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The Not Exactly Rechargable Ergo Flex

First off, the "rechargeable" Ergo Flex is really a battery operated vibrator that comes with rechargeable batteries. Points off for somewhat false advertising. The small size could be an advantage, but it's coupled with very weak, buzzy vibrations that happen to also be LOUD. The flexibility in the head means that I can't hit my G-spot at all with this. It is silicone, which is a plus, but the cons are just too strong on the Ergo Flex for me to recommend it.
Silicone, Small size may work well for some, Includes rechargeable batteries
Not a truly rechargeable toy, Weak and buzzy vibrations, Too much flexibility at head, LOUD
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The Ergo Flex 4" is made by NMC Ltd. It is an internal vibrator designed for vaginal use. It should not be used anally due to the lack of flared base. It has a slight curve to the tip, so some women may be able to use the Ergo for G-spotting purposes. A secondary use could be for external stimulation with the tip of the vibrator. The head is small enough that it could provide clitoral stimulation or other external stimulation if you aren't looking for something super pinpointed.

Ergo Flex is waterproof and can be used in the shower or possibly in the tub. It can be used solo or with a partner, by itself or paired with other toys.

This vibrator will work best for those that prefer smaller sized toys with light vibrations. It has some texture to it, but not enough to scare off those that are new to or not fond of textures.

Ergo Flex is billed as a rechargeable vibrator, however it's not rechargeable in the same sense that higher end vibrators are. It does not plug into a wall to charge, but rather operates on rechargeable batteries that are included in the package. If you're looking for something "rechargeable" in the usual sense, this isn't that.

Material / Texture

There are two materials that make up the Ergo Flex. The main body of the toy is done in silicone, rated a 10 on the safety scale. The handle is made of plastic, rated an 8. Both of these materials are body safe, phthalates free, and non porous.

The silicone featured on the Ergo is soft but with a good amount of drag to it. Once lube is applied, the drag is not noticeable during use. However if you run your finger along the material, you're finger will meet resistance and hop along it rather than glide. At the head, the silicone can be pushed inward a bit. Past the head, it can be pushed inward but will meet the inner (what I assume is) plastic shell. When you hit this shell, you can't push inward any further. The result is that the head has a good amount of flexibility while the body has less so. The main part can still be bent, but only a small amount. The tip can be bent nearly in half. The silicone is nice, but is not the high quality silicone that you'll find in luxury lines.

There is a seam that runs along the shaft of the toy. It is hard to see with the eye and can be felt to the touch in a minor way. There is a light silicone odor to the toy that remains after washing, but you must hold it to your nose to smell it.

Ergo Flex has light texture to it. The underside three sections that indent and create a raised area right above the indentation. The underside of the head has a raised line across it. On the back, there is one indentation that creates a raised portion near the bottom of the shaft.

The texture is not too noticeable during use due to the silicone material used. If you push in on the raised areas, they will go in. This makes them feel lighter than if the same texture were done in a hard material. I'm personally sensitive to many textures and had no issues with the texture on Ergo Flex. I found that I could feel that it wasn't entirely smooth, but couldn't make out the exact texture when using it. It felt more like it simply wasn't as smooth as a non-textured toy would be. If you are sensitive to even the slightest of texture, there is a chance it may be bothersome. If you prefer a lot of texture in your toys, this likely won't be enough.

Design / Shape / Size

The size is given away in the name of the toy, but nevertheless let's go over the specs. The Ergo Flex is 6.5" in total length, of which 4" is insertable. The tip is .75" in diameter, 2.25" in circumference. Below this, this the diameter is 1" with a circumference of 3". After the next ridge, the diameter is 1 1/8" with a circumference of 3.5". The widest part of the toy - the bottom - is 1.25" in diameter and 3.75" in circumference.

You can see it here in my hand for size reference:

Ergo Flex runs on the smaller side of vibrators. It's short in length and thin for the majority of the shaft. Even at its widest diameter, it is small enough to be used by most. It will fall short for those that prefer thick or long toys. For those that prefer something on the smaller side, the size of Ergo Flex may just be what they've been looking for.

I like to think I'm an equal opportunity size user, preferring toys from 1"-2" in diameter. Since the Ergo Flex starts out even smaller than this at the head, I did find it to be edging on "too small," but was still able to use it. The size worked well enough for me, though I would have preferred just a little bit more insertable length.

The small size of Ergo Flex means it's easy to travel with. Be sure to remove the batteries if you decide to do this. It could easily fit in a purse or overnight bag. However, small stature doesn't mean discreet! While not realistic in appearance, Ergo Flex does look like a sex toy. If you decide to travel with it, keep in mind that if someone comes across it they will likely know what its use is. For in home hiding purposes, Ergo Flex stores easily away in a drawer.

The head of Ergo Flex comes up into a curve, which may make it suitable for G-spotting for some. I have a G-spot that's incredibly picky and requires a combination of firmness and extreme curve. Due to my personal preferences and needs, I was not able to hit my G-spot with Ergo Flex. In order for this to work for that purpose, you'd need to have a G-spot that isn't overly deep and doesn't need a lot of pressure. Keep in mind that the head has a lot of flexibility, so when you go to apply pressure to the G-spot, the head will bend. If you don't need lots of pressure or if you prefer a light touch to your G-spot, this design may work well for you.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons to control the Ergo Flex, one on each side of the toy. On the inside is the on/off button and on the outside is the function change button. This setup takes a bit of getting used to if you're accustom to buttons being placed next to each other or having only one button to control everything. I found I had to think a minute before pressing something to be sure I wouldn't accidentally press on/off when I meant to hit function and vice versa. The buttons themselves are easy enough to press and I never had issues accidentally pressing them during use.

