Advanced master gauge - vacuum penis pump by Cal Exotics - review by Beck

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A Pump For The Well Endowed

The Advanced Master Gauge Pump is sized for those who already well endowed to add a little more to their size. It's designed for easy assembly and easy use. However, this does require some extra maintenance to care for. Overall, this was an effective pump that we both enjoyed and will continue to use.
Fits larger sizes, quick release valve, and one handed pump.
Extra care with cleaning, lack of instructions, and lack of material information.
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The Advanced master gauge pump is for those men who are too large for the average size pump. A penis pump is something you should use what extreme caution. Be sure to be properly educated on "How To Use A Penis Pump." There is a such thing as too much pumping, which can result in permanent damage, because you can rupture the your veins in your penis.

According to the above link, you should always use a water based lube with a pump. Patience is your friend when using a pump. Speed doesn't make things go smoothly. Take your time, go slow, and be sure to pause and make sure everything feels normal. If you feel pain or too much pressure, you should STOP. The coloration of the penis also is an indicator of how smoothly things are going. If the color looks out of the normal, you should stop. You should never pump longer than 20 minutes.

Material / Texture

According to the box, this pump is made of a few different materials. The Donut and hose are made of silicone. The release valve, gauge, and handle are made of ABS plastic. The Cylinder is made of PC which is Polycarbonate.

Silicone is a man made semi-organic polmer. Silicone is rated 10 out 10 on the body safety scale because it's a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free. It won't have any smell or taste to it. It's also non-porous. This is important because your penis will be touching the donut piece. Be sure to properly clean it in between uses.

The silicone feels like rubber. It has a decent amount of drag to it, but nothing lube can't fix. This silicone does tend to collect a fair amount of lint as well.

ABS plastic is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This is a common thermoplastic. It's rated 8 out of 10. This is a phthalates and latex free material that is also non-porous. ABS plastic will never have a smell or taste to it either.

The ABS plastic material is smooth to the touch. However, it also feels thin and cheap because it's light weight and hollow.

PC or Polycarbonate is another thermoplastic polymer. I can't find information saying if it is porous or if it contains phthalates or latex. As it is a plastic, I think it's safe to say it's latex free; however it might not be completely phthalate free. As phthalates are used to soften plastics. The box doesn't say it's phthalates free. Everything that I read on Google says that polycarbonate does contain phthalates. The box doesn't claim that it's phthalates free at all, which leads me to believe that PC is the reason it doesn't say that.

This PC feels just like plastic. It's a good solid plastic that feels durable. There is some texture. If you look inside the cylinder the design is like a flower. There are humps of texture along the tube. You can feel the humps inside. The outside is indented.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There is some assembly required upon arrival. However, this is so simple, anyone can figure it out. The only thing I had to do was attach the tubing to the top of the release valve. This took little effort and even less time.

This pump comes with everything you need to get started aside from some lubrication. You are given a donut that goes on the bottom of the cylinder. This donut has an opening 1.25" in diameter; however it has the ability to stretch to 2" in diameter. This donut is completely optional, but it will make things more comfortable. Without the donut, the cylinder has a diameter of 2.5". Remember: this diameter is the fullest potential after pumping! You'll need a bigger pump if you are larger and want to be larger than this pump. The internal length of the pump is maxed out at 9.25".

This means that the fullest potential, after pumping, will be 2.5" in diameter and 9.25" in length. This isn't the size that all will be able to reach. Keep in mind that everyone is very different and can handle different levels of pumping. You should be happy with whatever size you can safely make it to. Remember that size really doesn't matter! This pump will work for those who are average size because of the donut and it might allow them to increase size more than a usual pump. However, the purpose of this pump is for those who are slightly above average.

From the bottom of the cylinder to the prong for the release valve is 14.5". The tubing and handle is 22.5" total. 16.5" is the tubing and the rest is the handle. This isn't the easiest piece of equipment to hide. I wouldn't suggest using the original box as it's not at all discreet. I'd purchase a large tote bag or something similar. Otherwise you will be standing there saying "it isn't mine" as someone has that confused look on their face.




