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Still waiting on my heart throb. This one doesn't live up to it's name.

The Heart Throb was disappointing because it simply did not live up to what it's suppose to do. With a few tweaks it can possibly be a better toy. Until then it works best as a simple vibrator as opposed to a g-spot vibe.
Moderate vibrations, nice design idea, pretty color
Wont line up with every woman's anatomy
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Heart Throb's intended use is to simultaneously titillate the g-spots and clits of all of it's female users. It's curved shaft takes care of the g-spot while the protruding ribs at it's base are designed specifically for the clit. None of this would matter much without the four speed vibrations that bring Heart Throb to life. It's base makes it possible to use anally should you choose to do so, with a condom of course. If you share it without a condom the safety will become compromised and you might as well toss it since there's no way to fully rid it of any bacteria it may have encountered. Should you choose to keep Heart Throb strictly for vaginal play you can still take advantage of the base by resting it against a chair to use with no hands. The base also makes it easier to grip and control. Rocking motions work better with the Heart Throb as opposed to thrusting.

Using the Heart Throb with a partner is also possible. Your partner can control the vibrations from the remote and you can simply lie there and reap the benefits of those vibrations. Whatever you decide to do, know that you have a few options to choose from.

Material / Texture

The Heart Throb's deeply shaded purple body is made up of TPE. This compound is less porous then other materials but it isn't strong enough to go tossing it in boiling water or even bleach solutions. It is phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and latex free. There's a bit of a smell but nothing that will turn your stomach or kill the mood. Heart Throb is flexible around the area of the shaft that doesn't have the bullet inside of it just don't expect it to hold any type of shape. Heart Throb is merely pliable enough for maneuvering during insertion, nothing more. This level of maneuverability comes in handy since the drag on Heart Throb makes it a little difficult to insert smoothly. Without the proper lubrication it stalls. Lube, whether it be natural or manufactured helps to combat the slight resistance you may endure while trying to insert it vaginally. Water and silicone can be used with TPE, however, the packaging for Heart Throb mentions only water based lubricant. To be on the safe side stick with lubricant that is water based and Heart Throb should stay in tip top shape.

Design / Shape / Size

Designed for women who prefer a slimmer toy, Heart Throb is a total of 5 inches long and 4 of those inches are insertable. The base of the shaft is 3 ½ inches round which curves upward and thins out to about a 2 ½ inch circumference bulb designed to hit the g-spot. Inside, the bulbed tip is barely recognizable. It blends in with the rest of the shaft. All of this rests on a cute heart shaped base. On the frontal part of the base are the protruding ribs which are placed there specifically for stimulation of the clit. The ribs seem more like decoration then anything that can be considered useful. If you can align them with your clit then maybe you'll appreciate them. For those who can't get the two to line up the ribbed hump will either frustrate you or become forgettable.

On the back of the heart base is where the cord runs out of. Technically, roughly 2 ½ feet of cord is long enough to use comfortably if you're the one controlling everything. If someone else has the controller they won't be traveling very far. Just remember not to go snatching on the cord and you'll be ok.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controller is slender and fits easily inside of the hand. There are two buttons, an up arrow and a down arrow. You press the up arrow four times to cycle through the 4 vibration speeds. 1 being the mildest setting and 4 being the highest. The down arrow turns Heart Throb off but you have to go back through the vibrations to get to the off mode. Should you want to get Heart Throb off in a hurry then you better get to tapping that down arrow.

The vibrations travel through the shaft at a fairly decent level all the way to the tip where they're felt the most. Down toward the base you'll lose a great deal of the vibes. This somewhat kills all hope of experiencing dual pleasure. On the bright side Heart Throb is pretty quiet so a closed door should drown out the bulk of the noise.

Heart Throb is suppose to be waterproof and yet there is only a plastic seal around the wire running into the top of the controller. On the back of the base there's nothing there to keep water from getting inside of the device so submerging it in water might be a bad idea. Unless the Heart Throb works perfectly with your body type there's really no reason to bring it in the bath tub anyway and since this is more so a lay down and relax toy bringing it in the shower with you wouldn't be very fun either.

Care and Maintenance

Because TPE cannot be sterilized wash before and after each use with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Make sure to place a condom over Heart Throb should you decide to share it or even if you use it anally. Cleaning Heart Throb isn't as easy as it seems since it's a lint magnet. Even when rinsed off, particles still tend to stick to the surface. Examining this thing is always necessary because it can almost be guaranteed that you missed something on the first go round of cleaning it. When it comes to drying it don't use paper towel or any towel that isn't lint free otherwise the washing you gave it will have been in vain. Pretty much anywhere you store this it will attract something, it might be dust, lint, pet hair, etc, unless of course you store it by itself in a hard surfaced non plush container. I feel like I washed it more then I used it.

Definitely don't run the controller under water, although I can't see why anyone would need to do that.

Two AA batteries slide easily inside of the wired controller. Unscrew the cap, put the batteries in, twist the cap a few times and you're good to go. Take the batteries out after each use for optimal performance and longevity.

Personal comments

Now for my take on this purple heart throb. Did it literally make my heart throb? Ahh not really. My pulse stayed relatively calm up until the escalating beating that happens at the point of orgasm. I wasn't clutching my chest and gasping for air but that doesn't mean that Heart Throb failed at what it was designed to do which was to provide pleasure. The funny thing is that it worked backwards for me. The curved shaft was meant for my g-spot and the ribs were suppose to vibrate against my clit. Instead the bulbed tip of the shaft vibrated against my clit, rather nicely I might add, and my thumb ended up having a nice little bed to rest on while that happened. I liked the idea of the design but the honest truth was that my body's design and the design of Heart Throb just did not match up. For starters, I feel like I lost the curve of the shaft when I inserted it vaginally. It was like I performed a magic trick, first I saw the curve then I didn't (more like I didn't feel it). Perhaps those who prefer softer, more pliable toys will enjoy what Heart Throb has to offer. For me, I need something firmer. The prospect of being able to use Heart Throb like I would a rabbit excited me only I had a heck of a time getting the ribbed part to even touch my clit and when I did the vibrations were barely noticeable in that area. I wanted some clitoral stimulation so after a few restless attempts of forcing Mr Throb forward I just pulled the sucker out and took advantage of where all the vibrations were. I loved the buzz I received from the tip but it really doesn't make much sense to me to use a dual g-spot vibrator solely on your clit. I could've pulled out a bullet if that was all I was going to do with it. Inserting Heart Throb and using a bullet would have worked just fine too had I not been so adamant on wanting it to do those two things single handily without outside help. I would have loved to take this baby for a ride, however, the bottom line is that Heart Throb is made for someone else who will actually use it properly. I can't reach it's heart and it certainly can't reach mine.
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