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Silicone ergoring set

Cock ring by Jollies LLC

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An Endearing, Enduring Engorgment

If you've never tried using a cock ring before, this is an amazing value and a safe, effective and affordable selection to introduce you to the simplest of toy categories. It is also a great buy even for those with enough cock rings to operate a ring toss game!
A well-thought out design, safe material, great stretch...and excellent price.
Given the superb price to quality ratio, absolutely nothing.
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extremely useful review
I’ve written in another EF review that a well-designed cock ring is the man’s sex toy equivalent of a woman’s little black dress: an essential possession. At the high end are the handsome and weighty Gear Essentials metal rings, and then at a more affordable level I’d place the Tantus series of silicone rings.

To this premium, well-designed, impervious and healthy category of rings (That would be EF’s 10 rating on toy material safety) I’d definitely add The Jollies cock ring. It's made of a very safe medical grade ‘platinum’ silicone and is a very affordable ring. I'm happy to have it in the toy box, where it has a useful and flexible role: think of it as a utility outfielder in the world of cock rings.

The Jollies cock ring arrives in a plastic clamshell that unfortunately is bigger than it needs to be. Inside there are two circles of floppy, ribbed silicone - one 2 inches in diameter, and the other just 1.25 inches. The pair match in colour (black, red and royal blue are the choices). They are both about a half inch deep, and only about 1/16” thick. The one unique design aspect is a thicker (1/8”) ring or band in the outside centre of each, for support and strength. This also gives the Jollies ring the ability to be turned inside out, so the ring is against to the member tissue, rather than facing outwards (see photos). This decreases the diameter of each ring by some fraction of an inch (up to 1/4”), depending on the degree of stretch. The inside surface is beveled or canted, and measuring the curve, the 1/2” depth actually covers 3/4” of surface area. And one rim of each ring is ever so slightly wider than the other and is flat, while the opposite and slightly narrower rim has a small rib on it, though not as prominent as the main centre rib.

These silicone rings can stretch, especially compared to the rather substantial Tantus line, or the ‘Fugetaboudit’ concept of give in the Gear Essentials stainless steel line. The design and selection of silicone allows the 2 inch ring to easily expand to about 3 or 4 inches; the smaller 1.25 inch ring stretches to about 2.5 inches...though not as easily. The silicone has a velvety rather than smooth surface, and does have three to four gleaming circles or dots on the surface, which likely were the pour or air channels in casting. They don’t affect the strength nor feel at all, and are only noticeable if examining the rings carefully.

As medical grade or platinum silicone, these rings can be cleaned easily with soap and water or an antibacterial wash or spray, and can be sterilized by washing in a 10% bleach solution, boiling for 3 minutes in water, or, if you desire, in certain cycles of most dishwashers. Any type of lubricant can be used in seating the ring or for partner or solo play, and though many prefer a water-based one I have personally tested and regularly used these rings with Pjur Silicone Bodyglide. (The maker states their medical grade silicone is compatible with silicone lubes [ ] .)
Both metal rings and the Tantus silicone line require a pretty flaccid cock in order to perform the genital gymnastics needed to place them at the base of the penis and behind the balls. What I really appreciate about the Jollies design and its flexible silicone is that it allows you to stretch and (gently) place the ring without waiting for an erection to disappear. Previously I’ve used the stretchy, less safe jelly or rubber novelty rings for those moments, so having this stable silicone option is great.

And why use a cock ring anyway? Seated at the base of the penis and behind the balls, it helps slow bloodflow out from the erectile tissue (maybe not an issue in your teens and twenties...but more so after wear and tear and age). If properly sized, it can increase hardness, girth, sensitivity, and provide an amazing, gently throbbing visual. For exactly these same reasons, never wear a cock ring for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time, and never continue using it if there’s any discomfort at all. With that guidance, both the ultimate benefits of size and hardness for your partner and what usually is a longer, drawn out ejaculatory orgasm for you is pretty hard combo to resist.

The Jollies large ring worked very well when I’ve wanted to don a ring without losing my hard-on. Just make sure you don’t lose your grip while stretching, or there will be pain, if not bruising! I’ve tried turning the ring inside out, to try and use the rib to decrease the diameter, but it tends to easily reverse to the rib-out position; maybe there’s a reason for the two slightly different rim designs, and I’ll try and see if one is better than the other at preventing this.

As for the smaller diameter ring in the set, I didn’t find it much use or fun. It is never going to get seated behind my tackle without profound pain and damage. And even on the shaft it is so constrictive that it stops bloodflow, and creates a frightening wasp-waist look I don’t really want to see again. Just below the head of the penis wasn’t any more amusing or effective either. But it is there, as a bonus, and different men and women may find it extremely comfortable, effective and erotic. Given the very nice price of this set, I have absolutely no regrets about setting it aside in the ‘nevermind’ pile.

This is both a great value and highly recommended product.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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