Adonis Silicone Rings Caesar - cock ring by Cal Exotics - review by leatherlover

Caesar is plain and boring

Overall this is a good cock ring, but it's not a great one. Being made out of silicone, and a thinner silicone at that, makes it very easy to use and easy to remove quickly. But it doesn't provide the full benefits of a proper cock ring.
Silicone, flexible, easy to use
Goes only around shaft
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Cock rings really have one purpose in their entire existence; to be placed on a penis. But this doesn't mean there is no pleasure involved with a cock ring. They can be nice to look at, they can make an erection larger, but most importantly, they can make an erection last longer. And they are made out of so many materials, and are designed in many different ways as well. They can go just around the penis, or around the penis and balls. They can be very stretchy, or very firm and made out of metal. They can vibrate, stimulate with an extension, or just be a plain ole paperweight.

Material / Texture

Since this is made out of silicone, it is one of the safest sex toy materials out there, and receives a 10/10 on the Eden material scale. Silicone is a great material, and I have been looking for good silicone rings for a while. I like silicone because if you get close to the anus in one use, and the next use it gets near the vagina, you don't have to worry about contamination or spreading an infection if you properly washed it between uses. A lot of cock rings seem to be made out of cheaper materials which aren't the safest. While it is one thing to use a ring made out of jelly that is disposable, its another to use one made from jelly which you are meant to use over and over again. Because of that, and at the time my wife having problems with UTI's, we have been on a long search for silicone cock rings.

But with this being made out of silicone, you have to be careful with your choice of lube. If you use silicone lube and it touches the ring, it can react with it, causing the ring to become sticky and tacky. Since my wife and I have so many silicone toys, we just stick with water based lubes.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Stretchy

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Since this ring is quite thin, the silicone is very stretchy, unlike a thicker Tantus silicone ring. The ring measures 1 1/4 inch diameter on the inside, and is only about a 1/4 inch thick. It can stretch out about another 1/2 inch when I pull pretty hard. There are a few rings that run parallel with the ring, but they can't be felt during use. This is the only texture that the ring has. I ordered this one and the Hercules for two different rings at the same time, but there is not much of a difference between the two. If you are rather large this might be a better fit for you over the Hercules since it doesn't have the extra 4 sets of rings around it that take up some space. This is supposed to go only around the shaft of the penis, not around the balls as well.

There are two very important safety points to make with cock rings. First off, cock rings are supposed to restrict your penis. But they aren't supposed to turn it funny colors and cause it to go totally numb. If you experience either one of these, remove it immediately. Or if necessary, cut the darn thing off. Second, you shouldn't leave it on for more than 30 minutes at a time. This may cause damage and injury to the penis.
    • Only fits on penis shaft
    • Beginner

Care and Maintenance

Because this is made of silicone, it is very safe and easy to cafe for. For my typical use, I will just wash this with warm water and antibacterial soap. But you can also boil it, bleach it with a 10% solution, or throw it in the dishwasher without soap (but it might go flying in the machine if you do that). After use, I just place it back in a plastic tray sitting out. I don't have a problem with it collecting dust or lint.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging for this is fantastic. It is a small, clear clamshell package, which measures almost 3" wide, and 5" tall. This is perfect for sex shop display, but doesn't waste a lot of materials either making something so large for theft protection. No cutting is required to get it open, and if you wanted to, it could be used for storage and it is resealable. Inside is a piece of cardboard, with a little info on the front, and quite a bit of info on the back. No nude photos or tasteless images is included. The back has an image of the ring, where it is made (China), safety info, and the typical thing saying "this product is intended for use as a novelty product only." I will be recycling both pieces of packaging now.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

My wife and I really enjoy cock rings, but this still doesn't quite fit the bill for what we really want. My favorite design of a cock ring is a stretchy ring like this, but one that goes around the balls and shaft. But most of the ones that are flexible enough only go around the shaft. And then if you do find one that goes around both the balls and shaft, like the ones from Tantus, they are too firm and too difficult for my wife and I to put on. We currently use a leather one that is great for getting on and off easily, but it isn't easy to clean like silicone, and the velcro closure irritates my wife sometimes. So the hunt continues, and I don't know if we will find what we are really truly looking for. And since we got this one and its brother Hercules, we really haven't used them all that much. I figured we would and that is why I bought both, but we haven't.
Follow-up commentary
This ring is still a decent ring and is still in my collection, but it doesn't fit my "perfect ring" idea. Its a good ring because of the silicone and the ability to get it on with an erection, but it's not a great ring because it only goes around the shaft, and it is too stretchy. It is just a nice alternative to the TPR or other low grade material rings.
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  • Beneath The Bed
    Awesome review! Thanks!
  • Bex1331
    thanks for the review, it's too bad it doesn't have the option oto go around the cock and balls, the Super Soft C-Ring seems like it could streach enough to fit around both, and it's silicone!
  • girlparts
    thank you for the review!
  • PassionCpl
    Great review! We've got both this and the Super Soft C Ring (mentioned above). Hubby said this one worked well but the Super Soft is slightly bigger & better with more stretch (and yes, that one will stretch around both cock & balls)
  • leatherlover
    Yeah, I just got the super soft last week and have used it only once. It was really nice that it could go around both my cock and balls, but I was still surprised that it was so small.
  • Septimus
    Great review, thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for the review
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