Yumi the anime love doll by Doc Johnson - review by Gary

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A Date with the Inflatable Yummy, Yummy Yumi Doll!

If you are looking for an interesting, durable, and inexpensive inflatable doll that has a fresh new look and features not usually found on most inflatable dolls, this is definitely the doll to consider.
Doll looks really cool & feels good when you are fully inserted, inexpensive, big inflatable boobs.
Hard rough edges around the openings, permanent positioning of the doll (some might like this).
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Yumi the Asian Anime Doll by Doc Johnson comes in what has to be one of the coolest looking boxes I’ve seen an adult toy come in. It is reminiscent of a lot of the Japanese adults toys that I’ve seen online. There are pictures of a cutesy looking anime girl all over the box, along with some very colorful and almost comic book looking lettering and backgrounds. I am a sucker for stuff like this.

Inside the box there was the doll, a patch kit, and an instructional pamphlet. The doll was folded up inside a sealed plastic bag. The patch kit contains 2 patches, and a tube of ‘magical doll fixing goop’. The instructional pamphlet is pretty funny, it tells you 2 things in 12 different languages.

The first thing in the instructions is how to inflate this doll, with a pump that is not included. The second thing it tells you is how to remove the ‘Hygienic Seals’. These are basically little punched out (but still attached) pieces of PVC material, that cover the vaginal and anal openings. You just carefully rip them off. Like everything else with using this doll, it's pretty obvious and self explanatory.

Yumi is made entirely out of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. You can use both water-based and silicone-based lube with this doll, and it can easily be cleaned with warm water, and anti-bacterial soap or a toy cleaner. The PVC material is pretty sturdy, and if properly cared for this doll could last for quite a long time. You cannot sterilize it however, so if you are going to be sharing this doll with anyone, condom use is recommended.

Inflating this doll was very easy, but then again I do still have a pump from the Tera Patrick doll I reviewed a while back. Inflating this doll manually is doable, but it will likely take you a while. Once this doll was fully inflated and I got a good look at her, she was certainly a good bit different from any of the other dolls that I’d ever used, or seen before.

Her hair is not as blond as the cartoon on the box (like that matters). Her face was very cartoon/anime looking, which was way more appealing to me than the creepy ‘realistic’ faces of most other dolls. She had enormous inflatable boobs (with nipples even, normally you don’t see that on inflatable dolls). She was also positioned into an ‘easy access’ pose, with her legs permanently pulled up towards her chest.

So after examining this fully inflated doll, I discovered the ‘Hygienic Seals’ covering her vaginal and anal openings. I removed the seals, got ready, put some lube into all of the openings and onto myself, and then began shifting into the ‘making sweet love to an inflatable doll’ portion of this review.

We started out in the position that this doll seemed to be designed for. She was laying flat on her back with her legs up in the air, and I was on top in between her legs. The initial entry was a bit awkward. The area surrounding the opening was harder and more rigid than the rest of the doll (I am guessing this is because there is a seam here for the receiving pocket). So it did cause a mild bit of pain and discomfort briefly during insertion, but once inside everything was cool and it felt really good.

After a few minutes we switched into a doggy style position, to try out the dolls anal opening. The shape of the doll worked pretty good for this position. I had the same problem with the hard rigid edge during insertion again. But once I was fully inside the doll it was cool. The tightness of the opening kind of held you inside the doll once you were in. The anal opening felt the same as the vaginal opening as far as stimulation goes.

Next up was the oral opening. This part did not really work out that well. I think that the mouth is really only designed for looks. It did also occur to me that there was no ‘Hygienic Seal’ over the mouth either. I am not saying I think there should have been, but this kind of backs up my theory about how usable the mouth is really intended to be. Upon insertion, before you are even the whole way in, you are already hitting the back of the dolls head. Also the mouth is right by the neck, which is very skinny and flimsy, so there is not really a good way to effectively ‘use’ the mouth. It’s not physically impossible to use the mouth, but it’s just not worth it either.

*** Review Continues into the Experience Section ***
On to the breasts. The front of the box says “Yumi comes complete with 4 fuckable parts”. It goes on to list them all for you: Tight Ass, Succulent Pussy, Pouty Mouth, & Big Tits! The box says a lot of funny things. So anyway, back to business… back to inflatable doll breast-sex. It was pretty easy to put some lube in between the dolls breasts, squeeze them together, and then get busy. It felt pretty good, but mentally I guess you would have to say that this was not quite as stimulating for me. So I switched back to missionary and completed the transaction.

