Hot rod enhancer royal - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by LoveCouple

Be careful you could put an eye out with this thing or worse.

Although we started off with a few horrifying experiences with the Hot Rod Enhancer Royal overall we have grown to really enjoy using it, and quite often.
Awesome girth and the ridges hit all the right spots.
The smell at first is awful. Will not stay on penis or slides to base of shaft without condom.
Rating by reviewer:
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Based on using this for what it was intended for I would have rated the Hot Rod Enhancer Royal one star. But, the alternative ways we have found to use this toy gave it the extra two stars. This product is made from thermoplastic rubber and is very stretchy, with lube it will slip and slide all over the place. It's also sticky to the touch and will pickup lint and various other items if you are not careful. Very pronounced ridges along the top, bottom, or side, whichever way you decide to put it on, made me decide to purchase it. Small texture ridges inside the sleeve but not enough, for me anyway, to make it uncomfortably sensitive. It has a tapered shape starting off at around one inch and ending up around one and a half inches. Seems to be taller than it is wide, probably because of the ridges.

When the Hot Rod Enhancer arrived and I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the smell. I really don't know how to describe it other than a chemical rubbery smell. The smell seems to come off on your hand and anything it touches. Over time thankfully this smell has gone away. I decided to try this thing on prior to using it during sex. I did apply a small amount of lube to slip it on, which was probably the first mistake. I let go of the Hot Rod Enhancer and it shot across the room like a bullet. I'm glad my wife was not standing in front or it could have ruined the entire evening. I found running under warm water then stretching it a little I was able to get it on. It still wanted to slide some but not as much. I was stunned at the size or girth with this thing around me.

After my projectile experience I was nervous to show it to my wife but knew she would love to see it on. This was our first time playing with a toy with this much girth, so she was a bit concerned but we both agreed to try it out. After a few minutes of foreplay she told me to slide it in. Since she was already wet I did not apply any lube. After what seemed like hours of trying to get this thing inserted I determined the front part of the toy was not tapered enough to be inserted, so I carefully slid it up the shaft closer to the head of my penis. This seemed to do the trick and we both enjoyed it tremendously, until, it came off inside of her. We both were freaking out to say the least, but I was able to extract it quickly. Talking about ruining an evening. We both decided the Hot Rod would not be used again.

After a few weeks I decided to do some experimenting, which I love to do with sex toys. I took the Hot Rod and with a small amount of lube and some water was able to slide it onto the Accommodator Chin Harness we had. I noticed it was stuck in place and was not sliding around at all like it had been on my penis. I showed this to my wife and being the brave sexy woman she is agreed to try it. I am glad she did. I was able to keep a close eye on the Hot Rod to make sure it did not slide and at the same time give her the best oral orgasm she has ever had. Since then we have used it with other toys, like her favorite vibrator. I did finally manage to use the Hot Rod on my penis but only with a condom on.
Follow-up commentary
Thanks to each of you for your comments. Sorry it's been so long for this follow up. My wife has started back to school and our playtime has slowed somewhat. We still continue to use the Hot Rod Enhancer Royal mainly as an addition to other toys to make them thicker, and my wife continues to enjoy.

In the pink: Yes the ridges are noticeable, but not as much as you would think since this product is very squishy. It does seem to keep it's shape very well when being worn. Meaning it does not stretch out unless you want it to, but usually shrinks back to it's length after a few.

Adriana Ravenlust: Thanks for you comment. Yeah it was pretty funny after the fact. I would have loved to seen the expression on my face when this thing went flying.

Tuesday: As stated in my review the Hot Rod Enhancer is mainly used as an addition to other toys, but in the few instances I have used on my penis it has felt great. I think the ridges on the inside of the Hot Rod added to the pleasure. It is thick and once placed on my penis or another toy we have to take it slow but once it's slid into my wife.. ooh baby. I am, like most guys visually stimulated and the look of this sliding in and out of my wife and the looks on her face... I don't have the words to express how it makes me feel.
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