Pleasure bunny bullet - sex toy by WHK GmbH - review by geliebt

Energizer bunny!

I like this bullet. It was an awesome first bullet for me; strong vibrations, very inexpensive and pink! It's not ultra exciting and after time I've found that I don't much like the ears. They're just too pokey and annoying, but the bullet is still great.
I would absolutely recommend this to someone looking for an easy vibrator, who wants powerful vibrations and a very basic bullet. The value for the price really is impressive; even though I reach for other toys more often now.
Very strong vibrations
Great value for price
Buzzy (rather than deep, rumbly) vibrations
Somewhat loud on highest setting
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I use this for clitoral stimulation. For this purpose, I love it! I need strong vibrations and something fairly solid to press against, and this is perfect for that. The jelly sleeve is thin. It provides some cushion, but is not at all squishy. The rigid plastic bullet is easily felt (and seen) through the sleeve. If you enjoy firm pressure, like me, then this bunny might be for you!
The Pleasure Bunny would also be useful for nipple or vaginal stimulation (but inserting this without a condom over could make it hard to retrieve), or even ~external~ anal stimulation (but here, DO use a condom. You can't sterilize this jelly bunny and you don't want to get any germs spread around!).
This is one that I reach for when I just want to get off without a fuss. It's small and easy to clean, and the strength of the vibrations gets me where I need to go very quickly! Of course, this is also a fun toy for more extended sessions; be it masturbation, foreplay or whatever you like. But the vibrations ARE strong even on the lowest setting, so if you're very sensitive you won't want to use this for just light fun.

Material / Texture

Jelly. It really is what you might expect. This toy did have a jelly/plastic smell to it at first, but after a few washes and some use that smell is all but gone and not at all an issue.
Do be sure to not share this toy or use it for (EXTERNAL!) anal stimulation without the use of a condom, since this will harbor bacteria.
The Pleasure Bunny is essentially smooth. There is some very very mild texture on the body of the bullet (little bunny legs and other bunny body parts are lightly outlined) but it's very subtle and I can't feel any of it. At the top of the bullet there is a hollow bunny head, ears and all which houses a single pearl and is otherwise hollow. More on that pearl later! Other than the light texture on the body and the protruding head this bullet is completely smooth.
This little bunny can be used with any water or silicone-based lube, so feel free to use your favorite!
I would like to mention, I find this to be pretty unpleasant to use without a good bit of lube since it has some decent drag to it.

Design / Shape / Size

This is a pretty simple bunny shaped bullet. The texture, as mentioned, is entirely smooth. It does have some detailing of the body of a rabbit to go along with the little rabbit head and long ears (which are also smooth). It's an average/moderately sized bullet measuring about 4" from the tips of the ears to the bottom of the bullet. It's also quite round and sort of egg-shaped rather than a longer cylinder.
When I first got this I liked the bunny ears/head, but as time goes on I prefer to just forget the ears entirely and press the rest of the bullet against me. The head is hollow and therefore transfers vibrations poorly. You definitely can feel them, but if you need strong vibrations it just isn't enough! I find the ears to be a little pokey and even annoying, as well.
The pearl inside the head is... I don't know what the point is. It really doesn't do anything at all.
The sleeve won't come off of the bullet, as it doesn't stretch at all.
I wouldn't really say this is discreet; it's clearly a sex toy, but it is small and easy to hide.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This bullet uses 2 AA batteries which are easy to insert into the separate battery pack. The pack is connected by a 20" cord which is connected to the bullet, but plugs into the battery back. You could take off the bullet and cord for easier storage or whatever the heck else you might need to do. This separate battery pack could be compatible with other toys (?) but I honestly don't know.
The door to the pack comes off completely and is quite easy to remove. I'm not a big fan of this, but the cord is long enough that pulling the battery door off during use isn't really an issue.
It's controlled by a sliding button which clicks into place in each of the settings (off, low, mid, hi, super). All of the settings are just steady vibrations, no patterns or anything. I've never had a problem bumping the controls; you definitely do need to purposefully push the slider to get it to the next level. It can also be turned off right away in the event that you need to, just shove it back down to 'off' and you're good!
The bullet is waterproof, but the battery pack is not. I wouldn't bother taking this into the bath or shower since it would be a pain to keep the pack out of the water, I think.
As mentioned, the vibrations are STRONG! At the highest setting this is absolutely a 5 vroom vibe. I love strong vibrations and even I can't handle 'super' sometimes! Even low is pretty serious, so if you're not a fan of strong, serious vibes you might want to steer clear.
The vibrations are also quite buzzy and I find myself feeling irritated after more than 20 minutes with this bullet. For one orgasm I'm good, but I just can't go for two here since it's so buzzy.

The volume of the vibrations is perfect for me. On low this could be heard through blankets just a bit. Mid, heard through blankets, but not a closed door or wall. Hi could definitely be heard through blankets, but not a closed door. Super ~could~ be heard through a closed door in complete silence, but with a fan or TV on it won't be obvious. This should be fine for someone living with roommates/family or in a dorm. I have a curtain instead of a proper door and this can't be heard through my curtain and over the television, so I always feel safe using this vibe!

Care and Maintenance

I clean this toy with warm water and soap or a toy cleaner. You don't need to do anything out of the ordinary here, but do keep the battery pack out of the water! The bullet may be waterproof, but the battery pack certainly isn't.
Since it's jelly, please be sure to clean it thoroughly every time you use it and don't use this anally or share without a condom, as it can't be sterilized.
Don't store this toy in contact with other jelly toys since they'll likely get all melty and icky and nobody wants that! I store this in its own separate fabric bag inside my toy chest, so that it doesn't come into contact with other toys.
The jelly will pick up lint and hair, but it isn't as sticky as many other toys, by any means. You do want to be careful to keep lint off of it, but it's still not nearly as bad as others.
Follow-up commentary
Really, I've just found that I never use this anymore. It was fine while it was the only bullet I had and it fulfilled my want for strong vibrations, but... meh. The jelly is too rigid and it's just all around not right for me. It was good while it lasted!
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