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Can A Toy Work *Too* Well?

Whether you're looking to enhance or prolong your erections or seeking a new hands-free vibrating experience, Tantus' Vibrating Cock Ring delivers. This high quality ring keeps cocks full and engorged while neither painfully restricting or uncomfortably chaffing. Who knew something that could fit in the palm of your hand could add so much to sex?
Easy to clean, body safe, non-porous, rigid but not painfully restrictive.
Disappointing bullet, one size may not perfectly fit all, may prevent male orgasm while ring is on
Rating by reviewer:
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My boyfriend and I have coyly flirted with the idea of c-rings via cheap jelly shaft rings, but until now have never committed to the real cock-n-ball thing. We finally decided to give the Tantus Vibrating Cock Ring a shot due to a particular problem we have faced in our relationship: he is blessed with lots of length and girth to boot, and I am small-framed with a coochie to match. Throw the two into bed together, and the result is often a rather brief session due to the sheer friction of penetration. However, with the help of this toy, we were able to solve our problem almost too perfectly.

Before you even get this fella out of his transparent packaging, it's already off to an auspicious start. It boasts an unstretched 2" diameter, and the surprisingly hefty silicone only yields about another quarter inch when stretched. As it's made of 100% matte silicone, it is phthalates-free and hypo-allergenic, which equals one very body safe product. It comes in three colors including a bold red, a dark muted purple (or "amethyst" which is the one I chose) and a simple black for more reserved types. The toy does have a seam that circles both the inner and outer edges, however neither my boyfriend nor myself have noticed it during use.

The Vibrating C-Ring is non-porous which means it cannot absorb harmful bacteria. It is fully sterilizable in the top rack of a dishwasher (no soap, please!), boiled in a pot of water for 3-4 minutes or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution. Sterilization is not necessary each time you use it, so for your average clean-up I would simply recommend anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Of course, please remember that your bullet is not waterproof so remove it before you submerge your ring! And as usual, because this is a silicone toy, there are two caveats to mind if you want to keep your toys in good condition. I would recommend using only water and oil based lubes with this as lubes with weaker silicone bases may bond to Tantus' 100% blend. Additionally, if you store this among jelly toys, you may want to Ziploc bag this guy as silicone toys can melt lesser materials such as jelly. Ziploc bagging is probably a good idea anyway as silicone tends to attract dust, lint and hair.

Besides being safe, clean and low-maintenance, this stiff silicone also transmits vibrations very effectively, and not only did my partner enjoy the sensation on his balls (no matter which way the bullet was facing) and his cock, but I enjoyed the vibrations internally as conducted by his cock. At times these vibrations were more pleasurable than those on my clitoris, as I personally found it took a fair amount of careful positioning in order for the bullet to make comfortable contact with clitoris. This was due to the thickness of the ring itself, which while handy for keeping all your partner's parts snug and comfortable, also set the vibrator slightly higher than I would have liked. It often would make contact just above my clitoris, however I was able to correct this problem but riding my partner cowgirl leaning slightly back.

The only thing that really bummed out about this toy was the bullet itself was rather unimpressive in terms of quality and horse power. You may want to try another bullet in its stead if you are into stronger, deeper vibrations. This little guy is the same hard plastic bullet that Tantus generally includes with its vibrating dildos, featuring simple one-touch, single-speed vibration and taking three watch batteries. As mentioned it is not waterproof, and becomes quite slippery when wet making its cap difficult to remove. For the sake of science we gave this bullet a shot in the ring, but soon replaced it with our favorite, stronger multi-speed bullet which luckily fit. If you do choose to keep Tantus' bullet, you can easily clean it with a baby wipe or a damp washcloth. The bullet compartment itself is traced by three raised ridges which are intended to provide extra stimulation, though I did not particularly notice them. However, not noticing them beats the hell out of being poked annoyingly by them during intense grinding sessions, and I didn't really miss them to be honest.

For more on how this toy work for erection enhancement, as well as how to use it, check out the experience section directly below :)
After boiling it, my partner and I quickly got the ring in place before my partner became aroused. Unlike shaft rings, true cock rings encircle both the cock and balls, so the wearer should be flaccid when the ring is put on to avoid pain. Smear a dab of water-based lubricant around the inside of the device, then carefully slip one testicle, then the next, and finally the penis through. It is important to put the balls through first; they are much more sensitive than the shaft and have much less give.

For those that wish to boost and prolong their erections, never fear that this cock ring will coddle you. In fact, my boyfriend was unable to climax with the ring on the first time he used it, although he is also exceptionally large. Once I finished, we waited for his erection to partially subside so that we could safely remove the ring. After we did this, the orgasm he was able to have was amazing even though the device had left him slightly desensitized. Keep in mind that this product is not one size fits all; it is designed to fit most, but outliers on either end of the size spectrum may want to do a little measuring before they place an order. Larger folks may experience some numbness and an inability to climax as a result.

Being female-bodied, I found that riding my partner cowgirl was the best way for me to enjoy this toy as it helps to control the location and intensity of the vibration. As I was able to maneuver my weight, in this way I could apply myself to the vibrator with greater or lesser pressure and also thrust and grind at whim (whims can be important in such matters!) However, reverse cowgirl also provided a wonderful sensation to my anus and perineum. Really, this toy's possibilities are about as endless as sexual positioning options are. My partner enjoys leaving the ring on while I penetrate him anally. The vibrations of the bullet stimulate his balls, perineum and anus all at the same time, and the ring simultaneously derails his orgasm. This product is ideal if you are into prostate milking and consensual orgasm denial.

Just as with pumps and other devices that restrict blood flow, you should not leave the cock ring on for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. For extended sessions, you may want to take the ring off after a 15-20 minute interval and take a break of at least 5 minutes.
Follow-up commentary
I still think this is an awesome toy, unfortunately I really don't get to use this all too often with my primary partner. This is just too tight of a fit for him and it makes having an orgasm very difficult for him. We do sometimes throw it into our BDSM activities as a kind of orgasm denial thing (I'll penetrate him anally and bring him to the edge, but he will not be able to cum) and we definitely enjoy it in that capacity. However, because it's a particularly snug fit I have to make sure it doesn't stay on him more than about 10 minutes because anything longer than that makes me nervous. After two 10 minute sessions (with breaks) he's usually starting to get uncomfortable down below so we have to switch our tact.

BUT. This is an amazingly perfect gem of a cock ring. I have no real complaints with the toy itself, I just lament the fact that it's too small for my partner to use.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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