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The Nosy is My New (toy)Friend

If you've been searching for your G-spot and just can't seem to find it, Nosy might be able to lend a hand. While Nosy is probably not suitable for beginners or every woman's body, it will make those it works for very happy indeed. The design is unique and modern and adds a nice touch of style to any collection.
Unique design, strong curves for G-spot stimulation, multiple angles to explore which work best.
Might be too much for beginners, mild vibrations, controls easy to hit accidentally.
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Toyfriend's Nosy is a G-spot vibrator made for internal vaginal play. The unique design allows it to rest on your clitoris with a very slight amount of penetration. You could also simply use the tip for clitoral stimulation. Nosy is not meant for anal play, as the base has no flare to it. You could turn it around and use the tip as the flare, but then you run the risk of the battery compartment unscrewing and a fun trip to the ER.

Nosy can be used solo, or with a partner. It's great for solo sessions working on G-spot orgasms, as well as toy play before sex with a partner. It does not have anything that would attach to a harness.

Material / Texture

Nosy is made with silicone, thus scoring a 10 on the safety scale. I can't get a good peek inside because the battery compartment hides the core, but it does have a slight plastic smell to it. My guess would be that there is a plastic core wrapped in silicone. Nosy does have a bit of a "silicone mixed with powder" taste, but it is very light and you likely won't be licking it.

The silicone is smooth, with the word "tickler" engraved in the side of it. It can barely be seen and cannot be felt at all. The silicone is of good quality and has a bit of a drag to it, but not anything that is noticeable during use. I only feel the drag if I rub my fingers along it with a lot of pressure. It's not luxury silicone, but for the price point it's quite nice. It's not velvety, in other words.

The top half of Nosy does not have a hard core and is flexible. I can't get it to make a straight line, but it does have some give to it.

Design / Shape / Size

Nosy's tip makes an interesting "V" shape... a nose, if you will, hence the name. It looks a little scary, but don't be put off by the shape. I actually really liked the way it looked, although I thought it might be difficult to insert. I think it looks very art deco, like something in the Scandinavia store I bought furniture for my house from. Toyfriend is based out of Sweden, so that makes sense. Nosy even comes with a nice little stand where you could display it in your living room, if you'd like. With the right color scheme, you could totally pull this off as some type of objet d'art (until it starts vibrating). In that sense, it could be discreet in the right circumstances. It doesn't look like your typical vibrator.

Nosy was really difficult to measure and it was going to be hard to type out, so I took a picture that will hopefully make more sense:

For those that prefer writing to pictures, I'll try my best. From the first point to the second measures 2.5 inches. From that point to the next measures 1.5 inches. From that point down measures 4.5 inches. The whole vibrator measures 7 inches, of which 6 are insertable. Nosy is right under 4.5 inches all the way around. I found that the size was just right given the odd curves of the design. Had it had more girth, there was no way I would have been able to use it with the intense curves.

While I thought Nosy was going to hurt on insertion, I actually found it painless... big surprise. I found the easiest way to insert this crazy design was to hold the first tip downward and insert upward at a 90 degree angle (if that makes sense). It pops a little, but nothing a moderate to advanced user should mind.

Nosy is made for G-spot stimulation, so whether the design works really boils down to anatomy. It happened to match up with mine (more in the Experience section) but I think it probably will be a hit or miss. Because it has strong angles and a very different curve than most G-spot vibrators, it might not work for all women.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Nosy has only one button, located at the bottom of the toy. Press once to turn it on, and press again to cycle through the speeds and pulsations. To turn Nosy off, hold the button for two seconds. There are two constant vibration modes: one high and one low. These are the first two that Nosy will cycle through. The next three modes are variations on pulses: slow, fast, and ultra fast.

The controls were easy to hit by accident, but I hold my toys by the base. If you hold from the shaft you won't have this problem. Based on my holding style, I was forever changing speeds and patterns when I didn't want to. Nosy would have been vastly improved with a three button control (up, down, cycle) located on the side, but that's just my preference. It is nice that you don't have to cycle all the way through to turn it off, though. Two seconds is too long in a tight bind, but in most cases when you need to turn it off quickly it will work just fine.

The vibrations come from the base of the toy and radiate up, which is a downside to me as it weakens the vibrations by quite a bit. While the vibrations on high feel strong at the base, at the tip they can barely be felt at all. Since the top half is what you're inserting, that's where the vibrations really matter and that's what I have to go on. At the base it's probably closer to three vrooms, but by the time they get to the tip they're maybe a two. I found I just kept the vibrations off as they were more irritating than pleasurable at that speed.

Nosy is very quiet. The vibrations can be heard ever so slightly through covers, but not through a closed door on the highest setting. As I type this I'm in a room across from my husband with no doors between us, and he can't hear it on. When turned on it makes a low humming sound, not at all the high pitched buzz that you get from some vibrators.

