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The Body

Traditional vibrator by JoyDivision

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The Body; JoyDivision gives Size Queens as well as others a new reason to rejoice!

The Body is a strong phallic vibrator with good solid features. It gives an intense experience, with strong vibrations and an unusual shape and very large body. It is easily cleaned and stored, and compatible with water based lubes. The Jet Black color, and almost overwhelmingly sensual shape, sculpted body and appearance make this toy a must for most intermediate to advanced toy users.
Medical silicone. Interesting shape/size. Strong vibrations. Easy to use dial.
May be too large for some. Not waterproof or boilable, Slightly loud.
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The Body, a new phallic Vibrator from JoyDivision is an other in a line of good quality, medical silicone powered sex toys.

It can be used for clitoral stimulation, as the vibrations, which seem to be centered about four fingers down from the tip of the toy, travel well throughout the entire body of the toy, and vibrate the head quite well. Using the head, as well as the entire body of this toy as a clitoral stimulator is most likely going to be most users first Play with this toy, after running one's hands over the lovely velvety surface, stroking the large head, and then fondling the interesting sculpted torso of a well ripped man on the body of the toy. The jet black color only adds to the complete sensuality of the appearance and feel of this high quality toy.

Once stimulated and/or lubricated, this toy is wonderful for those who enjoy an intense penetration experience, with or without vibrations.

This toy can be used alone and/or with a partner. It's very workable for penetration during oral sex, either with the vibrations on or off, and a good toy for vaginal penetration during Double Penetration, if the penis is to be used in the anus. It can also be used to stimulate other parts of the body, the nipples, the outside of the anus, etc.

The bottom of the toy holds the controls, a dial base. There is no flared base and seems to be no ability to use this toy with a harness, either for vaginal or anal insertion. The Body appears be a a toy to be used in-hand for stimulation, not to be used as a strap on.
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    • Couples
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    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
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    • Storage bag included
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Kegels

Material / Texture

The Body is medical grade silicone. It has no odor and no taste. The toy has a "Velvet" texture in addition to the sculpted relief on the body of the toy. Most will find that some lubricant is needed for insertion, or experienced users may find they need to be aroused and lubricated well to facilitate insertion.

The sculpted relief of a man's body on the toy is attractive, but not deep or pronounced enough to be felt during use.

As along with the Velvet Texture, which provides some drag, and the size of this toy, 8 inches long, 6 3/4 insertable length, and up to 2 1/4 inches in circumference at it's widest part, this is a toy for intermediate and advanced users. Being well lubricated or using a good water based lubricant turns the "drag" of this toy into almost a "squeaky" ability to glide, once inserted.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The Body is named so because of the sculpted relief of a male torso on the main body of the toy. It is hard to see this in pictures of the toy in black, but I found a picture of the toy in an other color, before it arrived and realized why it was named so. It's a cute and rather sexy addition, but the relief isn't deep enough or bumpy enough to be felt during play.

I found the shape fascinating and appropriate for my needs. Many men, when fully aroused, do not have a "round" shape to their penises. Most phallic sex toys are nearly perfectly round, even with they contain a realistic tip. This toy, when looked at down the shaft, (say in the position where you would be looking at a man when about to give a blow job) has a larger head, that is then wider horizontally than vertically. This is not just for novelty. This gives more of a stretch from side to side, when inserted, than a more rounded toy. This gives a greater variety of sensations when first penetrating and while thrusting, that I think most more "rounded" toys cannot give. The toy can be inserted tilted 90 degrees to one side, if one prefers the larger parts to stimulate and stretch from "clit to taint" rather than side to side.

This toy is quite large. The brief description of the toy says the length is 8 inches. I found this accurate. The insertable length is 6 3/4 inches. The circumference is said to be 5 1/2 inches. This is true for the base and most of the shaft of the toy. However, the enlarged and widened head of the toy is actually closer to 5 3/4 inches. Those who enjoy girth will appreciate not only the large circumference, but also the shape and slight enlargement at the head. The Diameter is said to be 1 1/2 inches, and again this is true for most of the toy. However, the widest part of the head, the more flattened, enlarged part is closer to 2 1/4 inches. This makes a substantial difference in size to not only the shaft of the toy, but to many other commercially available vibrators. (And again, a lesson; Circumference is measured all the way around and Diameter is simply across.)

