Belladonna love doll by Doc Johnson - review by Gary

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A Date with the Inflatable Belladonna

This would be a great doll for anyone that is looking for a well constructed and pleasurable inflatable playmate. This doll is very reasonable price, basic to use, and easy to understand and care for.
Inexpensive, durable, easy to use, feels surprisingly good.
Creepy face, rough abrasive edges at the openings.
Rating by reviewer:
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I was amazed at how small the packaging that contained this doll was when I first got it. The box is roughly about the size an old VHS porn box. The doll was folded up neatly and sealed in a plastic bag. When I opened the bag and unfolded the doll, there was not really any noticeable smell. It is made out of PVC, and boasts that it has '3-Holes to Enjoy'.

Blowing it up was pretty easy since I still have the pump that came with Tera Patrick. If you are inflating this manually, it might take you a little while. Once I got it fully inflated, I noticed that there were these punched PVC 'tabs' (same material and color as the doll), covering the vaginal and anal openings. This was not a big deal, and it did not take long to get them off, but it did confuse me a little bit; it also made me worry that if I pulled to hard it might rip the doll. But they came off fine, and then came the moment of truth. This is where I discovered the single worst aspect of this doll.

I lubed up all of the dolls openings, and myself of course, and then laid her flat on the bed. Her vaginal opening is actually located halfway between where it ought to be, and her belly button. So I actually had to climb on top of her and straddle her legs, which was no problem. Insertion was a bit tricky. Even with plenty of lube, the edges around the opening were very rough and hard, and you had to sort of… get in and get past them. Once I was in, I was really surprised at how good it felt. As long as I didn’t pull most of the way out, it felt really good and the hard edges didn’t bother me.

At this point, I was pretty surprised by the doll: how it felt, and how sturdy it seemed to be. I mean, I realized going into this that it was a very inexpensive doll. I think it’s selling for around $25.00. So I decided to keep going ‘around the world’, the next stop was the anal opening. The edges around the anal opening were identical to the vaginal opening, but again, they didn’t really bother me much once I was inside. Due to positioning of this opening, and the slight forward curve to the dolls body, we (the doll and I) actually ended up standing on the floor with her leaning forward over the bed. The feeling of this was basically the same as the other opening.

Next up was the oral opening. I flipped the doll around so that she was lying flat on the bed with her head hanging off, and I gave it a go in this position. The mouth did not have the hard edges, which was great, but due to head being so much smaller than the body, and neck being so thin, you couldn’t really get much inside the head. It was also way too floppy to really provide much resistance or enjoyment. You could use the oral opening if you really wanted to, but it is mostly for show.

So after the world tour, I ended up right back where I started laying flat on the bed - looking into the face of this doll. After I was done taking care of business, I took the doll into the bathroom for a nice bath in the sink. Cleaning it was very easy, I just used warm water and anti-bacterial soap. It was especially easy since I used a water-based lube, but you can also use silicone lube with the PVC material if you like.
It didn't really take away from the dolls usefulness or effectiveness, but I found the face of this doll to be very creepy. It is a pretty realistic looking photographic print of Belladonna's face on the doll, but the head is shaped like an aliens head (definitely not a human's head). Oh yeah, and right there in the middle of the face is big bright red 'socket'. So yeah, it was a little creepy and a little amusing.

I think I am gonna use this doll as a merch girl our next show. I am gonna put some panties on her, and one of our band t-shirts, and stand her beside the merch table. That will be hilarious!

If you want to see some snapshots I took with my phone of the Inflatable Belladonna Doll, along with the Inflatable Yumi Doll, check out the Before the Inflatable 3-Way, & the After the Inflatable 3-Way pictures on my Twitpic account.
Follow-up commentary
This doll is extremely creepy looking, which made me like it more. But aside from its appearance, it actually felt really good during use and has held up pretty well. I think this doll was selling for $10-$15 and in my opinion it felt better than a lot of the hand-held masturbators that I've used.
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  • deceased
    Love the doll three way. Their mouths look like colostomy stomas. Scary!!!
  • Purple Foxglove
    Hahaha, the pictures are hilarious! Awesome review! Big smile
  • Sammi
    The pictures are priceless Smile The face on this one was so strange - I don't think I'd seen one screened on like that before!

    Great review!
  • Owl Identified
    Bella is so beautiful, but the face on this doll is creepy! Excellent review, by the way.
  • Gary
    Thanks everyone! What a funny evening that was Smile That is my biggest complaint about inflatable dolls. They sell you the pictures on the box, not the doll. You have no idea what the doll is gonna look like until it's out of the box and inflated. I understand why they do that, but I do think they should really show you what you are getting as well. Off the top of my head, I can think of any other sex toys that you can't see what you are buying until after you've bought it.
  • El-Jaro
    So, like the real Belladonna, she goes ATM. Good to know. Does the doll have her gawdawful chest tattoo?

  • Love Buzz
    omg the photos are hillarious!!
  • samanthalynn
    thanks for the review!
  • MrGoodTool
    Awesome Review!
  • Cynthia Jordan
    I love this review photo still have me rollin laughing very true about they sell you the pic on the box
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