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Air cushion cup

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Albino Slurp Cup

What an odd contraption this toy is. It has its ups and downs. Though I would suspect it could be a good fit for some people or at least provide something a little different. The cost of this one-time-use disposable toy is kind of unrealistic.
Something totally different, does not feel like hand, mouth, or vagina
Sounds it makes while being used, a bit pricey to be disposable
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With the wrapper on, this toy looked like a cross between a can of soda and a container of men’s body wash, very inconspicuous. After removing the wrapper the entire toy, inside and out, is white. Unwrapped it is still not obvious that it is a sex toy, but it does become more noticeable.

After unwrapping it, the first thing that I did was smell it, no “sex toy of death smell” here. The jelly opening of the toy does not look like a vagina, which was kind of a plus to me. Rather than imagining a can of soda with a deformed vagina growing out of it, I didn’t think about it at all. Upon inserting my finger into the toy to check it out, it felt kind of gooey but then when I looked at my finger it was dry. The jelly was slick and oily but not enough that it rubbed off onto you.

Now let's get down to business... using Eros Body Glide, I lubed myself up very generously and then poured a good amount of lube into the cup. I then dove head first into the deep end so to speak, and this did not work out very well; I got about half way into the cup and caught traction. So I pulled out and added even more Eros Body Glide. This time it worked well enough for me to get the whole way inside the cup.

Tenga Air Cushion Cup felt good, but it also felt very unusual. Once I started using this toy, I was very surprised at the sounds it made. I read another reviewer refer to the sounds as farting noises. It does have a forced air kind of sound, but I thought that it sounded a lot more like pneumatic machinery. It made one noise when pushing in, and another when pulling out. The harder and faster you went the more intense the noises were. I honestly feel as though this is the worst part of this toy. You cannot help but to get distracted by the noise.

I stopped again and after a minute of thought I grabbed the trusty container of Maximus that we always keep handy at bedside, and I poured WAY TOO MUCH of it inside this cup. I know, now it's kind of like in Ghostbusters, mixing 2 different lubes together is like crossing the streams.

This helped to quiet the noise a little bit and added a bit more slurp to the pneumatic sound. I figured it was now or never with this bad boy, so I began my sprint for the finish line. I closed my eyes and starting having impure thoughts. I moved the cup very fast until I finally got off.

After getting off, I had to hold the cup really still. It was so snug that every slight movement caused way too much sensation to my extremely sensitive 'afterward' state of being.

Cleaning: It is intended to be disposable. It does not come apart to clean. I am sure you could rinse and reuse or wear a condom, but after all of the lube I used with this thing - I didn’t even consider it.
I am very glad that I test-drove this sexual apparatus alone, while my wife was in the shower. I would have felt really stupid while she stood there laughing at all the weird noises that stemmed from me making sweet love to this cup. After laughing at me, she then would have gotten involved and added to the experience, of course. I figured I would try this out by myself so that I could have a clearer experience instead of it just being part of another experience. This toy did feel really good, especially when using it really slowly, but it was not easy for me to get off from using it. I guess it was just too far out of my realm.

For some additional photos and a fun little video giving you a look at the inner workings of this toy, please take a look at my bloggy! :)
Follow-up commentary
In retrospect, I don’t really have much to add to my initial review. I used it; it was interesting but not really my cup of penis stimulating tea. After I was done with it, I set it next to the bed where I totally forgot about it for a day or two. When I picked it up while cleaning, I was very surprised at how abnormally heavy it felt from all of the lube, and whatever else might still be in there. Imagine picking up a 5 lbs can of soda, ugh. So I just decided to discard it, rather than attempt cleaning what was meant to be a disposable masturbator.
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