The size of this toy is probably not for beginners. It is large and the "Velvet" texture of the silicone provides a lot of drag, if the toy isn't lubricated. Once lubricated (either from the user's own lubrication or from a commercial lubricant) is will most likely slide quite easily.

The toy comes with a silver, satin, shiny bag, with a nice black drawstring. The toy just fits into the bag. It is not very discreet (it looks like a jet black penis, with a man's torso on it!) and not all that easy to hide. The bag, which comes with the toy certainly helps, and I was very glad to see it included.

Those hoping to avoid detection may want to invest in a discreet locking storage unit, for this and other toys whose purpose is obvious.
    • Intermediate or advanced users
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Body is powered by a vibrator near the head of the toy. As I said before, the vibrations travel well through the toy, and they are on the strong side. At first I thought, "These are close to the low setting on the Hitachi!" So, I got out my Hitachi and (for Science!) tested them side by side. The Body isn't quite as strong as the Magic Wand (what battery powered toy IS?) But, it is on the strong side. The vibrations tend to run toward the "buzzy" end of the spectrum, and while I prefer deeper register Thrumming vibrations, the vibrations on The Body are strong enough that I barely noticed the difference in register once use began.

The toy is stiffer near the head, then is pliable, for gentle bending closer to the base. This is a great feature for bending the toy while inserted to reach and add clitoral stimulation. (Depending on your specific body configuration and shape.) While there is no specific nub or part of the toy specifically for clit stim while it is inserted, the body of the toy can be bend enough to press against the clit without too much effort. The strong vibrations carry well and it is possible to both use the toy for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

It is a little noisier than I like in a toy, (buzzy toys tend to be) but I could not hear it through a closed door, unless it was on a hard surface. I imagine when pressed against bodies or inserted, it is even less noisy. It wasn't enough to stop us from using it, which is a good indicator. (We have kids and I'm sound paranoid. When it comes to sex toys.) But, when I tested it, I found it was barely audible through a closed door.

The initial Specs on the toy on this site say it is "Waterproof" as well as "Boilable" and "Dishwasher Safe." This product is NONE of these things! When I wash it with the battery compartment closed, there is usually some moisture on the threads. There is no way this toy is either boilable or dishwasher safe. Aside from being a battery powered toy, not a solid one, the clear silicone O ring around the base of the battery compartment does not keep water out. DO NOT use in water, and be careful while washing it. NO dishwasher or boiling!

The toy is controlled by 2 AA batteries, with a convenient dial bottom. Turned all the way to the left, the toy is "Off" turning the dial to the right turns the toy on, and continued turning increases the intensity of the vibrations. My Man prefers this to the button configuration of the Fun Factory toys. Either are acceptable to me.

We found the dial did tend to move a little during use, but not too much, like some cheaper dial power knobs do. It seems be able to hold the position it is placed in better than some less high quality toys with looser dial bottom. The toy goes from a slightly rumbling start, when the dial is first turned, to a high intensity, high register buzzing vibration, when the dial is all the way Up. There are no "patterns" or "pulsing" features, nor it is "programmable." IMO, fewer bells and whistles work better during partner play anyway. I rarely use the vibratory "patterns" with my toys that have this feature. I didn't' miss pulsating patterns and both My Man and I were very happy with a simple ability to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations during play.

Also, the dial knob at the bottom of the toy is slightly tapered and it's edges rounded, so there were no complaints during Double Penetration from My Man. When we used a toy of lesser quality, years ago, he would complain that the toy was digging into his lower belly and hurting him. This was with a much lower quality Cyberskin toy with a very different (and evidently painful) dial bottom. (No complaints from either The Body or our Fun Factory Phallic vibe, which has a thoroughly rounded bottom, and has control panel he has a hard time using himself.) My Man definitely prefers the dial bottom to buttons on sex toys.
    • Multiple settings
    • Not very discreet
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

This toy is medical grade silicone. It is completely nonporous, and very sturdy. Washing the toy in hot running water, with a mild soap, after removing the batteries is best. It can be cleaned with a Toy Cleaner Spray, as long as there is no silicone or dimethicone in the cleaner, but always remember that all toys need to be cleaned in hot water and soap or detergent before every use. Toy Cleaner is really meant for handles of toys that cannot be cleaned in running water, or until one can get to running water and soap.

