Tickling tongue ring - sex toy by WHK GmbH - review by Jul!a

Well, It Kinda Tickles I Guess..

There's really not much to say about this particular cock ring. If you're just messing around with cock rings, it's not a bad choice. The clitoral attachment doesn't stay in place during use very well and the bullet isn't anything mindblowing, but it is stretchy enough to fit just about any penis out there.
Stretchy, Will fit almost any penis
Bullet is lackluster, Clitoral nub doesn't stay in place during use.
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Oh vibrating cock rings, how you at least attempt to offer something to everybody involved. This certainly isn't the worst one out there, although it does have its flaws.

The packaging isn't much; a clamshell that houses the ring, bullet, and batteries. The insert features a nicely built man posing on the front, and on the back it tells you a little about the product and what batteries it uses (AG13).

The bullet is a little on the bulky side, coming in at just over 2 1/2" long and the same around. It's run by the three watch batteries that are included, and are easy to insert. On the cap there's a little hand with a pointing finger, and where the finger is pointing is what you'll get, either on, off, or open. The bullet appears to be made of plastic with a metallic coating on it. The coating has held up to use so far, although if you manage to get a scratch on it the coating will chip away faster. In use the bullet is fairly quiet. The vibrations are more high pitched and buzzy and make your fingers go numb, however the strength of the bullet should be enough for most users on its own. The TPR casing for it does dull the vibrations some.

The ring itself is made of TPR and is super stretchy. At the top you have a section designed to stimulate the clit. It consists of a ring that holds the bullet and has a few nubbins on top for some extra stimulation. There's something resembling a small tongue as well, but it doesn't really do much more than flop around. As you move down, you'll find two rings, one inside the other. The larger outer ring has an unstretched diameter of about 1 3/4", but will stretch to about 6". You should have no problem getting it around a pair of balls. It's fairly sturdy at about 1/2" thick, but prolonged use could cause some cracks to form. The inner circle is smaller and thicker; not necessarily in width but in height, being 3/4" tall. It has an unstretched diameter of 3/4" but stretches up to about 3". Pretty much all penises should fit in here too. While designed as a toy for couples, there's no reason a man couldn't use this alone or a woman couldn't use this on a dildo that had balls.

When you combine the bullet and the ring you're supposed to get some sort of awesome cock ring that keeps you harder longer and makes the orgasm better for both of you. It's not horrible, but it could have been done better. The neck that holds the bullet doesn't have much to hold it still and will move around a lot. This might bother some folks. The material of the ring also dulls the vibrations from the bullet, taking it from something that would make me work in a good way to something that's gonna get me almost there and then do nothing. Fortunately, it should hold any number of replacement bullets, or even one on a cord. As for it's magical penis powers; it's so stretchy that it should fit just about any size penis, which is a great thing. However because it's so stretchy, it didn't really seem to do anything to my husband other than present his junk with a pretty pink ribbon.

There's no o-ring on the bullet, so when you go to clean it you should make sure that you only wipe it down with a damp cloth or spray lightly with a toy cleaner. The ring can be cleaned with warm soapy water and stored either back in the package or in a plastic baggy. It doesn't seem to be too bad as far as picking up lots of lint and all that goes, but it might deform if it spends too much time getting buddy buddy with other stuff.
My husband and I enjoy playing around with cock rings and the like, so I picked this up a while ago to play around with. I figured that due to the price if it was a total bust, oh well. While neither of us were all that impressed with it, neither of us hated it either. The hardening effects might be more noticeable on a longer or thicker penis. My husband is on the smaller end of average so a lot of these cock rings just end up as decoration really. He didn't find them to be uncomfortable and aside from the pink, liked the way everything sat. I didn't like that the part that was supposed to be the most stimulating for me kept moving out of the way and had to be readjusted. To me that almost defeats the purpose of having a cock ring with a bullet in it, because if I'm gonna hold it in place, I'd rather go with my bullets galore kit. On the plus side I was able to easily use the small bullet from that kit and it was just like I was using it without the cock ring almost.

I'm not opposed to using this more with my husband, but it doesn't get used much and likely won't see much action. It's not the worst out there, but there are definitely better ones out there.
Follow-up commentary
To be honest? I think we've used this once since the initial review. I still stick by my initial statement that it's not bad if you want to mess around and experiment with cock rings, but it's nothing overly memorable.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    The vibrating rings always seem to be hit or miss. If only there was a way to make them stay in place.
  • Jul!a
    I know right! I'm not heartbroken that this didn't work, but I definitely won't be buying it again.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    This sounds very meh. Thanks for the review.
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    Good review.
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    Thanks for the good review.
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    thanks for the review!
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    Great review! My guy has a non-vibrating cock ring, don't think he would ever consider this one but appreciate your take ....
  • Cookie Monster Mike
    Thanks for the review Sam it was helpful especially on the "meh" vibrations lol.
  • Jul!a
    Glad to help Liz, and Mike.
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