Perfect blowjob mouth - blow job imitator by Nasstoys - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

Perfect blowjob mouth

Blow job imitator by Nasstoys

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Changing the definition of perfection!

Nasstoys must have a different definition of what "perfect” is than I do. This masturbator is far from perfect; there are many things that would need to be improved before this reaches perfection. While this is not perfect, it certainly is not a bad toy. The ribbed passage is nice and is quite stimulating. The included egg was also a very nice touch. The shape is also a nice, but the lip paint quickly washes off. Over all, this was not bad, but not perfect either.
Cool shape and includes fantastic egg.
Paint washes off, poor vibrating integration, and a little heavy.
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You would use this masturbator like any other masturbator or stroker, by inserting your penis or the penis of your partner into the round circular opening then moving the masturbator in a stroking motion.

An egg vibrator is also included for further stimulation.

Material / Texture

Rubber is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer that occurs naturally as a sap from various plants but is also can be produced synthetically.

Rubber is a porous material that is wear resistant and has a very long lifetime. Rubber is known to be dirt-repellent (although this masturbator clearly is not) and can be manufactured in over 260 colors.

Due to rubber's porosity you should use a condom with this stroker (or with any other rubber toys you may own). Rubber can not be sterilized; therefore you can not boil this or any rubber product. You should not share this product with anyone unless you use a condom.

You may use silicone or water based lubricants with this material.

Perfect Blow Job is phthalates and latex free.

This has extreme flexibility and is very stretchy. It was not hard, it did not need tons of lube, and it did have a mild chemical smell. It was very soft to the touch and the stench it had was a mild smell of rubber when I put it up to my nose. The smell did not rub off though.

One thing I did notice was a slight sticky sensation when touching the stroker with my hands. The stickiness did not rub off. It also became stickier as time wore one during use.

Lastly, this is a lint and hair magnet, and it is not the easiest to remove lint and hair once it makes its way onto the stroker.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The front of this masturbator is small lower face (mouth and nose), that leads to a cylinder tube. Inside the tube are very small ribs. The lips are painted reddish pink, but will wash off after the first washing.

You then place the egg into the end of the stroker. This I feel, to be a design flaw, the design and material makes it harder for the vibrations to spread throughout the stroker. I would prefer a small place near the front opening near the face where you can place the vibrating egg. Not only does this not spread the vibrations equally, it also pops out if the penis hits it and pushes it out.

The vibrating egg itself is magnificent. It is easy to control, and has a wide array of setting. I loved the look of the egg, it was crème colored, and the text was also very stylish. The design of the egg reminded me of something that came out of a time machine from the 1950s or 1960s. It looked very vintage or retro to me.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The egg is probably the best feature this product offers. The egg itself has a dial that starts off low and gradually accelerates to a very high setting. While this egg is quite loud, it offers some stimulation (although muted a little bit by the stroker's design). The controls are very easy to use. This takes two AA batteries, and it is recommended that you take them out after every use.

Care and Maintenance

Please follow these simple instructions when cleaning your stroker:

1. Rinse off the inside and outside thoroughly
2. Apply mild soap or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner to inside and outside
3. Rinse with warm water
4. Apply cornstarch or renewing powder

This includes an unlabeled bottle of powder; I would suggest not using this because it may be talc. I would suggest using cornstarch.


On the package there is a large picture or a male model using the masturbator, above him was a picture of a lower part of a woman's face. On the lower part of the box there is a picture of the egg vibrator, and the stroker itself. On the sides there is a picture up close of the model using the stroker.

The color system seemed to be jumbled and distorted. The background starts out as blue and fades to white; the texts are red, white, and blue.

In the card box, there was an inverted clam-shell package. This was the only part of the packaging I liked. This offered quite a bit of protection.

There is also a "try me" square on the box, with a small bit of rubber for people to feel, so that they know what the stroker will feel like.

Personal comments

I did not like the packaging. This is geared towards men? Why is there a picture of a guy using this on the packing? We know how to use it; we do not need a pictorial. I did not like it, I really did not want to see a penis, I am not squeamish or homophobic but I just do not think this was well designed. If you want to showcase the product, then that is perfectly fine, but I do not see that with this packaging.

I do not speak for all men, I just speak for myself. When I see a buff dude using this, it turns me off.

A fine egg does come with this overall average stroker, and that I did kind of appreciate.


When using this, I was surprised by the noises this made. It was quite noisy, and I am not talking about the vibrator (although the vibrating egg was also noisy). The sound it made was similar to deep-throating sounds, whether or not this was intentional is unknown.

The stroker itself was average, and it did the job, nothing put this above and beyond others. And for the price, I would expect more. There is much room for improvement, so I am going to give this 3 stars out of 5 stars. I would recommend others before this one, but I would not write this one off altogether.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    Thanks everyone, so far this is still holding up fairly well for being 6 months old.
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