This toy is NOT waterproof, and I have to open the toy after cleaning and dry the slightly damp threads of the battery cap.

We use only a water based lubricant with this toy. I know some high quality silicone lubricants CAN be used with silicone toys, but I stay away from silicone lube completely, myself.

The toy comes with a nice, satin storage bag which the toy just fits into. We store in, after cleaning and careful drying, inside and out, in this bag and then inside a Sugar Sak, where many of our other frequently used toys are kept. It would not be a good idea to store this in the same receptacle as an other silicone toy, or jelly toy, without somehow separating the items. The included bag makes it easy to store this product, separated from other toys and clean, either by itself or in a Toi Box or Sugar Sak or wherever you store your other toys.


The Body came in a cardboard box, sealed with a sticker, with a window with the toy on display. Inside the box was a plastic clamshell in the shape of the toy. Also included were instructions in German and one other language, a pamphlet with JoyDivision's other products in it (also only in German) and a small sample of lube, which appeared to contain glycerin (assuming glycerin is simply "glycerine" in German.)

There was one or two lines about the toy in English, in the pamphlet, but not much. I was a bit troubled that there was no way to tell how to put the batteries in, no + or - on the cap or in the interior of the toy. No directions either in writing or with pictures. But, it wasn't that difficult to figure out. Looking at the shape of the conductors on the cap, I put one AA battery facing down and one facing up, screwed on the cap, and it worked fine. I'm not sure, but I am guessing there may be more English directions coming, as the toy is commercially available in English speaking countries.

There were no markings on the plastic clamshell to let one know if it was recyclable or not. The package is not really suitable for storage, but a nice little satin bag is included, so the box can be discarded. The toy could certainly be gifted in the box it comes in, but not stored. Just make sure the person you are giving this product to as a gift enjoys large insertable toys.
    • Not discreet
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

The size and shape of this toy is delightful! I prefer large toys and heavy intensity and this one fits the bill. It is slightly larger than my absolute favorite phallic vibe, The Boss Lady from Fun Factory. And, of course, the more horizontally ovular widened head was something one doesn't often see in sex toys. It was a nice surprise when I opened the package, as it is hard to see this bonus in pictures.


The first time I tried this toy, I did indeed use lubricant. (Water based.) I had no need to reapply it, during use, as the velvet seemed to become very slick once lubricated. The next time we used it, My Man was "manning" the toy and no lubricant was necessary. I have found that using the head for clitoral stimulation before attempting insertion helps with arousal quite a bit, although many users will find that added lubricant may be necessary with every use.

Our Boss Lady (the toy I can most closely compare this toy with) has a rather quirky on/off/power switch, that My Man never seems to be able to use these buttons properly. He turns it on too low, doesn't seem to be able to increase the intensity and can never seem to turn it off himself. He prefers The Body's controls.

The dial bottom of The Body was much more acceptable to him. See above for more details.
Follow-up commentary
I still love The Body by JoyDivision. My Man and I find we reach for this toy more and more as time goes by. Often he chooses the toys for our session, but he often will ask me if I have one I would like. It used to almost always be my Fun Factory Boss Lady (whom I still love and still use a LOT) but more often now, I ask for "The big black one!"

We have found that the vibrations were not nearly as "buzzy" as I thought in my first review. When in use it is deeper in register (although not a Wahl or even Fun Factory Depth) than we realized at first. It also seems to be not quite as loud as it was at first. No idea what is going on there. It's dial control bottom is more simple to use for My Man, when he is "Manning the Vibe" and he often grabs it for our use as well.

I am not having the problem with water inside the threading like I was when the toy was new. The silicone O Ring seal seems to have swelled with time and use and I no longer worry about damaging the electronics with regular washing.

The batteries seem to last a long time, and we hope to be able to play with this toy for years to come.

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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