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Take Another Piece of my Heart

The Fresh is strong, but not as strong as I'd hoped for. Made of silicone, it can be sanitized and shared, which makes it great for couples. It's got a bunch of different levels of intensity, but no patterns. The high points definitely outshadow the low points for me, though!
Silicone, rechargeable, multiple levels of vibration, easy to use and very intuitive.
No patterns, not super strong, only lasts an hour before needing a recharge.
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The Fresh is a super discreet clitoral vibrator in the new Leaf line, by Swan. Swan is the non North-American maker of the Jopen Vanity line, so they definitely understand the importance of a high quality, high power rechargeable toy. The curve of the toy is perfect to sit on the clitoris, but it also sits beautifully lying over the nipple and would probably work well curving around the testicles.

The fresh is not really suited for internal use, as the hook of the heart isn't really long enough for anything more than the shallowest of penetration.
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    • Discreet
    • Travel friendly
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    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The Fresh, like the rest of the Leaf line is made of silicone, which is one of the best materials possible for toy use. Silicone is completely sanitizable, odorless, tasteless, hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous and phthalates free.

The Fresh is a very soft silicone, with a moderate amount of drag on it--though it can be eliminated with a small amount of lubricant. The silicone, unlike many other silicone toys, is NOT a lint hog, so you won't have to worry about doing a full scrub before each use.

The toy itself is mostly smooth; there is a barely-noticeable seam down each side--so insignificant that I didn't realize it was there until I was giving the toy a once-over for this review. The top of the toy also features some markings, like that it has PowerBullet technology and is not recyclable. As for why that's in the toy, the manual has this to say, "...Sorry for having all those little symbols on your product. Unfortunately, we are forced to put them on the to international laws, so please do not be mad at us. On the bright side though, we made them very smooth and the same color as your toy so you more than likely will not really notice them anyway." Which is pretty much true--I knew they were there, but until I put the toy right up next to a light, I couldn't tell what they were.

The top of the toy also has the charging port, which is a small indent you, again, won't really notice in use.

Design / Shape / Size

The Fresh is shaped like a loosely drawn heart; this makes it really ergonomic to hold and use. Your index finger lies across the top, with your thumb on the other curve of the heart below, to leave the point/tip of the heart resting on your clit.

(Like so.)

Its size is a major asset in its discretion; it's 3" long, and about 2" wide, which makes it very easy to store or hide nearly anywhere, comparable with Form Bunny or MiMi.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Fresh is a multi-speed vibrator, so it's got lots of different settings to make most users happy. You control the speed/intensity by pressing down the button in the side of the toy. You must hold the button down if you want to increase your speed; pushing it just turns it off. It has increasing vibrations from gentle to fairly strong, depending on how long you hold down the button. When you push the button, a light turns on, flashing along with the intensity of your speed. When it hits the top speed, it just stays solid, rather than flashing. Once you stop holding down the button, the light stays on, which is great for mid-use vibration changes in a dark room. This toy has no fun patterns to it which, for me, is fine but many pattern-happy users will find frustrating.

I did not have trouble with accidentally hitting the button mid-use, but if you're pressing down hard, you may accidentally turn it off. The Fresh is quiet, easily covered by music or a television, even at its highest intensity.

The vibrations are located mostly in the tip (bottom of the heart shape) and that's where they're most intense; they're weakest in the side of the heart without the power button, though they can be felt throughout the toy. Continued use may make your hand go buzzy, but not to the point where it's no longer fun to use.

The vibrations themselves are fairly strong on their highest intensity, but not as strong as I hoped they'd be. Definitely stronger than most rechargeable toys, I don't find them to be as strong as the MiMi or Form Bunny, and, having compared them to the PowerBullet technology in my Jopen clitoral attachments, I find the Fresh's vibration less intense. This may be that it was manufactured in another facility, but they are definitely different vibrational intensities--super disappointing, given how much I love my Jopens. The vibrations at max intensity on the Fresh rival that of MiMi on setting 3-4.

I found that, with the vibrations on max intensity, it lasted about an hour and ten minutes before dying, and took about two hours to completely recharge.

Fresh is also completely waterproof, so you can take this with you into the tub or bubble bath without fear.

The Fresh also has a locking feature; just push the vibrational button three times to lock or unlock it. This is an awesome travel feature, as it allows you to safely stow it in a bag and pack it without worrying about that buzzing in your purse.

Care and Maintenance

Fresh is made of silicone, so you cannot use silicone lubricant with it--but there are so many water or oil based lubes around that you can surely find SOMETHING appropriate! Storage is a breeze, too, since it comes with its own pouch (it feels like a burlap sack, but it may not be) that's big enough for the Fresh and the charger, with room to spare.

Because it's waterproof, daily maintenance is easy since you can toss it in the sink and wash it that way. Sanitizing is easy as well, because Fresh is silicone she can be cleaned using a 10% bleach solution for sterilization purposes--though regular cleaning is easy with a toy wipe.


The toy has super luxury packaging--though it has a whole lot of frills I wouldn't qualify as "green." I remember the box coming wrapped in plastic, but I may be misremembering that part. Either way, the box itself is lovely, it's the brown colour of cardboard, and, like the leaf series itself, is 100% discreet--it doesn't say 'vibrator' anywhere on the box, which would make it awesome for gifting. The front of the box just says, "Leaf by Swan, 100% silicone finish, rechargeable, natural pleasure," It also has the name of the particular leaf you've purchased. The next side just has the Leaf name, the silhouette of the vibrator and the name Leaf. The third side had some info in eight languages about the product (powered by PowerBullet, silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, etc.) The bottom of the box also has the leaf logo and the Fresh silhouette, with a QR code that takes you two the Leaf toys website, and instructions on how to download an app to read it.

The back of the the packaging also specifies that its main components are Silicone and ABS (I assume ABS plastic, for the inner components).

Once you open the box, you see the Leaf Logo again, with a pull tab. Once you open that portion, you see the instruction booklet, which has the general operating instructions and some FAQ questions and answers.

After you read your manual, just pull the tab and you'll see your Fresh inside, encased in a layer of plastic wrap (that's not too green, Leaf!). It also includes the storage pouch and the charger.

The instructions were absolutely sufficient, including details about how to use, lock and unlock the Fresh, and enough that even someone who'd never seen a sex toy before would find the Fresh easy to use.

Personal comments

My first comment upon opening this box was, "If you're as strong as I hope you are, I'm going to buy every single one of your friends. Yes. Yes I am. You are tasty."

Unfortunately, it's NOT as strong as I hoped it would be, but I still may give the other ones in the line a shot.


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    Fantastic review. Thank you.
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