Pink lotus lager - sex toy by Fleshlight - review by Alan & Michele

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A Very Satisfying Brew

The naughty beer can design makes this toy as decorative as it is useful for guys who have a sense of humor, and the smaller inner sleeve creates a super tight masturbation experience that will please most men endlessly, but may be too tight for the well-endowed or very sensitive users to enjoy.
Amusing decorative can design. Smaller size is easier to manage.
Might be too small for some men to use comfortably. Can is hard to hold if lubed.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Pink Lotus Lager is part of Fleshlight's new Sex In A Can series and features a miniaturized version of the Lotus texture inner sleeve that is popular in the full-sized male masturbation Fleshlight toys. To use it you just unscrew the top of the can to reveal the masturbation sleeve, apply some lube both on yourself and inside said sleeve, insert your penis, and enjoy.

Because it's so small, this Fleshlight is perfect for men who like it tight and for those who may be less endowed than average. Larger-than-average men may enjoy this toy too, but when we say tight, we mean it.
    • Busy men

Material / Texture

The Pink Lotus sleeve is made of the same Fleshlight patented Superskin material as all the rest of their products, which is designed to mimic real skin. Though the exact formula is a trade secret, the material doesn't contain any latex or phthalates. It's extremely pliable, and very smooth like the skin of a carefully shaven vulva. You even can heat it up before use by soaking it in warm water to increase the realism more.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The can is shaped and sized like a 16 ounce beer can, complete with a non-removable pull tab molded into the top, and both the top and the bottom unscrews from it. The inner sleeve is removable via the top of the can for cleaning, and the bottom can be tightened or loosened to vary the suction you feel while the toy is in use.

The sleeve is just a smaller version of the full sized Fleshlight Lotus sleeve, with a mini realistic labia and clitoris at the entrance. When you hear people talk about the "texture" of Fleshlight they are most often referring to the design of the material inside of the sleeve, and in the case of the Lotus that consists of multiple chambers that widen and tighten in short succession.

Men with less girth are more likely to feel the differences, because overall this sleeve is incredibly tight on the average cock, and men with a lot of girth may have trouble penetrating this sleeve to begin with. Lengthwise, you've got about 6-1/2" to thrust into, but if you're longer than that you can either take the bottom of the can off to thrust through the toy entirely or just move up to a full-sized Fleshlight instead.

The overall size of the Pink Lotus Lager can is around 7-1/2" by 2-3/4", so while it wouldn't be as difficult as a regular Fleshlight to hide somewhere or travel with, it's definitely not a pocket toy. Another thing to consider is that the bare-breasted Samurai lady picture on the can is boldly sexual with shiny dark pink accents all around, so although nobody could guess that it's a sex toy at first glance it's likely to attract attention if it's sitting out somewhere.

Functions / Performance / Controls

As mentioned before, the bottom cap can be tightened and loosened to vary the suction; the tighter it is, the more this toy tugs at your cock on the withdrawal. However, the sleeve is tight enough in the first place that the average-sized guy may not notice a huge difference in suction unless he removes the cap entirely and opts for none.

The only real major drawback that may be noted with this toy is that the can is hard to hold onto if you get any lube on your fingers. The original Fleshlights have ridges on the cases to prevent this problem, but The Pink Lotus Lager is entirely smooth on the outside so you may want to wipe off your hands before the real thrusting begins.

Care and Maintenance

To clean the sleeve, just run plenty of warm water through it and then lay it out to dry. Don't use any soap or other cleaners, because they can damage the SuperSkin.
We found that cleaning a mini sleeve is much easier than with a full-sized Fleshlight sleeve, because not only does water flow through it better but you can actually get your fingers far enough into both ends to give it a decent rubbing too.

You can use a bit of isopropyl alcohol if you really feel the need, though the scent of that does linger for awhile. You can wash the plastic Lager can with soap and water, but be sure to rinse it well when done.

Fleshlight sleeves become a bit sticky after some time, which isn't harmful but some people find unpleasant. To keep your Fleshlight soft, all you have to do is give it an occasional dusting with corn starch (aka corn flour in the UK) before storage and it's as good as new.

Obviously the Sex In A Can Fleshlights are a toy and its storage all in one when the end caps are screwed on. But if for some reason you decide to store the sleeve and can separately, it would be best to keep the sleeve by itself in a plastic bag or other such container to protect it.

You should never use anything but water based lubricants with any Fleshlight.


This Fleshlight comes sealed in a clear plastic bag, which is inside a plain brown cardboard box. There's a single use sample of ID Glide lube along with a pamphlet that gives general care and maintenance instructions in the bag as well, and the Fleshlight sleeve is already in the can.

The box could very easily be wrapped for gift giving, or kept to be used for more discreet storage if you find the can to be too flamboyant for you.


Alan says:
If you're thick in the dick area I'd say skip this toy unless you're just really into the cool beer can design. I consider myself an average-sized guy and the grip was pretty intense, plus it took a lot of lube to feel comfortable with it on the out-stroke. Not that I didn't enjoy it, because I really did, particularly since those chambers made it feel like I was penetrating a virgin ass or something multiple times on the way in. It's just tighter than I'd like to experience on a regular basis. So overall I prefer the full-sized Fleshlights, but this one's nice for an occasional change of pace.

Michele says:
I found this toy amusing from end to end, particularly the part of the statement from the "surgeons generally" on the label. Even more amusing was when Alan finally let me try it (on him) and it produced this squelching sound that was hard not to laugh at. Maybe we had too much lube in it or something, but damn it was funny.

The only bad part was that it was hard at first for me to get him inserted in the toy, and that's when we discovered how hard the can was to hold onto when you've got lube on your fingers. I had to press down hard enough that I was afraid I'd hurt him, and then when I first started to stroke him with it there seemed to be more tugging resistance than might be healthy. He said it felt ok, but for me it's easier to use the regular Fleshlights on him.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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