Taffy tickler teaser - egg vibrator by Topco Sales - review by PassionQT

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Weird, but Effective!

Taffy is much larger than your average bullet and way more entertaining! This unique confection of a toy looks like it came straight out of a candy shop and it sure to satisfy your sweet, naughty cravings.
Powerful, silicone, affordable, gentle.
Maybe to too large for some. Not waterproof. Touchy controller. Loud.
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The Taffy Tickler Teaser by Adam & Eve is a fun, whimsical-looking bullet that is designed to tickle the labia, clitoris, and any other external erotic area that you can think of. It may look hardcore with its black and white stripes, but it's extremely gentle on the skin. On the other hand, the strongest vibration is anything but gentle, so power queens should be satisfied with this one.

Taffy's bullet is covered in alternating horizontal stripes of individual black-and-white TPR Silicone "dollops", which look like someone was decorated this toy with a frosting tip. This technique results in peaks on the dollops which form little ticklers that provide the sensations. TPR is a rubber based silicone compound that is neither too hard nor too soft, is relatively body safe (rating of 6/10), and maintains a comfortable temperature during play. So long as you don't pull on the ticklers or cut them off, they won't break because they are rubbery, flexible, and very fine. They will not irritate delicate skin tissues either, and I didn't find I needed much lube to achieve satisfactory results. There's no smell to it nor taste.

Here it is next to a smaller bullet. It's much larger!

The Taffy Tickler is your basic, single-motorized-bullet-design attached to a plastic controller unit by a 28-inch black cord. It's about 3-1/2-inches long and with a 6-inch circumference, so it will fill up most of your hand. The hand-held black plastic control unit is about 4-inches long.

The best way to describe the ticklers are to imagine someone decorating a cake, and when they form a "dollop" and pull away, a peak is formed. So basically, what you have here is a frosted bullet! I didn't count all the tips, but there are certainly over 150 of them to arouse you with.

There's a compressed area at the top of the egg, which I first believed was a defect. It's actually an intentional concave area to cup over the clitoris. Here I was thinking it was some sort of finger rest! The presence of this feature really doesn't add to the toy whatsoever, but it doesn't take away from it either. Regardless of how you hold it, it should result in a happy ending if you are responsive to this type of toy.

The controller is very straightforward and operates via a sliding button that delivers variable speeds of vibrations. A small red light increases in brightness as you turn the toy up higher. The highest power is impressive, but it's also moderately loud. The one disadvantage to the slider bar is that a simple brush against it can easily change speeds or turn it off. I just jack it all the way up to high anyhow, so I really didn't have any problems keeping in where I wanted to.

It's powered by 2-AA batteries that are inserted in a sliding cover on the back of the controller.

Due to the nature of the TPR silicone, only a water-based lubricant should be used. It's not waterproof either, so when you clean it under warm water with anti-bacterial soap, you need to pay attention not to get the electrical components wet. A small splash on cord will be fine as the silicone securely covers that entry point. I recommend cleaning it shortly after playtime before any fluids dry up and become crusted between the crevices.

If you carry it on you or in a bag, just make sure to take the batteries out, because I guarantee it will raise some eyebrows.

I thought so! I'd been wanting to try this toy for quite some time, and although I was initially freaked out by the size, once I got going, I rather quite enjoyed using a larger bullet which covered more area. Other than the touchy controls, this one is a winner!
I primarily use most of my toys for solo play and enjoyed rubbing this on my clit, then squeezing it between my labia, and working it back and forth. It didn't take long for me to cum with it. I left this one in my bedside drawer for about a week and reached for it several times. I tried it once with my partner too, with the toy under the weight of my body while we had sex. Oh yea! It worked just fine that way too.
Follow-up commentary
This mega sized prickly tickler is still working and I love how it covers my entire genital area. It makes humping it (stomach down) fun and very fulfilling. In fact, I cum quicker when I use it in that manner. I wish more bullets had textured coatings like this that are soft enough to squish up against tender areas without irritating them.
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