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Squeeze Play 8.0

Penis stroker by Tenga

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I really like the idea of these 'Ona Cups'. A quick disposable one use self lubricating masturbator, for a special occasion, or quite possibly today's man on the go. You could throw one of these in your bag or brief case, use whenever & wherever you get the urge, and then just throw it away. No mess, no clean up, no storage, no strings attached.
It feels good, it's fairly inexpensive, and it would be a great disposable travel companion.
It is only intended to be used once, and it is a bit noisy.
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The Tenga Squeeze Play 8.0 is a pretty basic, easy to understand and use, self lubricating, male masturbation device (aka an Ona Cup). Ona cup is the Japanese term for these type of masturbation sleeves, and the name comes from the word onanism, which is another name for masturbation. Cool huh? So the whole purpose of this toy is to contain everything that you need to have an enjoyable pleasure session, that ends with no clean up by simply discarding the Squeeze Play has achieved success in all of these categories.

The Squeeze Play is small and light enough to use in any position you like. With the air valve at the top, and the soft squeezable body, there are many different ways that you can alter and enhance the stimulation you are feeling during use. I do think there should have been more lube inside, since it does not require additional lube, but that's just me. It does have enough lube to function, but after adding more lube I found the sensation and use to be much improved.

You can use this Ona Cup anywhere at anytime, but I picture it to be most handy when traveling or for special occasions, like bedtime.

Material / Texture

The inner material that the sleeve is made out of is a wet looking, slippery (from the lube), stretchy, soft, white, jelly-like material. As for smell, I did not notice anything beyond an extremely mild plastic scent, when I opened this toy, and I believe the mild scent I did detect was mainly from the container (but maybe it is the inner sleeve, no big deal). I found a website that has a diagram of what the inside of this cup looks like. It has like 70 nubs on the inside to provide stimulation... and the stimulation that this cup provides did feel quite good.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Squeeze Play is (I believe) intentionally made to look more like a hair care product or a hand cream container. It is not a great disguise but it is also not blindly obvious it is a sex toy either. In fact, in may stand out a bit (due to it's size and packaging), but whoever notices it will not guess what it is (unless they already know what it is).

The height of this Ona Cup is approximately 7.5", and it is approximately 3" in diameter. It may have the shape of a tube of hand cream, but it is probably at least twice the size of your average tube.

The size of the opening was just right. It was not to tight, and it was not lacking in stimulation. I am pretty sure that there is a Tenga Squeeze Play 6.0 that is either the exact same internal texture, or at similar, but is about an inch and half to two inches shorter. I am not sure if the diameter of the 6.0 is smaller.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The only function that this cup has, beside the big obvious one, is that it has a tiny hole at the top which can you cover if you want, in order to create suction. There are no varying degrees of suction, it is either all or nothing. I personally preferred the feeling of going in as deep as possible and then covering the little hole. But I recommend that you experiment and see what works best for you.

Care and Maintenance

This cup is intended to be used once and discarded. So there is no care or maintenance involved with this toy. It is self lubricating. It does not list the exact material type that the inner sleeve is made out of, but I used a little bit of 'Liquid Silk' with it and had no problems. I did find a listing of the self contained lube ingredients. "The lubrication consists of: purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, and paraben".


The Squeeze Play was packaged inside an almost form fitting plastic bag. The bag kind of reminds me of those bags of one dollar candy, that are usually near the register in the supermarket. You know, they will all be from a small semi-local candy maker and there will be peanuts, liquorish, gummy bears, gummy sharks, gumballs, etc.

Inside this plastic bag was the Squeeze Play, and it was completely wrapped in this thin plastic labeling. The labeling was like the labels on plastic soda bottles, but it covered the entire Squeeze Play. Once this label was removed you just had the Squeeze Play and its lid, and everything was plain and white.

Personal comments

While using the Squeeze Play, I started to get a better handle on how best to use it. So a few minutes later, even though it is a 'one use' cup, I went in for a round two. Round two actually felt a lot better since I was better at maneuvering the Ona Cup & since I kind of figured out the positioning and suction that I liked best. If this were not a disposable cup, or if I just had a lifetime supply of them, I bet it would get a little better still with a few more uses.


I was curious about the insides of this Ona Cup, so I tore it apart to see what was inside after I used it. I just happened to be holding a cam-corder while I was doing this. You can check out my Alien Autopsy video right here. I am still a little new to this whole video thing. I guess You Tube compresses whatever you upload, because I definitely lost quality through the upload. But, you still get the point.
Follow-up commentary
This is a disposable item. So, instead of writing about how it held up, I did think of something relevant to write about. I am a fan of Tenga products! Tenga is a Japanese company that does (luckily for us) export its fine wares to the rest of the world and the US. One small but significant downside to the Tenga products that I've had experience with, is little to no instructions in English.

After using the Squeeze Play 8.0, I couldn't help but to think of the Tenga Air Cushion that I reviewed about 8 or 9 months ago. I now understand a few things that really confused me about the Air Cushion, but it's cool. I will keep reviewing and buying Tenga products. I enjoy their unique and interesting concepts, and the language barrier mysteries only add to the charm.
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  • deceased
    Rocking review on an awesome sounding invention!!! I love how discrete it looks. I loved your autopsy (necropsy?) video. It also looks a whole lot cleaner than using a big squid or an apple pie. So cool!
  • Gary
    Thanks! Ha, now when is that 'novelty' item coming out? An apple pie masturbation sleeve. Smile
  • Sir
    Love the video, Gary. Imagine throwing that water balloon at someone after using the Squeeze Play. Great video, and review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It's interesting that you originally mentioned how the second go 'round was better. Learning curve is something one doesn't always take into account when it comes to disposable items.
  • J's Alley
    Ok, so I am thinking of getting a few for J, do you just get one use from each?
  • Gary
    YEA!!!! New Video!!!!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very good review

    Loved the info in the follow up
  • mikebooks
    The video is great ))
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