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C-Ring Does A 'C' Job

Overall, the Vibrating C-Ring performed adequately, but not enough to write home about. The 2" diameter was slightly too large for me to get a real use out of it as a cock ring, and the fact that the ring is so wide, which essentially rendered an inch of my penis unusable for insertion, was also mildly irritating. The bullet vibrator that is included was decent in power but not enough to send my girlfriend over the edge during sex and we instead find ourselves using it as a part of foreplay.
2" diameter should fit most men, silicone ring is more hygienic than other cock ring materials.
One size does not fit all, large width renders part of penis unusable, bullet vibe is slightly weak.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


One of the great points of the Vibrating C-Ring is that it has a vast array of potential uses. Its primary use is to be worn around both the cock and balls during sex so that the head of the ring and bullet vibrator can stimulate a woman's clit. Also, one could rotate the ring 180 degrees so that the bullet is at the base of the scrotum as opposed to the top of the penis and use it during rear-entry sex. This same placement could also be used during masturbation to stimulate the perineum (stretch of skin and nerves between the anus and base of the scrotum). Last but not least, if a woman was in possession of a dildo that was large enough or had some kind of unique characteristic to keep the ring attached, the C-Ring could be worn around it to turn that dildo into a brand new vibrator! (See Bulma's review for a better explanation.)

Material / Texture

As with all Tantus products (Excluding the Alumina line), the Vibrating C-Ring is made of 100% pure silicone. The ring had no smell when I initially opened the packaging and it should not absorb any odors from use over the course of its lifetime. I was surprised to find that the ring is very smooth and rather stretchy and pliable, almost resembling a thick piece of rubber, which means that if the 2" diameter of the ring is slightly too small for a man's endowment the ring will stretch when worn and won't be completely constricting. There is a visible ridge around the outer and inner portions of the ring, likely from some kind of molding process when the ring is manufactured, but the ridge is unnoticeable to either partner when worn and did not have any negative impact on its use.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The ring is 2" in diameter and can stretch to about 2 1/4". This makes the ring a good fit for most men, as 2" is the middle of the road size for cock rings and should fit the average male. In terms of width the ring is approximately 7/8" wide, twice as wide as the Gear Essentials Titan Brushed cock ring that I usually wear. It is important to take this into consideration because that is technically 7/8" of a man's penis that won't be usable for insertion. At the top of the ring is the head where the bullet vibrator is inserted and removed. On one side of the head is a section of raised bumps to help cushion and stimulate the clit when the ring is worn in the traditional style.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Functionally speaking the C-Ring's bullet vibrator has only a single speed with a simple on/off button exposed on the end of it. The amount of vibration it produces is a medium-low to low on the spectrum of power which may only be enough to cause an extra level of pleasure for a woman and be insufficient in getting her to orgasm, as was the case with my girlfriend. Although I have not tried, it could be entirely possible to use a stronger but same sized vibe in the ring if desired.

Care and Maintenance

The Vibrating C-Ring is extremely easy to care for and maintain due to the high grade silicone used in its creation. After each use simply remove the bullet vibrator from the ring and wash with warm water and soap, then pat dry and store it separately from any other silicone or silicone based toys to prevent negative reactions in the material. Also, a water based lube should be used with the ring to ensure there is no negative reaction between two silicone products. However, if you choose to, a spot check using your silicone lubricant of choice and small patch of the ring can be done to see if there is any kind of reaction, if not, then you can likely rest easy in using that lubricant. Lastly, if you desire to share your new toy with someone else then please sterilize the ring with one of the standard three methods: rinsing it with a 10% bleach solution, boiling it for three minutes, or placing it on the top rack of a dishwasher.

Personal comments

Personally, I wish that Tantus would make this ring in different sizes, as it does with its traditional cock rings (1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4") so that it could function usefully as a cock ring and not simply as a place holder for a bullet vibrator.
Follow-up commentary
Having used the C-Ring for a few more months I will say that all of my gripes in regard to its size as well as the power of the vibe still exist. However, my girlfriend and I have gotten better at figuring out how best to use it in terms of what positions work best in getting the bullet on her clit and putting more pressure on it to intensify the vibrations. The ring itself has shown no signs of wear and tear and the batteries in the bullet have not needed changing since it was purchased (though this may simply be due to the fact it isn't a staple in our sex life). Overall, I would say my rating of the C-Ring is unchanged and I would still recommend this for anyone looking for a quality vibrating cock ring that isn't gimmicky or made out of less than ideal materials.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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