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Purple collection

Bullet by Orion

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Triple Treat Bullet in an Affordable Package

This cute corded bullet comes with a bullet attached by a long 30 inch cord to a power pack, and 3 different bullet sleeves that add stimulation with different shapes and textures. The toy has a surprising amount of strength, interesting design and takes easy to find AA batteries. While not an insertable toy, it can stimulate many external body parts could do anything from warm the user up to bring them to climax.

This toy gives a lot for the price and has a place in many people's toy boxes.
Fairly strong, variable sleeves, long cord
difficult to clean sleeves, TPE material
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The Purple Collection is made by You2Toys distributed by the German company, Orion, which has been making and distributing condoms and sex toys since the 1940s. Orion was founded more than 70 years ago, distributing condoms to Europeans, branching into Super 8 Adult films in the 1960s and eventually opening one of it's now famous shops, which are now all over Northern Europe and Spain, in 1986. They continue a thriving mail order business and have been recently introduced into the USA.

The Purple Collection is a bullet set, comprised of a small fat bullet, (about 2 inches long and about 1/2 an inch diameter) attached to a corded power pack, along with 3 different TPE sleeves for the bullet.

The bullet may be used alone (although it is not waterproof and is probably best used protected by one of the sleeves) or sheathed in one of the sleeves. It can be used for stimulation, of course of the clitoris and lips of the vagina, the nipples, the testes, the glans of the penis or many other sensitive places. Because the sleeves are made of somewhat porous Thermoplastic Elastomer, this toy is not meant for internal anal use. Simulated rimming may be performed, but the toy should be covered with a condom to prevent transfer of bacteria.

As the cord is only a power cord and not a retrieval cord, please do not be tempted to insert the bullet into the anus.

The Purple Collection is best used for warm up or teasing. The bullet, sheathed in one of the sleeves, may be placed near a sensitive part of the body, and the controls can be placed in the pocket of the user, for fun anywhere. Or the toy can simply be used in bed or home, alone or with a friend, for an exciting experience, especially when warming up.
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    • Couples
    • Sensory play
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The bullet itself is metal colored hard plastic, the control box is purple hard plastic, the cord is.....well, a small electrical cord, and the sleeves are latex-free and Phthalates free TPE. This style of TPE, aside from a mild "plastic odor" when opening the box, has no odor, nor smell. The hard plastic is likewise smell and taste free.

There are three soft, squishy sleeves for the bullet, each are between 1 1/2 and 2 inches long and up to 5 inches in circumference; (Although, due to the cord not being a retrieval cord, you may not want to insert this toy into any orifices)

~The Shell is a textured shell shaped sleeve, oval in shape with ribs running down the length.
~ The Heart Ball a spherical shape, with raised hearts all over the surface.
~ The Ridged Oval is a tapered oval shape with ridges running horizontally around the circumference of the entire sleeve.

The texture on the Oval and the Shell add to the stimulation, but the raised hearts, on the Heart Ball were not pronounced enough for me to feel them in use.

There is nothing intimidating about the shapes or the textures, so someone beginning to use toys may find this acceptable, it is also fairly strong and interestingly shaped so even advanced users may find this toy's textures and shapes appealing.
    • Bumpy
    • Light odor
    • Semi-porous

Design / Shape / Size

I was intrigued by this toy, never having owned a bullet with separate power supply before. The cord which runs from the power pack to the bullet is long at 30 inches and seems fairly powerful. The shapes of the sleeves were interesting, cute and sexy. I own bullets and like them for warm up, and thought that the sleeves would add a dimension of stimulation that a regular bullet could perhaps not provide.

The size of the sleeves is perfect for bullet sleeves. They can be held in the hand, and completely encompassed by a single hand, even a small one. It is not difficult to set the power pack off to one side (due to it's long cord) turn it on to the desired strength, and then manipulate the bullet with the chosen sleeve in whatever situation or position chosen.

The four parts of this toy do not take up much room. I keep the TPE sleeves wrapped individually in a man's handkerchief, with folds of fabric between each attachment. I also keep the bullet itself wrapped in the handkerchief and fold it so that the power pack is right next to it and then store the entire toy in a Eden padded storage bag.
    • Partner play
    • Solo play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet is powered by a cord attached to a small power pack (about 3 inches long and only about an inch wide and about an inch thick.) There is a round dial on the power pack, which controls the intensity of the power. It is labeled "Off" in the off position (obviously) and the dial turns counter clockwise to "S" which most likely, like all Orion toys, means something in German. Perhaps "strength." I am not sure. The use of the power pack is intuitive and it can be held in the hand, or dialed to the chosen strength and put aside while in use. The power cord is a quite generous 30 inches long.

