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cheap way to find the right size

This is a good set of stretching cock rings (of the type which go around your whole package) which lets you experiment to find out which size is right for you.
good range of sizes, nice-looking, provides rock-hard erections
might pull your pubic hair
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This is a set of three stretchy cock rings, each a slightly different size. This is the type of cock ring you wear around your entire package, not the kind that goes around the penis only. I find the smallest (4cm) a bit too small, but I can wear either of the others around both my penis and scrotum.

This 3-pack is a good choice for a beginner who doesn't know what size to buy, as you can experiment with al three before deciding what's right for you. This is particularly good if you're thinking about buying metal cock rings in the future, because you'll definitely need to know your size before investing in something which won't stretch.

As with all cock rings, you should not wear them too for extended periods or you could harm yourself. Remember, a cock ring works by trapping blood in the penis, in order to make it hard. (And it really does make your penis much harder!) But trapping blood in one place too long can lead to serious complications, so I'd limit it to 20 minutes or so.

Material / Texture

The packaging claims that the rings are "100% silicone" but EdenFantasys lists them as TPR silicone. I'm not sure which is right, but I'd be more inclined to believe that they're TPR silicone. In any case, it's a nice material, with no smell at all.

This is a pretty good material for a cock ring, as it's stretchy enough to be able to use it easily, but not so stretchy as to be useless. I've used some jelly cock rings in the past which were so stretchy that they didn't really get the job done. These rings work much better.

The rings have a completely smooth texture, which looks and feels nice, although it can be harder to remove them than some other rings which have bumps which you can grab. One of mine has a slight nick, which I imagine will eventually tear through the ring after repeated use, but in my experience that tends to happen eventually to all rings of this type.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The three rings measure 4cm, 4.5cm, and 5cm in diameter. (That's about 1.5", 1.75", and 2", respectively.) These are pretty typical sizes for this sort of ring, so I think most men will probably find that at least one of them fits well. The rings are just stretchy enough to put on and take off easily.

Care and Maintenance

The manufacturer doesn't provide any care or cleaning information, so I'd suggest washing these rings with soap and warm water whenever you use them. If you're willing to trust the manufacturer's "100% silicone" claim, you could try sterilizing one in boiling water (try with your least favorite size first, just in case!) but I haven't found that necessary. Cock rings are cheap, so you should be able to buy your own and avoid sharing them.


The packaging is a relatively easy to open plastic clamshell package. There is only a small paper insert, with very little product information. It indicates the rings' sizes and provides health warnings (don't wear a cock ring for too long, etc.) but that's about it. It's adequate if you already know how to use a cock ring, but they really should provide some instructions for beginners.


You should either shave or wax your pubic hair before using stretchy rings like this, otherwise you'll be suffering when the ring pulls your hairs out for you.

I shave my penis and scrotum, as well as some of the hair around the base of my penis, but not the rest of my pubic hair. Even so, I have to be careful when putting on cock rings in order to avoid trapping any of my remaining pubic hair.

I use both this sort of cock ring, which goes around both the scrotum and penis, as well as the smaller kind which only goes around the penis. I like both types, and use different ones depending on what sort of effect I'm looking for. I use the larger kind when I want a rock-hard cock, with an erection which will stay hard even after I ejaculate. I use the smaller kind when I just want to firm up my cock a bit, or when I don't want my balls being pushed forward.
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