Body and Soul adore - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by SMichelle

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What's there to adore about this?

It's hard for me to find nice things to say about this toy, as I really didn't enjoy it at all. The vibrations are weak, and the rattling noise that it makes is irritating. It's also kind of painful for me to use, due to the pointy tip and the unforgiving material. So, would I recommend this toy? No... not at all.
Colors nice, Multi-speed, Simple to use, Waterproof
BUZZY!, Rattly, Loud, Weak, Pointy tip hurts!, Too small to reach my G-spot
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The Adore comes from California Exotic's Body & Soul line. It's a tiny little toy, that is really quite cute at first glance. Size-wise, it would be great for someone who prefers smaller toys, and it'll be terrible for someone who considers themselves to be a size queen. That's kind of stating the obvious though, isn't it? Anyway, moving on... Even though the size of this thing will suit beginners, I wouldn't recommend it to them; I just don't think that it's a very good toy. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend this toy to anyone.

Still, I suppose you're still curious about this thing, aren't you? Okay, I'll tell you a bit about it...

This little toy is meant to be used for G-spot stimulation, hence the subtle hook to it. If the curve of the toy is able to reach your G-spot, you might enjoy this toy more than I did. For me, it just fell short.

If G-spot stimulation doesn't work out, you could potentially use this toy as a clitoral stimulator -- though I didn't really enjoy using it that way. The pointed head of the toy was really painful against my clitoris, but if you don't need a lot of pressure on your clitoris, you might enjoy it. The one good thing about the pointed end of the toy is that it allows you to achieve pinpoint stimulation.

You could also take this toy in the shower or tub, as it is waterproof.

Whatever you do, just don't use this thing anally. It's too small for that kind of play, and it could very easily get lost in your bum.

Material / Texture

The Adore is primarily made up of ABS Plastic with PU cote. The entire toy, in fact, is made of this material, with the exception of the little silver ring that surrounds the button, and the button itself. The silver ring is made out of ABS plastic with silver plating, and the ring is made out of silicone.

Since this toy is made up mostly of ABS plastic with PU cote, it has a safety rating of a 7. The toy is hypoallergenic, latex-free, phthalates-free, and non-porous. The PU cote on this toy gives it a very velvety soft feel, which is surprisingly nice to touch. The Adore also has a very little amount of drag to it, so I don't really feel that lubricant is a must-have with this toy. If you do decide that you need or desire lube with this toy, you can use silicone- or water-based products. I know that some people will worry about using silicone lube on this toy because of the silicone button, but I really don't think that there will be an issue at all.

This toy isn't going to do a thing for those that tend to prefer toys with texture. The entire toy is completely smooth; there's no bumps, ridges, seams, or anything of that sort.

For those curious, this toy has no detectable odor or taste to it.

Design / Shape / Size

The Adore is a fairly small toy, measuring only 5" in length. Of that 5", only 3 1/2" are insertable. It is only 3 1/4" in circumference at the widest point, so it's quite small all around.

The shape of the toy is pretty basic. The toys shaft starts out wider, and then slowly gets smaller. It's also pretty much a straight shaft, with the exception of the curve right at the head. The curved head has a bit of a pointed tip to it, which can be pretty uncomfortable (in my experience).

This toy is, obviously, a sex toy. It doesn't look like anything other than a sex toy, so it's not really discreet. That being said, it is extremely small, so it's easy to hide, and you should have no issue tossing this toy in your purse if you choose to travel with it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Adore is an easy to use toy. It runs on only one AA battery, which is not included. To insert the battery, you simply twist off the button, place the battery in, and then twist the cap back on. Pretty easy, right?

The Adore is controlled by a single push button, which is found on the front of the toy. The button does take a bit of effort to press, but at least that means that you won't have to worry about accidentally turning the toy on (or off) at a bad time. There are three different levels of vibration to this toy, and each press of the button will take you to a different setting. So, push one will turn the toy on, and take you to level one. Push two will, of course, take you to level two, and push three will bring you to level three. If you push the button a third time, the toy will turn off.

The vibration levels are steady, constant vibrations. There are no patterns here at all. Instead, you just get the steady, buzzy, high-pitched vibrations. The vibrations are also not very powerful at all, but what can you expect from only one AA battery? I'd say they're maybe a high 2 vrooms at the highest setting.

While the vibrations aren't very high, the noise level is. This toy gets 3 bees from me, as I could certainly hear it through a closed door. The most annoying thing about the noise here is that it's rattly, even with the little paper insert left in the battery compartment. Talk about ruining the mood!

Care and Maintenance

Considering that this toy is made out of plastic, and that it's waterproof, this one is really easy to care for. You can use your favorite toy cleaner, a toy wipe, or simply antibacterial soap and water.

As for storage, you can basically store it anywhere. I store mine in a Ziploc bag in my toy bin.


I've tried several toys from California Exotic's Body & Soul collection, and most of them have left me feeling really disappointed. The toys in this line tend to be rattly, buzzy, and loud, in my experience. This one was no different.

I tried using it a number of times, and each time I thought... why am I putting myself through this? This toy actually bored me with its lackluster vibrations, and the extreme rattling of the battery compartment (even with the insert left in) distracted me from my thoughts. The toy was also unable to hit my G-spot, and it actually hurt me when I tried to use it for clitoral stimulation. I felt like I was stabbing my clitoris with the little point of this toy, which wasn't exactly the feeling that I was looking for.

Other people seem to really enjoy this toy, so maybe there was some kind of problem with the one that I received? Or, maybe it just wasn't the right toy for me. Regardless, I can't recommend this toy based on my experience.
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  • ImaGodiva
    Nice review as always, thanks. I don't like the shape of it at all, it almost looks like they made it upside down by mistake.
  • Kitka
    Wow, this sounds awful, sorry to hear it really didn't work for you. Thanks for sharing your review with us.
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