Nosy is a fully waterproof toy. I used it at length in the shower with no problems. It passed my submersion test with no glitches, and cleaned under water perfectly.

Care and Maintenance

Nosy has its ups and downs for cleaning. It's waterproof, so it should be a breeze to clean as you don't have to worry about avoiding parts of it for fear of breaking it. The little V shape of it collects a lot of fluid, though. It is a little more difficult to clean than a straight shaft or a regular G-spot vibrator without the "V" to it, where there's not another part coming over the curve. It's not impossible, but it does require some extra work when cleaning.

Nosy comes with the base that you can use as display or for storage, as well as the original packaging that you can keep it in. Personally, I keep mine in my usual box of toys where pretty much everything goes. It has not been a lint or hair collector.

As Nosy is silicone, take care to only use water-based lubes with it. Silicone and silicone do not play well together and you risk damaging your toy by doing this.


Toyfriend's packaging keeps in line with the modern look of Nosy. The box is white with black lettering that says "toyfriend" in lowercase letters. The rest of the front is cut out to showcase the Nosy. It makes great use of empty space on the front of the box, which I'm always a fan of. I also happen to think the font is really nice. Nosy itself is somewhat discreet and doesn't look like a vibrator, so they could have pulled off discreet packaging even with the open front. Instead they put "I VIBRATE" (in caps, just like that) along the side of the package. This couldn't be less discreet, unless it actually featured people having sex or had the words "I'M A SEX TOY" emblazoned upon it.

The back of the box serves as the instruction manual, written as if Nosy is talking to you. "I am your new Toyfriend, and I vibrate." It's pretty cute. I kind of wanted to hug it when I finished reading it... like getting a new puppy.

Added bonus? Nosy comes packaged with the two AAA batteries it requires. I love when companies do this. I hate running out to buy batteries when I get a new toy. It probably costs them all of two cents or something to do this, but it earns major points from me.

I really like the packaging. It's modern, much like the Nosy. While I rarely store toys in their packaging, I'll probably keep the packaging around because I like the mod look and the cute little intro on the back.

Personal comments

I think moderate to advanced users should at least give Nosy a shot. It's going to either work with your anatomy or not, but if it does you will be very happy you bought it! If you've had no luck with traditional G spot vibrators, this just might be what does the trick for you.

If you're a beginner to sex toys, I might stay away from the Nosy for a while. The angles are quite intense and insertion does take a bit of technique. In fact, use of the toy itself takes a lot of technique. You have to work with it, it's not going to do it all for you. Beginners are likely to find themselves uncomfortable with the design, or frustrated with the effort required to get the most out of Nosy.

I'd love to rate Nosy at a five, just because of the orgasm I was able to achieve with it, but there are a few downsides that can't be ignored. The controls drove me out of my mind. It would change speeds and patterns, and when I finally got so frustrated with the lack of vibrations and changing controls that I just turned them off, they would turn back on. The placement of the vibrations is the second major downfall. The placement could have worked out okay if they put more oomph into it, but there wasn't enough to reach the top of the vibrator, so maybe it's more the intensity than the placement. Nosy comes it at a very solid four though. I'll be using this one for a long time to come, even if I end up taking the batteries out so I don't have to deal with the erratic controls and weak vibrations.


I have a G-spot that is usually MIA. I can squirt in only one position during sex. and never with a toy. I've bought many a G-spot toy and ended up frustrated and disheartened by them all. When I saw the unique design of Nosy, I thought this one just might work for me.

I first used Nosy solo with the second curve pointed upward. The fun thing with Nosy is that you can play around with all the angles it creates and find which one you like best. I enjoyed this angle, and did orgasm from it, but not a G-spot orgasm. I tried it again with the tip pointing upward and had the same result.

Figuring this was another bust, I gave my husband a shot. He inserted it with the tip pointing upward but with a slight tilt to the right. Slight meaning about two centimeters at the most. That did the trick! Nosy hit my G spot like no other toy ever has, and miracle of miracles, after much patience and effort from my husband I was able to squirt! Not gush like I do during sex, but I'll take what I can get.

I decided to see if I could replicate this on my own with the new angle in mind. What I found is that held in the solo position (meaning holding from the top coming down instead of being positioned sitting at my feet as my husband was) that Nosy really wanted to change positions on me. Naturally it wanted to curve with the "V" pointing down. I would hit the perfect spot, lose it, pull Nosy out, and undoubtably the "V" would be down. I held my hand as stiff as I could and finally was able to replicate a slightly less intense effect, but still a definite G-spot orgasm.

Another fun trick the Nosy can perform is that you can insert the "third curve" (where the V meets the shaft) and let the tip of the V rest on your clit so you get vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The vibrations weren't strong enough for me to even think about cumming this way, but it is a unique feature of the Nosy.
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