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Ichigo Hakusho sleeve

Masturbator by Toy's heart

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Best Slug Like Thing Ever

You look at this thing and ask yourself, "what the hell am I thinking?" You then proceed to succumb to its seductive allure and fall into the whims of hand passion.
Great feel. Low price.
Non-descript slug-like shape. Cheap material.
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A male masturbator is relatively simple to use, as you pretty much lube up the hole, slip it on, and go. If you're feeling vanilla on any particular day, the same hand motions from regular masturbation will work just fine and are definitely more sensational with the added slipperiness and closure. If you want to try things differently, you can also wedge this between other objects (such as pillows) and proceed to have at it hands-free. After you've finished your deed, simply turn it inside out and clean it as you would any other sex toy.

If noise level is a factor, then you should probably plan for that. It's not the loudest toy, but physics demand that squishy sounds be made to your slightly orgasm defeating amusement.

Material / Texture

The Ichigo Hakusho sleeve is made of TPR, which gives it a remarkable elasticity that allows it to safely accommodate most penile girths. It has a distinct (though not entirely unpleasant) smell, which is the case for most toys made of budget materials. The interior is loosely textured with some spherical bubbles, though they didn't really seem to do much for me.

One thing to consider is the durability of the TPR material used. Though mine has lasted through more than a few sessions now over a couple of months, I have nonetheless noticed some degradation in it. The end of it is becoming noticeably stretched and thinner, as it is now more translucent during thrusting. That said, it isn't very costly to replace it, considering the price.
    • Bumpy
    • Flexible
    • Light odor

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Now we come to that ever present elephant in the room. The design. The shape. The penis slug looking thing.

There's really not a proper way to describe what in the hell this thing is supposed to be, and the Japanese written on the box taunts you, as if you were an outsider and will never know the secret of what this is. Judging by the anime figure on the package, perhaps this is supposed to be a tiny miniature anas...tube... or something along those lines. However, the nubs on the inside along with the overall generic shape of the thing kind of disagree with that. If you have any doubts about looking down in the middle of an intense self love session only to have a disembodied slug thing working away on your penis, resulting in shock and horror, then perhaps you should avoid this one.

If that doesn't bother you, then you'll be pleasantly surprised at the pleasures offered within. It's a nice size that should comfortably fit most men. The minor bumps on the interior give it a nice, if slightly unnoticeable, texture. The soft material lets the pressure of your hand make a sort of moving ring of additional pressure of the rest that feels quite nice. It also has a very nice feel regardless of the variety of lube a used (I used a few different brands, all water-based).

This toy is easy to hide, but it's not entirely discreet. However, your would-be onlooker will most likely be stunned by unnatural shape, allowing you to get the drop on them in the confusion.

Oh, and it also looks like a freaky sort of huge slippery tongue when you turn it inside out. Just thought I'd mention that.
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

This Super Awesome Slug Thing of Awesome™ performs like a champion. It powerslides like an 80's metal guitarist. It stretches like a slinky on steriods. It sucks like a Hoover. It takes analogies like something analogous.

With that out of the way, this cheap masturbator is fantastic and is a great introductory toy into what a masturbator can be. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and feels great. There's not really much more that one can ask for from something with this low of a price.

I must admit however, that I may be slightly biased on the fact that this thing feels good. This was indeed my first male masturbator, so it's also the first one I've had the pleasure of actually feeling. If you've used something like a Fleshlight before, then a toy such is this may be old hat to you and not worth the effort to even try using over the more luxurious alternatives. But for a newbie to this area such as myself, it can't be beat.
    • Easy to use
    • Feels realistic
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance of this toy is ridiculously easy, albeit it can be a little messy and a little hilarious. I generally expel the majority of the contents inside it after a session into a toilet or trash can, in order to help prevent any sort of pipe clogging. After that, turn it inside out and wash off with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Either dry it off or air dry it, and then flip it back to normal and you're done.

That said, this toy is made out of TPR and shares many of the negatives associated with most cheaper materials. It is a porous material which means that it is impossible to sanitize and should never be shared between partners. That also means that it cannot be boiled or bleached like silicone toys. However, if you keep the toy clean, dry, and in its own container away from other toys, then everything should be just fine.

In addition, it's always a good idea to stick with water-based lubes for this toy in order to avoid any sort of damage. Because there's no silicone here either, it should also work fairly well with silicone lubes if you would rather use those.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging on this thing is fantastic. It's all written in Japanese and is humorous to boot. There's not much in the way of instruction, but it's a simple contraption and shouldn't really require any. The packaging is paper-based and the toy comes inside a light plastic pouch, but neither are really suitable for storage. However, it does comes with some nifty lube for you to use on your first try!

Overall, the packaging is simple and entertaining. It's probably the only sex toy box I've kept, mostly due to Japanese styling.
    • Japanese
    • Minimal

Personal comments

On the overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this toy and will definitely try some of its more luxurious alternatives in the near future. It's low maintenance, feels great, and looks ridiculously strange. But maybe that's part of its charm. But I can look past those goofy looks and squishy sounds and see the true beauty within.

Perhaps I'm rating this kind of toy in general and not this one in particular, since this is indeed my first masturbator. Regardless, it was a fantastic experience and I'll definitely look into similar toys. With that in mind, it's Mission Accomplished.
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