Pleasure bunny bullet - bullet vibrator by WHK GmbH - review by Dove

This rabbit is better than rabbit ears. (edited with more info)

For the cheap price and ease of use, you can't get that much better. If you want a basic, simple toy, this is the one to get.
Inexpensive, easy to use.
Hard to clean, clear color gets dirty.
Have to use a condom if sharing
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somewhat useful review
So, this was one of the first toys my girlfriend and I used together. Because we are both poor college students, the price of this item was a big incentive for us to buy it.

The jelly material is soft and springy to the touch, and while vibrating, it is soft enough not to induce any soreness. I would say the sensation of the rabbit extension is more of a tickling than a firm vibration.

A downside of this toy is that its springy material makes it difficult to completely clean without a good scrubbing. Additionally, the clear color just magnifies any dirt you might get on it. Because the toy is jelly, it can't be boiled and you can't use soap with it. Instead, clean with a toy cleaner and hot water. This means if you share the toy, you have to use a condom with it. Unfortunately, a condom vastly cuts down on the vibrating sensations. Additionally, the wires from the bullet to the control pack don't come apart for cleaning.

Otherwise, the toy is very easy to use, especially for quick stimulation. The toy is easy to grab and the stimulation is easy to aim. It is also extremely easy to use because it is controlled with a dial. The lightest speed is great for beginners, and I find the strong speed to be great for quick stimulation.

While I generally do not use lubricant with this toy, because it is jelly, you do have to be careful with the type of lubricant you use. Only water and silicone based lubricants are appropriate for this toy.

The toy is generally pretty quiet, though a soft humming sound can be heard through the covers. No noise can be heard through a closed door or through a wall. The two uses two double A batteries, which aren't included.

One advantage and disadvantage of this toy is that the idea for it has been around for a long time. There are countless numbers of bullets with extensions. That being said, if you are looking for a basic toy without the excitement factor, this toy is definitely a keeper. On the other hand, if you want something more innovative and exciting, I would steer clear.

All in all, though, I would recommend this toy to any thrifty girl looking for an easy source of pleasure. For me, the price more than made up for its other downfalls, and this toy is a great fallback for when I'm in the mood for something simple.
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  • Purple Foxglove
    What is it made of? How will it react to different kinds of lube? (just because you don't use it, doesn't mean someone else won't want to) Is it going to melt in your toybox if it touches another toy? What size batteries does it take? What are the controls and settings like?

    These are the things you should be researching before writing your review, remember the goal is to leave the consumer with as few questions as possible. And there are always people to ask if you've got pre-review questions while learning the ropes. Smile
  • Airen Wolf
    After reading both of the reviews you selected as best work I feel like you are using a template you've created rather than writing origional and interesting reviews. It makes the toy review seem some what generic and leaves little to recommend it. While most similar toys share characteristics there are usually enough things to be said that you don't have to cut and paste comments.

    Like Purple_Foxglove I would recommend reading reviews of similar products and perhaps even using the template at least once to see what we, as the community are looking for in terms of information about various products.
    I look forward to reading more from you as you do have an interesting perspective I just hope to see a bit more of your personality coming through in the future. Smile
    Welcome to the community to you and your partner!
  • Dove
    Hi, thanks for the feedback. I wasn't using a template I created, just I wrote the reviews in very close proximity to each other and both products are very similar. I'll def include the more information next time. Is there a way I can edit these reviews to better meet the standards?
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Yes, you can edit them. In your contributor tab.
  • Dove
    great, thanks. I'll get to that right now
  • Airen Wolf
    After the edit I would have to say well done! I can see much more of your personality coming through and all the bases are covered!

    Thanks for using the suggestions to your advantage!
  • Purple Foxglove
    Definate improvement! Looking forward to your future reviews. Big smile
  • Colossus
    you definitely seem committed to writing good reviews.
  • Darling Dove
    Hey- I kinda agree with Airen. I think you're covering the necessary info, but at the expense of substance, so it comes off as dry and not very useful. While technical details are important you should also try to put more personality in your reviews, and it seems to me after reading both of your reviews that there are still a lot of the 'same' elements between them, which comes off as odd.

    I don't mean to offend or anything- and I hope that you keep bettering your reviews. Finding the balance between making it easy to read and still informative is very difficult. Maybe try imagining that instead of writing a review you are explaining the toy to a close friend?
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for the review!
  • GlacVic
    thanks for the review, good discussion in the comments
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