The toy is a little louder than my other bullets. I'd give it a 2 1/2 on loudness, if I could, but I will give it a 3 for the review. (RO and several other brands tend to make nearly silent bullets, I have found.) It gives off a buzzing sound, although the vibrations are not extremely "buzzy" themselves. (While playing with the toy, turning it on and off etc, while writing this review, I discovered my Black Lab does not like the sound of this toy! :)) The bullet can just barely be heard, while unsheathed, on a bed, through a closed door. However, using one of the sleeves, placing the toy under blankets or comforters or even using a White Noise Machine and/or humidifier outside the door renders the toy unable to be detected by sound outside the door.

The vibrations are located completely in the bullet itself, the hand holding the power pack will not vibrate at all. The power pack is intuitive to use and not difficult to master. It is easy to lay it aside while you go about your play business and the bullet can be held on the sensitive parts of the body to do it's work.

While not as strong as say, a Rocks Off 80mm bullet or a Cal Exotics Crystal High Intensity Bullet on high, the vibrations were much stronger than I anticipated. I, personally, have a high orgasmic threshold (it takes a lot of stimulation to make me come) and although I was not personally able to reach climax while using this toy, alone, I came very close and I assume many people who have more sensitive clitorises and vulvae would probably be able to come to climax with the use of this toy alone.

This toys' vibration register is somewhere between "buzzy" and "deep." It doesn't have the expected, rather ineffective surface buzz that many toys in this price range do, but of course, it also doesn't reach the thrumming depths of a Wahl or a full size Fun Factory toy. It was a pleasant sensation, and as I said, many people most likely would be able to come to orgasm from the use of this toy alone, if they tend towards clitoral orgasms and come to climax fairly easily. There was more power in this toy than I expected and I was happy to see that it a fun and satisfying toy to play with.

Of course, it is small and unobtrusive enough to be used on the clitoris during PIV or anal sex, so many people may find the use of this toy is perfect during other forms of partner play as well as alone time.

Neither the bullet nor the power pack are water proof. However, the sleeves are removable and completely able to be washed in hot water and soap. (TPE should not be boiled.) (Cleaning directions are below.)

This toy takes two AA batteries, which are easy to insert via a hinged click-to-close door on the back of the power pack.

DO NOT attempt to use the cord to remove the toy from any body cavities.

The directions say: "Four piece lilac colored vibro set, for vaginal and anal ecstasy games..." I would not suggest using this toy for any "anal ecstasy games" unless the sleeve and bullet are shethed in a condom and NO anal penetration is being performed. I suppose it could be used for light simulated "rimming" play, (only on the outside of the anus) but again, only with use with a condom, and honestly, there are toys with nonporous material and safer shapes to prevent accidental "slipping" into the anus that are much better for anal play.

A similar warning goes for using this toy internally and vaginally. Although the risk of "losing" the toy is negligible when used vaginally, as the vagina is a blind alley and can be removed manually, the cord of this toy is meant purely for the supply of power from the power pack, and is not meant as a retrieval cord. I would keep away from all but the most shallow vaginal play. As this toy is quite easy to hold in the hand, and meant mostly for use as a clitoral stimulator. A separate dildo or phallic vibrator could be easily paired with it, if vaginal penetration is desired. And, of course, it is not difficult to place this bullet in it's sheath on the clitoris during PIV (penis in vagina) play or even anal play, keeping the toy well away from the anus.

I did not use this toy for any anal play whatsoever. This toy will be used only for clitoral, outer vaginal and perhaps light play on the testes or glans of the penis and maybe the nipples.
    • Hard to clean
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

I found that cleaning the sleeves with hot water and soap, then using toy wash afterward inside the hole of each sleeve used worked best. Then I get my hands wet and soapy and carefully wash bullet itself, and finally clean the cord and the power pack with toy wash. It is a bit tedious to clean, and this may deter some from using it frequently.

One more issue with the toy is drying the inside of each sleeve; each TPE sleeve is very pliable and has a hole in which the bullet is to be placed. These holes are quite small and tight, cleaning them isn't too hard, but drying them is a hassle. I found placing the cotton tipped end of a Q Tip inside each sleeve, letting it air dry for a while, then checking the inside for dryness before wrapping the toy for storage best. You do NOT want to put this toy away when there is any moisture inside the sleeves! I would not advise turning the sleeves inside out to dry, as I was afraid to risk ripping them, or stretching the hole of each sleeve. The holes need to be tight to be able to accommodate and hold on to the bullet.

One of the most frustrating things about this toy, if you don't take your time the first time you use it is inserting the bullet into the sleeve. Of course, in haste, I decided to just ram the thing in. (It reminded me of my first rather shocking adventure into anal sex!) I would not suggest doing this. The TPE sleeves are stretchy, but also somewhat sticky on the inside when touching other forms of plastic, (the sleeves do not feel sticky on your body) and the holes are understandable very tight and small.

I found that using a drop of water based or silicone based lube facilitates inserting the bullet into the sleeve a lot. If you are stuck without any lube (Why would you be stuck without any lube? Because I don't usually have lubricant in my home library while writing reviews.) a drop of clean water makes insertion of the bullet into the sleeve easier.

