitoral vibes, I fell in love with the clamps/bullet combo at first sight. Sadly, I fell right back out at first bite. For those of you with a high tolerance- don’t even bother. However, if you appreciate a subtler approach, please read on: this toy could be good for you.

The design is adorable with its naughty candy apple red penises, which are so tiny and unassuming. The metal clamps have rubber grips for cushion, and adjustable screws for tension. I would call it ‘mild pressure’. I could hardly feel these clamps, even with the bullets inside serving as weights. Besides the clamps, the third penis serves as a vibrating clit stimulator. The cords are just long enough to hold at arms length; a partner might have difficulty holding the remote during some positions due to the lack of reach. It’s easy to read the info on the clear plastic back, on a fairly tasteful package. It’s easy to open, but it’s not going to make a good place to store your bundle of wires and penises.

The materials are phthalate and latex free plastic; the penises are hard while the remote is more like velvet cote. Both are fine for using with pretty much any kind of lube, but please heed this warning about mixing lube and clamps: Any clamp will slide unexpectedly, and painfully, off any body part if there is lube on either the clamp (from your fingers) or the nipple, etc. Be wary of using any lube with this product for this reason. Cleaning this should be easy and mostly is; being waterproof it’s simple to wash with any safe soap or toy cleaner. There’s an issue regarding the cracks in the seams of the penis which gives me pause, sanitation wise. Don’t share it and don’t attempt to use anally. On the plus side, all the cords are sealed whether entering the vibrator or the remote.

I docked this toy a whole star for my next negative- after two weeks of use, and one in the shower, this toy has started to RUST! Instead of using galvanized steel (which is rust proof) for the tension screws, they apparently used stainless steel causing the screws to rust right off the bat. This will obviously be a problem, chief among them health concerns, but once fully rusted you won’t be able to adjust the screws anyway. My solution is to remove the screws, since even at its tightest, I’m not fazed. A more sensitive person however may not be able to take these clamps without the mitigating screws to ease pressure. Don’t store these in the bathroom and dry immediately after use.

When reinserting the batteries (which is a breeze), be sure you twist it on tight, so the rubber O-ring is sealed well. Be sure to remove batteries when not in use. It operates on 2 AA batteries, which I thought would provide more power than the watch batteries in my other clamps. Not so; the Love Clamps were quite weak on vibration. I could hardly feel the vibration on my nipples, not at all in the rest of my breasts. Even the clitoral vibe was too weak to bring me to orgasm. Also irritating was the one button control, forcing you to scroll through three pulsing settings to get to the one vibration setting. First pulse is a very fast beat (inappropriate for starting out); next is a slow beat; the third is a bzz-bzz-pause-and-resume pattern; and finally the steady vibration. There is no way to control the penises separately either.

The main plus I see for this toy is its versatility. There are several interesting combinations to play around with. Despite an excellent idea, and even a great battery pack, I just don’t think this is worth the price considering the rapid rusting of the screws. For me, there just wasn’t enough intensity to the clamps or the vibration. I'm afraid this Hot, is a Not.
A few tips for nipple noobs: remember that the real pain comes AFTER you take off the nipple clamps as the blood rushes back in, so build up slowly. If you set the clamps to your tolerance limit, when you take them off, your tolerance will be exceeded (a game for a more experienced player).

Be careful about using soap with moisturizer or body oils, as these will cause your skin to be slick enough for the clamps to slide off (usually with a painful POP!). Plain water shouldn’t be a problem since these do have rubber grips. If you are using these on a partner set a few ground rules before go time. Do not ‘snap’ the clamps on; rather pinch the nipple until hard and then slowly apply clamp. Be aware the tip of the nipple is the most sensitive and not a good place to start.

Be creative and explore less obvious places like the undersides of breasts or the insides of thighs. Be extra careful when applying to the clit; work up to it by applying to the labia, etc. Again do not push it to the limit, as the most intense moment comes after the clamps come off. Most of all, pay attention to your lover’s response.

Personally, I decided to take things slow and drag it out. I knew this toy wouldn’t bring me to orgasm with its weak vibration, but there was a lot of enjoyable foreplay. I set the clamps to their most severe setting, but I had to keep moving the clamps around just to remind me they were there. I leaned forward and let my breasts sway but even the weight didn’t provide that delicious burn. I tried sliding the mini-penis inside me and exploring the pulsing options, but it was just too weak. It was strong enough to get me turned on though, so I decided to try the clamp on my clit.

I adjusted the screws to a more medium setting and found it a comfortable fit. I could have certainly taken it tighter, but I was more interested in feeling the weight gently tug at my clit, while one penis pulsed inside me and the dangling one swayed against my labia. Then I unclamped my clit and applied the vibrator to it just as the blood rushed back in, while everything was super sensitive. I repeated that scenario several times, letting my clit get very swollen and then using the vibe on it. Even that wasn’t enough stimulation. Eventually I used my shower head to finish me off. I did end up satisfied but the Red Hot Love Clamps didn’t get me anywhere near climax.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    Good review! It's nice to read the perspective of someone with a bit more clamping experience than I. I've had problems with the clamps sliding off too, even without soap, as I have small nipples. I'm sorry to hear that yours started to rust! One of the benefits of living in a dorm is that you can't leave anything in the shower Tongue out I have to say, I thought the vibration was just perfect for this toy. To each her own, I guess. Lots of good information, thanks!
  • Mamastoys
    Nice review. sounds like this toy has the potential to be good but maybe the company needs to fine tune it..too bad it started to rust!
  • Caspella
    Thanks, you guys! I enjoyed your review Miss Cinnamon, esp. the part about the pulsing/vibration patterns, lol. I thought my review would compliment yours because it sounds like you appreciate a more medium approach to both clamps and vibration, and my only setting is 'high/hardest/screaming'. Sometimes I have trouble keeping clamps on also (I'm only an A cup) but my solution is to make sure my nipples are already hard, to give them a little more size. Sounds like you fixed the issue by adjusting the screws though. I actually didn't leave it in the shower, or wet...I keep most of my waterproof toys in the bathroom, dried and put away in a cabinet or drawer. If my screws rusted, yours will too, but I've been told that all you'd have to do is replace the screw with a galvanized screw and you'd be set. Since this toy was so good for you, I hope you'll get to enjoy it for quite a while.

    Really I think this toy has potential for some people, but I had to give it a low score for myself, since it just wasn't enough for me, and for the rust which would be a problem for anyone.

    Thank you both for the feedback! Smile
    Thanks . great review
  • SiNSaNiTy
    I have huge nipples, which I hate, so I don't think I will have trouble with the clamps falling off In fact maybe this will give me something to do with my huge nipples during sex besides just stare at them at hate them during sex !!
  • acessorie
  • Tbanda
    Thanks, great review!
  • northstar
    Great review, thank you
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
  • KrissyNovacaine
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