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A soft sword

Overall, out of my 4 Fleshlights, this one is going to fall in around as my 3rd favorite. While I loved the look of the texture, and the design with the soft case, the texture just doesn't blow me away, and I actually really miss the large regular case with the circular end caps. I keep trying new Fleshlights, but I keep going back to the "plain old" Fleshlight STU.
Squeezable, new texture, easy to grip
Difficult to re-insert sleeve, case squeezing not that great, texture ok
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Ever get tired of masturbating with your hand? Or does shoving your penis into a toilet paper tube not work at all? Was it too small or too rough? How about some of the basic sleeves that you just hold in your hand? No, it just doesn't compare to a Fleshlight. They might be a little expensive, and somewhat large, but they are so worth it.

But how about being able to use a Fleshlight, but instead of a super hard case, you get a case that is squuezable so you can adjust the amount of pressure on your penis. It sounds great, and it is finally here with the Sword and the Blade.

Hold on, things are about to get tight and wild!

Material / Texture

Fleshlights are made out of Superskin, a top secret formula for the material which Fleshlight isn't sharing with anyone. What they will tell you is that Superskin is not silicone, it is non-allergenic, and it is latex and phthalate free. Since it is a special material, you need to be careful as to what lubes you use, and that should be water based lube only. Also, there are special cleaning instructions, and you shouldn't share it with non-fluid bonded partners.

The external orifice for the Sword is an ass, and that is half the reason that I chose the Sword over the Blade. The other reason is the internal texture. The texture of the Blade looked somewhat boring, and after my experience with the Forbidden texture, I was looking for a bumpy ass. And I found it in the Sword. Looking at the texture from the ass opening, it starts out with a large numb chamber, before going to a smaller numb chamber. It then has 2 tight rings, and 1 larger ring, before opening up to another large numb chamber. You then basically have the same 1 and 2 rings, then more numbs to finish off the texture. I always thought that the Forbidden was a little too plain with some entrance rings, then a wave, and I was hoping that the Sword's texture would be intense!

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Height wise, this is very similar to a regular Fleshlight, like the STU. But everything else about the Sword is unique to it. Height wise, this is about 1 inch shorter that the normal Fleshlight at 8 inches tall. Instead of being circular at the top and bottom, the ends are shaped like a triangle. The top has a simple cap that just pulls off to expose the orifice, and measures about 3.5 by 2.5 inches. The bottom is really different from the other Fleshlights, because instead of having a screw off end cap, this has 4 small air holes, then a larger quarter sized cap that pops off. Unfortunately, the cap is pretty hard to remove, and I also have to use the cap to put my finger inside to help guide the sleeve back inside the case. Unlike my Flight case, the Sword is heavily textured, which makes gripping the case in use very easy.

The Sword against the Flight against my favorite the STU Vagina

My difficulty in getting the sleeve all the way back in.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions of the Sword are totally different from the other "normal" Fleshlights, because while those are round, this is more triangular. This required a total redesign for the case. No more screwing off the top cap, it now pops off without difficulty. No more screwing off the bottom cap to adjust the pressure on your penis, it has a small quarter sized cap at the bottom which allows either "full open" or "mostly closed besides a few small holes" options for suction. Also, before even using it for the first time, I could see a small potential problem with semen coming flying out of the end if you do choose to have the quarter sized cap removed from the end of the case. I have the cap in place in this photo, but the sleeve opening aligns perfectly with this cap, so watch out for the semen if you are in balls deep when you orgasm!

The main difference with the Sword is another feature of the case though, because it is squeezable. Its like squeezing a nice ass cheek or a breast. Sometimes you want a soft squeeze to caress it, or sometimes you want to squeeze it really hard and inflict some pain. With the blue Swords case, you have that option. It is softer than I would have imagined, but it still has enough strength where it isn't frail and can stand up on its own.

Care and Maintenance

One issue I had with the soft case and design of the sword was during the first cleaning. After I rinse the insert off, I will place the sleeve almost completely back into the case to allow it to dry. But either with the shape of the insert and case, or the softness of the case, I had extreme difficulty getting it back in. And since the bottom opening is about the size of a quarter, I could not really get my fingers inside to help pull it down. It took quite some effort, and some frustration, but I was eventually able to get the sleeve back inside and the top cap on.

But for normal cleaning, it is quite simple with Fleshlights. After I cum in my sleeve, I will walk it to the bathroom with it horizontal. I then will remove myself over tile floor in case I drip, then remove the sleeve from the case. I run the sleeve under warm water in the bathtub, and run it from both directions to make sure none of my cum is stuck inside the texture's nubs and rings. After I am done rinsing, I will towel dry the outer part of the sleeve slightly, before placing it back in the upright case almost all of the way for the rest of the drying. I will usually leave it out for at least 24 hours before putting it away to make sure the inside of the sleeve is totally dry. This is important to prevent mold from growing.

If you do have some mold, or want to do a slightly better cleaning, you can use some isopropyl alcohol on the sleeve. And if it becomes sticky or tacky, you can dust the sleeve with some cornstarch after cleaning to remove the stickiness, but you will need to rinse the sleeve off before your next upcoming use.

NEVER use soap on your sleeve as it can damage the sleeve. I have been cleaning my sleeves via this method since I got my first one about a year and a half ago, and they are holding up just fine.


My first 2 Fleshlights came in the somewhat large metal tins that were almost collector items. Nothing that I wanted to keep, but nicer than a cardboard box. But my last 2 Fleshlights, the Flight and the Sword, have come in small cardboard boxes, which is just fine to me. The Swords box is 3.75 inches square, and 8.25 inches tall. It has a clear window in the front showing the case, an image of the entrance and texture on one side, and some more information on the back. Inside the box is a small pamphlet of information, which includes other Fleshjack products, the 5 collector Freak dildos, and some care instructions as well.

Just as a warning as well, the Sword is designed and labeled under the Fleshjack line, which is different from the Fleshlight and Fleshlight Girls line. It is more designed for gay men, but this doesn't effect the use of the sleeve. The main difference is that the included information has male model photos inside instead of the Fleshlight girls. While it doesn't bother me, an unsuspecting partner that finds the pamphlet could question your sexuality preference.

    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I did notice that the sleeve and soft case was about an inch shorter than a plain old regular Fleshlight, and while I never felt myself reach the end of the case, I knew I was pretty close to it. Also, squeezing down on the soft case didn't really provide a great increase in my feeling of the texture, I could just feel my penis being squeezed through the smaller opening. If I squeezed at the bottom where my hand was holding the case, there wasn't much difference. If I squeezed it closer to my body, I could tell a little difference, but not a whole lot. The only way I got a lot of feeling from the squeezing alone was by squeezing with both hands, one on each side of the case across from each other. And once again, the sleeve was extremely difficult to re-insert back into the case after I cleaned it.

I was really hoping that the Sword would become my new go to Fleshlight for the most satisfying masturbation pleasure, but it unfortunately falls short. The soft case doesn't really transfer the squeezing to my penis with great satisfaction, the sleeve is difficult to put in, it doesn't have an adjustable cap at the bottom for suction, and even the texture isn't that mind blowing. Out of my 4 Fleshlights, I still enjoy my STU the most. The flight comes in at a close second, but the extra sticky clear sleeve knocks it out of first place.
Follow-up commentary
My feelings towards the Sword hasn't changed in the few months since I wrote my review. I really don't like the soft case and the difficult time I have getting the sleeve to go back in. I keep trying different variations of Fleshlights, from a Jenna Haze Forbidden to a STU to the Flight and the Sword, and my favorites are still the more traditional Jenna Haze Forbidden and the STU.
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