Sexual Lubricant also makes removal of the bullet from the sleeve much much more simple. Otherwise you will be squeezing and swearing and attempting to pry open the hole of the sleeve (and you might rip it, although I didn't despite some rough treatment) to take out the bullet and breaking off your acrylic nails, and then there will be more swearing and the entire endeavor becomes silly.

Just use the lube.

Is it "discreet?" Well, to me, it looks like a corded bullet with a power pack. Someone not acquainted with sex toys may not know what it is, but I keep each of the three sleeves wrapped individually, then wrap the bullet part of the toy along with the sleeves in a men's handkerchief and then place it in a toy bag anyway. Not only does it keep dust and fuzz off of the toy, but it keeps the toy hidden, out of the way and everything in one place for its next use.
    • Hard to clean


The toy came packaged in a cardboard box, with a naked woman on it. (*sigh*) There was a cheap plastic insert in the box, with each of the components of the toy displayed with a flap on the box was opened and the toy was then viewable through a plastic window.

I thought it was entirely too much packaging for a small toy. I know manufacturers want to showcase their toys, but the outer box was over 8 inches in height, 6 inches wide and about 3 inches in width. There was a "window" that only served to use more paper and plastic and I think a much more Earth Friendly packaging could have been used. Also, seeing as this toy is aimed mostly at women, the ubiquitous nude woman, on her hands and knees on the cover could have been dispensed with.

It was emblazoned with the epithet "Have Fun With Your Brand New Love Toy!" in English and German. If anyone had any doubts whether this was a sex toy or not, the box certainly makes it clear.

The box could be used as a gift box, but the plastic insert which held the parts of the toy for display seems as if it would not hold up. I supposed one could keep the toy in the "window box" without the plastic insert, but there is a LOT of unused room, and wrapping the toy so that the TPE sleeves don't touch each other (as some forms of TPE are prone to melting if touching an other piece) and storing in a Toy Box or Toy Bag is probably the best way to store your toy.
    • Not discreet
    • Too much packaging material
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I found that the sleeves did tend to tamp down the power of this toy slightly. I did not find this effect to cause any negative outcome in the use of the toy, however.

Even though I will not be sharing my toy with others (with the exception of my husband, with whom I am fluid bonded) I was loathe to use the bullet alone, while not using one of the TPE sleeves on it, due to the difficulties in properly cleaning it. Although toy wash is most likely adequate for the naked bullet part of the toy, if only used for one person, I do not like to use toy wash without soap and water after for any toy that comes in contact with sexual areas of the body or bodily fluids. (I don't like toy wash touching intimate parts of my body, due to their often continuing antibacterial action upsetting the good bacterial balance in my vagina, and also some toy wash ingredients (if they kill germs) can be harsh on intimate body parts.)

I find a thorough cleaning with soap and water best for any and all toys which touch erogenous zones, and due to the bullet, unsheathed, being difficult to clean, I opted not to use it without one of the provided sleeves on the bullet on any fluid producing areas of the body.


I found the use of this toy quite pleasant. Although, as I said before, it doesn't have the thrumming depths of vibration that very high end sex toys and massagers do, the vibrations were certainly stronger than I expected and I was nearly able to climax from this toy and some light penetration (from an other object) alone.

I do not come to orgasm easily and after several interesting sessions, trying to use all the sleeves, I found that even though I could get close, the Wahl was brought out at the very ends to get me over the edge. My experience is not average, due to hormonal issues, and I think most women could probably be quite satisfied with this toy. Even if one cannot reach orgasm from this toy alone, it is a cute, fun and exciting toy. It's great for warm up, it's pretty, it has strong enough vibrations and enough variation on both intensity (due to the power dial on the hand held power control) and three different sleeves, plus the bullet alone.

I anticipate continuing to have a good time playing with this toy, despite the cleaning difficulties.
Follow-up commentary
I do still like this toy. But, since I bought my Ulimate Massager Pocket Rocket (which, in my opinion is the best rocket on the planet) I really don't use this Purple Collection, nor my RO Bullet much anymore.

I think the complication of cleaning this toy, drying the accessory sleeves and then having to let it dry completely before putting it away made me use it less and less.

It is still a really nice bullet, and the accessories are some that you just don't get with most bullets. If I didn't use my pocket rocket so much, or had never bought it, I would probably use this product more often.

If you prefer bullets to rockets, and like a variety of sleeves for your bullet, and prefer a bullet with a power pack that runs on regular batteries then this will be your best bet in the bullet department. The fact that you don't need hard to find batteries for this bullet is a plus. I know finding the unusual L battery for my RO bullet is a challenge. A toy, like the Purple Collection that runs on regular batteries makes it more useful and user friendly.

It's a good bullet, but I have moved on due to my love of my Pocket Rocket.
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