Tickling tongue ring - vibrating penis ring by WHK GmbH - review by Alicia

bulky and pink, but feels great!

The Tickling Tongue Ring is a great way to try out this type of cock ring for a small price. There are two rings, one for the cock and one that goes over both the cock and the balls. There is a lot of stretch to this ring so I think just about anyone could use it regardless of their size or experience level. While the bullet is cheaply made and does not seem like it will last all that long, it's quite powerful and does its job well.
strong vibrations, inexpensive, stretches to fit comfortably
large, bullet causes top to flop over, did not help prolong ejaculation
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extremely useful review


This cock ring has double rings, one that goes over just the cock and then another that goes around both the cock and the balls to help delay ejaculation. The vibrating clitoral stimulator also gives added pleasure for the woman.

The rings are both very flexible and I think would fit a wide range of users. Beginners or experienced users alike could benefit from the Tickling Tongue Ring.

We've only used it during partner play, but I'm sure a man could use it for masturbation if he'd like.
    • Can be worn during intercourse
    • Can be worn during masturbation
    • Couples

Material / Texture

The rings are made out of TPR Silicone, which is a silicone based rubber compound. TPR silicone is slightly porous, so it cannot be sterilized. It is phthalates-free, hypoallergenic, and latex free though. The TPR is slightly tacky, but I wouldn't exactly say it's sticky though hair and dust will stick to it. It did not pull at my husband's hair, but he keeps himself very closely trimmed, if you have longer hair below the belt it is possible that it might pull a bit, although lubricant should help with that. It is extremely flexible, you can easily stretch this ring and put both the cock and the balls in with ease. There's not very much smell to the material, definitely nothing overwhelming or off putting.

The rings themselves are smooth, but the top of the smaller ring has small little nubs as does the clitoral stimulator base, although the ones on the clitoral stimulator are bigger than the ones on the ring. The "tongue" on the clitoral stimulator is smooth and has a ridge down the center like a tongue. It's very flexible and not really pointy or anything. It doesn't really flicker or anything like I had hoped that it would. But when the vibrations are on the tongue does not move at all, and so while the vibrations offer clitoral stimulation there isn't really much added from the tongue.

The bullet is plastic, with metallic paint. It looks pretty cheaply made, and is very lightweight. The ring itself also doesn't look very well made and there are imperfections in the material. This is one of those times that you get what you pay for, it's an inexpensive cock ring with bullet and the material and bullet are fitting for that.
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous
    • Stretchy

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Our first thoughts upon receiving the tickling tongue ring was that it was huge. This ring was a lot larger than we had originally imagined it would be based on the picture. The generous thickness of the rings do make them more comfortable, and that helps to prevent them from digging into the skin. We just used a little bit of lube on the inside of each ring. Make sure to use water based lube since this is TPR silicone.

The larger size also means that the clitoral stimulator has a better chance at reaching the woman's clitoris. Thing is though, that it looks kind of funny when wearing it just because it's so large and it's bright pink. The bullet is also large and so it weighs down the top of the stimulator and that kind of flops down. This wasn't a problem if I was on top, but if my husband was on top or behind me it had a tendency not to stay in place very well and would flop over.

This ring is not very discreet. Anyone who sees it will know it's a cock ring..if they know what a cock ring is. It's also very pink, so if you have children this is going to attract their attention. In fact after we got it but before we used it we had it sitting on the one dresser in our room. We forgot about it and left it there overnight. The next morning we woke up and it was gone. I started looking around but couldn't find it. We then decided we had to question the kids. We have a 5 year old and a 4 year old and we asked them if they saw the big pink squishy thing on the dresser. They said "oh the sling shot? Yea we shot it over daddy's head while you guys were sleeping". So we told them it wasn't a toy which then brought the question "what is it then?" So, we improvised and said "well it IS a sling shot, but it's a mommy and daddy sling shot so don't touch it". Since then we've made sure not to leave this anywhere where they can find it! I think that anyone much older though will not be so convinced that this is a vibrating sling shot, so take care to keep this hidden!
    • Can fit over both shaft and testicles

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet included with this cock ring is a large one speed bullet powered by three AG13 watch batteries. The bullet is waterproof, but the cap doesn't stay on very tight so I'd use it in water with caution. The bullet offers pretty powerful vibrations, and it's easy to turn on and off with a turn of the dial. Be careful when turning it though because the dial goes from ON to OPEN to OFF. So, if you don't go far enough you could have the cap open while using it. The loudness of this bullet is pretty average. It could be heard under covers but it's doubtful it'd be heard through a closed door. It's about the same level as a small hair trimmer would be (the beard or bikini trimmer size, not a large trimmer).

The bullet is easy to get in and out of the holder, and you can also use different bullets in this if you're not a fan of this one.

Care and Maintenance

You can clean the ring itself with some soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner. I usually just pop out the bullet, and then let the cock ring sit in the sink in some water while I'm cleaning my other toys. The bullet I don't find is waterproof enough to use under running water, so I just clean it off with some spray toy cleaner. As I said above, TPR silicone does pick up lint and hair, so it's probably best to store it in a plastic bag, or the package that it came in.


This ring is packaged in a simple clamshell package. It's not very discreet, nor would it make for a nice gift, but it is simple and can easily store your cock ring.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal


I didn't think I was going to like this cock ring. It's really huge and looked so silly, when it came time to use it I was really questioning whether it'd feel good, especially since the bullet is so large and seemed like it would get in the way. Well, it doesn't! I did have to tuck the tongue part down because by the time we use this my clitoris is usually so sensitive that I don't like the tongue part against it. If you use it before much warm up I think it'd be great though. The vibrations felt great, the clitoral stimulator reached me perfectly and the large bullet actually helped make for some pretty amazing sensation. Thing is that it apparently felt so great for my husband that he actually lasted less amount of time than he does without it. So, as far as prolonging ejaculation I have to say it's a no go. But, for quickies with quick and intense stimulation for both I have to say it's a winner.

Since I don't have a penis I asked my husband why he thought it made him get off so quickly. He said it was because the ring that goes around the cock itself holds the skin pretty taught. Without the skin being able to move back and forth it made for more intense stimulation. I can't say I know what he means (this is another time I really wish I could have a penis, just for a day!!), but I guess it makes sense!
Follow-up commentary
I hate to say I don't like it anymore, because honestly I feel the same about it now as I did before, I just thought originally that we'd use it more than we did. I like it, it's comfortable and it feels good, it's just so bulky and PINK, and it just looks so silly on. Because of this we just don't grab for it. When I originally reviewed this one I didn't think that those things would be deal breakers for us, but the thing is that as soon as we got another comfortable cock ring this one was soon forgotten. It's been moved into one of the boxes of toys that are high up in the closet and not reached for often.
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