There are ten settings to choose from on the Ergo Flex. Three are steady vibrations and the rest are patterns.

The first setting is the low constant vibration. This comes in at one vroom. The medium constant vibration is next at a low two vrooms. The final constant vibration is a high two vrooms.

After the constant vibrations begin the patterns. The first is called "pulsate" and is a mid tempo pulse. The next is "surge" which is a 1-2 pattern where the 2 is held out longer than the 1. The next is "inta-surge" which goes 1-2-3 where the 3 is held longer. The next is "intermittent." This one goes 1-2-3-4-5 with each beat at a higher power level than the last. The next is "escalate step." This one increases speed and then has a 1-2 pulse at the end. The next is "roller coaster spurt." This one increases in speed, pulses, and then decreases in speed. The final one is "gradient burst." This pulses and then increases in speed. I don't personally use patterns, so I cannot say if any of these are any good.

The vibrations are very buzzy. They are surface level and can barely be felt once inserted. If you hold the vibrator in your hand, you can feel the vibrations hit the skin but then rapidly dissipate. Even at the highest level, I couldn't feel much in the way of vibration. The buzzy vibrations just couldn't penetrate skin enough to really be felt.

The vibrations are located in the first ridge of the shaft, right below the tip of the toy. They can be felt strongest at that point and pretty much evenly everywhere else.

What it doesn't have in power, it makes up for in noise. I know, not exactly the order I'd have hoped for. I generally prefer "no noise/high power," but I guess they decided to try it the other way around here. Ergo Flex emits a loud, high pitched "buzzzz" noise at every setting. From low to high, the noise level is the same. When I used this, the noise really distracted me. In fact, because the noise level was so high I kept expecting to feel more in the way of vibrations. Didn't happen, by the way. The Ergo Flex can be heard through a closed door and over running water. It can also be heard over other vibrators if you choose to use this with a more silent toy.

Ergo Flex is "rechargeable." Sort of. It's rechargeable as much as any battery operated toy could be if you just switched to rechargeable batteries. This one just happens to include the rechargeable batteries along with the toy. It uses one RCR2 rechargeable battery. I personally feel like calling this a "rechargeable" vibrator is a bit of false advertising. It's really battery operated, but the battery is rechargeable. When most people see "rechargeable vibrator" they're thinking of a toy that plugs directly into the wall for charging, like a LELO, Je Joue, etc. This is NOT like that.

The battery charger comes in pieces, so you'll have to put it together. Luckily, I had a toy from this company before and knew how to put it together. Instructions are included, but the first time I ever received one of these I decided I could figure it out without looking. Yeah, it took me a while. To save you some time, here's a photo of the included pieces and then what it should look like put together. Hopefully you won't spend fifteen minutes trying to get the thing together like I did the first time.

The battery needs to be charged when you receive the toy. It requires about two hours to get a full charge on the battery. The battery is then inserted into the toy via the base unscrewing.

The base has a click and lock feature that allows the Ergo Flex to be waterproof. I never do trust the click and lock (over the O ring), but I haven't had any issues with submerging this toy. I don't know that I'd recommend it for the bath, but washing it and showering with it are no problem.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is easy to care for. You can wash it with warm water and soap, toy cleaner, or toy spray. Wipes will also do the trick. While silicone can be boiled, note that this toy cannot due to the motor. Since it's waterproof, just make sure the bottom is screwed in well when washing and you won't need to take any extra precautions to make sure it doesn't short circuit.

Silicone toys should not be used with silicone lube as this could damage the material. Water based lubes are recommended for use with the Ergo Flex.

For storage, a pouch or baggie will be your best bet. The packaging is large in comparison to the toy and doesn't work well as a storage option.


The Ergo Flex comes packaged in a box with a clear front. The toy and it's parts are on display. The back of the box has photos of the Ergo Flex and two other toys in the line. It shows a photo of the two buttons and how to use them. It also has a photo showing how to put the battery in the toy. On the left side is info on the materials, warnings, and company info. Two instruction manuals are included - one for the battery pack and one for the toy itself.

The packaging is far from discreet, given that you can clearly see the toy from the front and the back has photos. What I will give to the Ergo Flex is that it has more instructions than you'll probably need. Since so many toys come with none, I'm impressed that this one has a wealth of instructions in multiple languages.

The box does not make for good storage as once it's opened it starts to fall apart.

Personal comments

Unless you're a fan of light, buzzy vibrations, I can't say that I would recommend the Ergo Flex. The shape is nice and would be good for someone who has not experienced penetration, but I'd hate to recommend this even then simply because the vibrations are...well, bad. You're better off finding another small sized vibrator with vibrations you're likely to actually notice. Also, the noise level of the toy is off-putting at best. I just don't see that this is a good starter point for someone and those that have experience will know there are better things out there.


I wanted to like the Ergo Flex, really I did. It's silicone, which is always a plus. It's small in size, which can work well for me at times. Sadly, all the Ergo Flex could possibly be is a somewhat irritating warm up toy for me. The shape itself is nice, but the flexibility means I can't use it on my G-spot. It still is nice internally, but the non-existent vibrations and loud noise make this a big no go for me.

I'm also somewhat peeved by the "rechargeable" name of this when it's really just some rechargeable batteries. I feel like someone may see that and not look much further into it and expect to get a "real" rechargeable toy rather than a vibrator that comes with rechargeable batteries. The few things Ergo Flex has going for it are greatly overshadowed by what it doesn't.
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