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The Perfect Touch

The Tantrabeam has all the benefits of a vibrator, yet allows the user to experience the soft and warm sensations of skin to skin contact. It is a phenomenal toy for under $30.
It's phthalates-free.
I couldn't figure out how to remove the straps.
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I love to masturbate. I absolutely love what my fingers can do; I know the perfect touch, I know the perfect speed, and I know the perfect rhythmic motions that get me off. When my fingers touch my clitoris it's a touch that is so much more intimate than when I use a vibrator. It's also quicker and easier because I know my body so well, just using my fingers can bring me to orgasm faster than any toy can. I love my toys though and I love experiencing their pulsations and vibrations, so I bought the tantraBeam|TantraBeam Finger massager by Spartacus to bridge the gap between both Worlds.

When I opened the shipping box it looked like my package had been gift wrapped because the toy was inside of a shimmering gold satchel that was tied up with a gold ribbon. Taking off the little bag revealed the white case that housed the toy which was slim, lightweight, and discreet despite the name being stamped on the cover. Inside of the case was the toy and I was surprised by how little it weighed and how sci-fi it seemed.

It was simple to put on; the straps already on the toy were incredibly stretchy, however, conveniently inside of the bag was a smaller and larger strap in case the one already on it was not the right size. The larger half egg strapped to my forearm was the control unit with an On/Off button and a slider bar to adjust the speeds. The smaller half egg was the actual vibrator, it had a Velcro strap as well and was connected to the larger egg by a 4 inch cord.

The vibrations really didn't feel like much when I was just flexing my hand admiring how the toy looked, however, as soon as I put my fingers against my clit I could feel every little buzz. I was blown away by the combination of my soft fingers and the surprising punch of power that the vibrator produced. My finger really did vibrate, best of all was that while the vibrations were powerful they were also quiet and subtle. It didn't feel mechanical, in fact it felt natural that my finger was vibrating as if it should have been made that way all along. The toy never got in the way and for a few moments I forgot it was even there, I was able to orgasm within 5 minutes of use and it was one of the best orgasms I've ever had.

As for washing instructions, it just said to wipe down the toy with a wet cloth. However, the straps are removable and can be washed. From my experience I was able to wash the smaller half egg and strap and then wipe down the the slider bar and On/Off switch on the larger egg.

The tantraBeam|TantraBeam review is a quiet, discreet, and sophisticated toy. I love everything about it, it's surpassed any clitoral or finger vibrator that I own because with it my finger becomes the vibrator. Priceless.
Follow-up commentary
My use with the TantraBeam has certainly increased over these past few weeks. When buying it I didn't have any idea of the sort of impact it would have on my sex life.. and what an impact that is! Every time I have masturbated in the past month I've used it. It's simplicity has made it a top choice. The fact of the matter is, I don't have to hold it! It makes viewing magazines that much easier whenever I'm spending some quality time with ME. It means I get to freely work my favorite dildo, the Lone Star|Lone star review, while still having the benefit of being able to stimulate my labia and clitoris. Also, whenever I have the TantraBeam turned up all the way my dildo vibrates as well. Another benefit is that it's user friendly, you literally just strap it to your arm and finger and go from there. From it's easy on/off button to the adjustable slider it's become a product that's absolutely complication-free for me. I don't have to fumble around, there aren't any annoying cords or bulky batteries that get in the way. It's really become my favorite "vibrator". I love that it becomes part of me, that it's not a separate entity that I have to move around, position, or struggle to use. My fingers are still my fingers and are still free to explore on their own. I'm not limited in my play, I can use my hands freely, the added bonus of course that they vibrate now. This toy makes it possible for me to use a vibrator without actually having to use a vibrator. All in all it's a fantastic toy and I am SO glad I bought it.
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  • So, I'm trying to get a mental image of how this toys works- the vibrating part that is strapped onto a finger sat on top of your finger, not between your finger and body?
  • No, it slipped on my finger like a ring. I was able to adjust how tight it was on my finger because the strap of it is velcro thus being adjustable. The little half egg ring was the actual vibrator of the toy and the larger half egg was strapped to my forearm and it was the controls.
  • Dame Demi
    This seems like an exceptionally well-packaged and presented toy for the price range!  And it just looks sooooo darn cool!  Great review!
  • Dame Demi, the packaging is really just the icing on the cake. The price range is the sole reason I bought it, I wanted something under $50 that actually performed the way I wanted it to. It's a really, really great toy.
  • Dame Demi
    I have the Fukuoku Power Pack and am just  wondering  how this compares.  It seems like it would be a comparable product at about half the price.  I love the wrist-mounted battery pack--sooo much nicer than watch batteries! 
  • Nashville
    Dame, the Tantra and the Power Pack are really on opposite sides of the spectrum. From my understanding the Power Pack packs a bunch where as the TantraBeam has a very light touch. It's more sensual, it's meant to draw out an orgasm instead of grind away to get one.
  • You have to like those slow comfortable screws. ( and then have sex)
  • Nashville
  • b0xergirliegirl
    Now this sounds like the perfect addition to the collection for those moments when you just want to sit back and slowly enjoy every last bit ...
  • Nashville
    It definitely is b0xer, this is one of my absolutely favorite toys.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review
  • deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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