Tera Patrick's leopard duotone balls by Cal Exotics - review by Carrie Ann


A nice, affordable set of vaginal balls that work the kegels and keep you semi-aroused the whole time you're wearing them. Not too big, not too small, a great addition to any toybox.
Nice size, light weight, smooth
Oddly noisy
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I got these Tera Patrick's leopard duotone balls in the mail today, and decided to put them to immediate use. I couldn't resist. I had the day alone, and they were oddly compelling - if a bit porn star cliché with the leopard pattern.

The balls are hard plastic on the outside, with a component that rolls around on the inside creating a sort of vibration or movement sensation. They've got a 4½ inch circumference and a 1½ inch diameter so they're a nice, meaty size, unlike traditional ben wa balls. The product description claims they're a kegel exerciser, but I have to admit; I was more interested in them for the sensations it seemed they'd create.

I popped first one, then the other into my intrigued puss. No lube was needed. I guess I produced my own just examining them. Even unexcited, though, they'd be fairly easy to insert without lube. They're smooth and firm very easy to work with.

I tucked the anchor string back and just sort of stood there for a bit. Not much sensation upon standing still, other than a slightly full feeling. Moving around made the inner component whirl around inside the outer balls, creating a nice, rolling sensation inside me, but it was nothing earth shattering.

I decided to keep them in awhile, to see what they felt like after extended use. So I cleaned my house, and typed a few blogs, all with the balls snuggly tucked into my puss.

Honestly? Nothing to write home about. They were surprisingly noisy; the inner balls clacked a bit against the outer plastic. This was less noticeable with clothes on than without. They didn't seem to exercise my inner muscles, and aren't the least bit orgasm inducing, although moving around the house, bending and reaching, increased the sensations to a nice degree of pleasantness. The occasional roll against the g spot was definitely nice, but I couldn't seem to sustain it. Sitting or standing still, they were barely discernible.

Wearing them one in, one out (so that the inner ball did its gentle magic just inside my vagina and the outer sort of rubbed and rolled against my inner labia) was more arousing than having them both inside.

Overall, I'd say that they're pleasant. A nice sensation if you're moving around, but nothing that's going to give you mind blowing orgasms. They're unlikely to produce an orgasm at all unless you hit the jackpot and find a way to keep them brushing the g-spot.

The best thing about them is that they sort of keep your mind focused on things sexual by keeping your body semi-aroused.

They keep you twitchy and wanting and that's always fun.

You really can't stop thinking about wanting to do more while you're wearing these; an effect my fiancé was pleased about since he reaped the benefits the minute he walked in the door. He insists next time, they'll stay in while he visits the back door!

I'd give this toy a rating of three out of five stars. Pleasant and arousing, but nothing that's going to make your legs tremble and your toes curl.

According to what I've read they actually exercise your muscles without you realizing it which is terrific and they're a breeze to clean. I wash them really well in hot water and antibacterial soap and they're good to go. (Though I don't share any of my toys so I've less to worry about since I'm the only one using them.)
Follow-up commentary
I just thought I'd note that I've had these for over a year and they've held up beautifully. The string is still strong and attached well, the finish still looks like new and they still work exactly the same as they did out of the box.

I know it's a fairly simple sex toy/exerciser but I find it pretty awesome when something lasts a good long while, especially at such an excellent price!
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  • Victoria
    It's great that they've lasted so long...especially that the string is holding up well. Thanks for following up!
  • Airen Wolf
    sounds more fun that the BenWa balls I have...might have to try these! Might be fun to wander around a store watching people wonder what that odd sound is... Winking
  • Carrie Ann

    I've heard the Luna beads are loud, too. I wonder if it's just those of us wearing them, super sensitive to the fact that we can hear them...?
  • cherryredhead88
    I like my duotones, but they broke on the first use I also like that they weigh more than my ophoria balls, but it's kind of hard to use them when they are broken! Thanks for the great and informative review as always Carrie Ann!
  • Valentinka
    thanks for your work! I'm looking for some vaginal balls right now and this review was quite helpful!
  • bethd1708
    that sucks they didnt make u orgasm but ive found alot of reviews hone in on the idea that these are indeed "just for the kegal muscles"
  • BusyMe
    I just did a similar review and are looking for a good pair..indeed not just for kegels.. that little knock is hardcore..
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