After I was finished using the doll I took her into the bathroom, deflated her, and then washed her off and out. Cleaning was easy, I then hung her up over the shower curtain to dry. It takes a while for the doll to fully dry. Water seems to find its way into all the little folds and pockets of wrinkled pvc, and it hides there until you try to move the doll. Then while moving what you think is a dry doll, you ended getting soaked as all the sneaky water jumps out at you. Sneaky sneaky!

My overall opinion of the doll is very good. I really like the packaging design, and for such an inexpensive doll (that’s selling for around $25) it looks really cool. It has a pretty solid and durable construction. Once you are fully inserted inside the doll, using the doll feels really good. When compared to other dolls, especially in the same price range, it has some new and interesting features.

But… even though I think the design idea of the legs being up is a good idea, and this design may be perfect for others, it was just not the best for me personally. I think I would have preferred this exact same doll, with a straight body like how most of other inflatable dolls are positioned… but that’s just me. It is still a really good doll, and it is definitely worth the selling price!

I took a bunch of snapshot pictures of this doll, and the inflatable Belladonna Doll together. I think the pics are pretty funny, but they definitely give you a good look at what the fully inflated doll looks like. Just check out my Twitpic account to see the Before the Inflatable 3-Way, & the After the Inflatable 3-Way pictures.
Follow-up commentary
This doll was ok, but after reviewing it I have not had any interest in revisiting this toy. I reviewed a cheaper Belladonna doll at the same time, and it was way more enjoyable.
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  • deceased
    I loved this review! If I had a Yumi, I wouldn't share her with anyone. And with an anime face, maybe I could take her to the beach or the pool without "scaring children".
  • Darling Dove
    I was just wondering- I dont know if these dolls are meant to be used this way, but some of the other ones and many japanese ones are meant to have pocket pussies inserted into the holes to cover the seam and make it more pleasurable. Have you ever considered/tried using them this way? Or including in reviews if they can be used that way? EF carries some too that include the pussy and ass inserts so I'd look forward to seeing how they work, and it would probably be easier to clean if you just removed the insert.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    "Succulent" is not really an attractive word for a pussy, in my experience. Tongue out
  • Gary
    Misha: The permanently bent 'ready to go' position of this doll would probably not work the best for your beach trip. If the doll was slightly less bent, you would be able to set her in a folding beach chair beach. I wanted to use these dolls (the Belladonna doll also) for t-shirt models at our merch table, but this doll is too bent for that. There are plenty of Japanese - inflatable anime dolls I've seen online that would be better suited for taking to the beach Smile
  • Gary
    Darling Dove: I know what exactly what you are talking about! This doll and the Belladonna doll I just reviewed are both made by Doc Johnson, and are both 'regular' inflatable dolls. However, some of the pocket pussies that have an almost balloon looking tube (aside from the usual semi-realistic looking front), would probably fit in and work ok with these dolls... except that it may actually be too tight with the sleeve. I am not sure about that one. The rough edges were not really that bad, but since I was testing the dolls, and making sure to use all of the parts, I probably experienced a lot more discomfort than if I had just picked one spot, and stuck with it Smile
  • Gary
    Backseat Boohoo: I agree! There is not much attractive about most of the stuff on these inflatable doll boxes, but I do however think that most of it is funny and entertaining so... that goes a long way with me. Smile
  • deceased
    Domo arigato gozaimasu!!!
  • Tuesday
    I love your doll reviews. But I'm wondering, are the parts that you insert yourself into made of the same material as the skin - one layer of PVC? I envision that you would need something 1/4 thick and rubber or other compressible material for it to feel good.

    It sounds like the mouth is for kissing. Did you try that?
  • Gary
    Misha: You are very welcome! Smile
  • Gary
    Tuesday: Thanks you! All the material felt the same, and the PVC is pretty solid. Ha, no I did not kiss the mouth... honestly it never occurred to me that I should try. Smile
  • MrGoodTool
    Awesome Review!
  • nori
    ah man.. the rough edges sounds unfortunate. D: sorry you didn't really enjoy this.
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