Release Valve:



Functions / Performance / Controls

This pump requires manual work either by yourself or your partner. It's very easy to use. The handle is a plastic curve with another plastic curve inside. You grip your palm around the outer curve and reach your fingers up to grip the inner curve. Then pull it down to start pumping. This one handed pumping style allows you to hold onto the tube at the same time. However, it can cause hand cramping at the same time especially for those who have arthritis or carpel tunnel. The top of the cylinder has a PSI gauge for you to keep track of how much pressure you have pumped. Above this PSI gauge is a quick release button. A single push will release the suction of the penis, so you can safely remove it.

During use, the only sound is of air as you suck and as you release pressure. This isn't loud at all. So, no one will hear you using the pump.

Care and Maintenance

This pump will require a little work in order to clean it properly. First off remove the donut and tubing. The tubing and the handle don't require cleaning other than wiping down the outside. Should you get anything inside of the tubing, I would recommend that you go ahead and boil it to be safe. If you boil the tubing, you might as well boil the donut as well. The donut can be cleaned with soap and water or a bleach solution. The cylinder needs a good cleaning. I recommend getting a bottle brush. You can pick one up at your local dollar store for a few dollars. This will allow you to scrub the inside. You should use soap and water with this bottle brush. Then allow it to completely dry before storing it away.

Be sure you have plenty of space to store this pump discreetly! It needs to be in a toy chest, closet, dresser, or some other storage option with a lot of space.

Silicone is compatible with water and oil based lubes and plastic is compatible with all lubes. However, the guide to penis pumps recommends water based lubes over all other lubes.


The packaging isn't discreet and isn't good for storage. The toy is pictured many times on the box and clearly labels this as a pump. It also says things like " Ample girth for the big man and the man he wants to be!" I wouldn't gift this without wrapping it.

There are no instructions for how to use this pump. Be sure to use Google as your friendly helper. There are many videos and sources of information about pumps.


This is the second pump we have tried. The first time we got a pump, I blindly ordered it and didn't get the right size. While it initially fit my partner, there wasn't room to grow. Therefore the pump was useless to us. So, I decided I would measure before trying to order another one. To my surprise, he was larger than the "average" size. Erect he measured 2" in diameter and just about 8" long. After looking at all the pumps available, I realized there weren't any that would fit his size and allow room to grow. So, when I received this as assignment I was excited that it was sized perfectly for my husband.

He wanted to be at least half erect before he tried to use the pump. So after a bit of oral sex, he was able to fit in the donut, after he applied some Wet Light Lube. This donut did tend to grab on his pubic hair because of the drag to it. So be careful when using it.

After it was on, he slowly started to pump, but quickly had hand cramps. He took a pause for about 2 minutes and went back at pumping. This time he had asked me to help pump some. I was nervous about doing it because he knows his body better than I do. I didn't want to over pump it. He took 20 minutes total, but paused every 5 minutes for 2 minutes at a time.

At last he was finally finished! So, I pulled out the measuring tape to see what the difference was. We knew it wouldn't be very much because he was already almost the size of the pump. His diameter increased to 2.25" and the length moved to 8.75". He is usually 2" in diameter and 8" long. So, he did have some added girth and added length.

I noticed the added length during oral. This is because, usually, I can deep throat and take it all in, but this time I couldn't get it all in. I didn't really notice the size difference during intercourse. However, the swelling could have went down by the time we got into intercourse. I didn't keep track of how long this size increase lasted.

He said that he didn't really feel any bigger. He did say that his penis was super sensitive and he could feel his pulse in his penis more than normal.

Overall, we are happy with the performance of this pump. It did exactly what it was suppose to do. I'm giving it four out of five stars because of the lack of information on materials and use.
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