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ZOMG Lazerz! PEW! PEW!

Ok, so maybe it doesn't actually shoot laser beams, but the TantraBeam does let you basically turn your finger into a vibrator, which is still pretty sweet.
Strong vibrations, Unique design
Some users might find the straps uncomfortable, Not waterproof?
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Now while the TantraBeam isn't going to replace having other bullets around, it is going to give you a very interesting twist on any form of manual stimulation. Strap this sucker on, run around the room pretending to shoot lasers, and then get down to business working your naughty bits, or share the fun with your partner.

Great for the clit, nipples, apparently amazing on the balls, and oddly satisfying behind the ears. If you want to use this during a handjob though, either make sure you're really only using your fingers, or you could wear a rubber or latex glove. You could also put an unlubricated condom over your finger as well.

Material / Texture

TantraBeam is made mostly of plastic,, making it very smooth and free of phthalates and all that junk. But the straps that hold everything in place are made of something resembling nylon. No smell, no taste, easily used by just about everybody.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this one is fairly unique twist on your traditional corded bullet. The control pack goes on your wrist, and the bullet is attached to the base of your finger. The only downside is that you're most likely to put it on your dominant hand/wrist and then if you want to make any changes in speed, you have to use your non dominant hand to change, and it might feel awkward in the heat of the moment.

The bullet itself is just under 2" long and is connected to the 3 1/2" control pack by a 5 1/2" cord. The cord sounds really short, but once you're using it, unless you have a very long hand, you're not going to want this cord to be any longer than it is.

I have a very tiny wrist, 6" around, and the velcro strip that attaches the control pack fits very easily, and even loosely on me. It should fit comfortably on a wrist up to about 7 1/4" around. To change it out, you have to take the control pack apart.

It's fairly discreet in that it's not immediately obvious what it is, looking more like a futuristic weapon when laying in its case, but use your best discretion here. The case will easily fit into a wide variety of bags, although not very easily into most pockets, unless you're using the side pocket on a pair of cargo pants.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The tantraBeam won't replace your Hitachi by any means, but it will add a very interesting twist to manual stimulation. Once you install the 2 AAA batteries and strap it on, you turn it on by pressing the on/off button at one end of the control pack. The intensity can be adjusted with a sliding switch located on the control pack.

The vibrations are a graduated thing, with no steps between the speeds. On low, it's almost completely silent, unless you stick it right next to your ear. On high, it's slightly more audible, but under a blanket with a closed door, nobody will be able to hear. Cell phones vibrate louder than this thing, seriously.

The vibrations themselves are a more medium pitched variety, on high it can definitely make your finger go numb, sort of. While the bullet feels very strong on your finger, the vibrations transmitted to the end of your finger are slightly less strong, but still pretty strong nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the tantraBeam is not waterproof, so don't take it anywhere near water.

Care and Maintenance

You theoretically shouldn't have to do much cleaning on the tantraBeam, since none of it is meant to have direct contact with anything that would require cleaning afterwards. But should you happen to get a little bit of lube or sweat, just wipe down lightly with a damp cloth.

Since you're using your finger, and not any part of this toy, on yourself, feel free to use whatever lube you want to make your finger glide better.

Since the box it came in was also designed to act as permanent storage, feel free to keep your tantraBeam in there.


TantraBeam Comes in a lovely gold drawstring bag, with a little white box inside. Along with the box, the drawstring bag also contains the instruction pamphlet as well as extra straps to allow larger fingers and wrists to use it more comfortably. The instruction pamphlet comes printed in 5 languages, and covers pretty much anything you could be wondering about such a funny looking toy, except how to change the straps for the larger ones.

The container for the vibrator itself doesn't scream 'sex toy'. It's big enough that it's not going to slip right into a purse, but it will still fit easily in a larger bag. Leaving it out might invite people to look inside to see what exactly "tantraBeam gold edition" is, since that is printed right on the top. But if you're worried, you can either flip it over, or tuck it in a drawer.

Inside the case sits the TantraBeam, curled up like a futuristic weapon on display in its case, as well as a pair of AAA batteries, so you don't even have to go digging for batteries right away!


My friend happened to be over when this came in the mail and once I told him what it was, he immediately snatched it from me and started playing with it. First he went through all the directions, installed the batteries, yada yada, and then promptly started touching himself. All over the place. He even spent a good 10 minutes with his hand down his pants in my kitchen. That aside, I was all the more excited to get to try this out on my own. And let me say, it didn't disappoint.

I liked that it made me work for my orgasm, rather than just setting my finger there and letting it do its thing. I had to play, and so did my fiance. He loved it on his balls during a blowjob or a handjob with the other hand, and he loved having his nipples played with while I had this on. I loved when he would run his fingers over my skin, pretty much anywhere.

I think the only thing that could make this toy better, would be if it were waterproof.
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  • Jul!a
  • married with children
    weird looking toy. thanks for the review.
  • Jul!a
    You're quite welcome.
  • JennSenn
    Odd looking toy. Kinda wish I was around when this was around now. XD Thanks for the review!
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