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Clash of the Titan - Troublesome Testicles!

Buying a stainless steel cock ring at this price is a good bargain. The Titan Mirror will outlast any other toys in your collection and the cool metal feels divine on my husband's balls. Just make sure that you order the right size, better yet get the large, rather be a little big than too small!
Ease of cleaning, weighty solid feel and cool polished finish.
There's no give to steel, make sure you order the right size!
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When the Gear Essentials Titan Mirror cock ring|Cock ring by Gear essentials arrived it was met with some fairly big expectations. The metal container it came packaged in provided allure right after we opened the shipping box. Painted a sleek black and silver, our first thoughts were "this is cool" but upon seeing the contents those initial ideas turned more to "this is gonna be tough!"

The Titan cock ring is beautifully polished and has a lovely weighted feel to it that we suppose can only be had with steel construction. It definitely lives up to its 'mirror' name, you can see your reflection in the band. What a great way to check your makeup!

We had ordered the 1 7/8" size and that is where we went wrong! It certainly didn't look like this ring would fit around my husband's cock and balls but we're not people that give up easily. We'd find a way to make the Titan fit...

We had a nice dip in our hot tub to relax and get his 'boys' hanging down nice and low with the idea that this would help sliding this hefty ring around his franks and beans. I slicked him up nicely with a big gob of our favorite lube and got to work quickly before he responded to my touch with a big erection. Despite all my best efforts, and his as well, there was absolutely no way that we could get this ring around both his cock and his testicles even with everything nicely stretched out from the warm water of the hot tub previously. Maybe we're just being too careful, but there's only so much 'squishing' that can be done with a pair of balls and my lover was definitely feeling some discomfort with our efforts. It took a ton of work to get his testicles through the Titan but there was no way that his cock would also slide on through the ring. It wasn't a case of him being too erect or that we weren't using enough lube to make his naughty bits slippery, it's because the small ring size just won't fit. This wasn't a case of my man being overly large either, he's just slightly above average in the equipment department, satisfying but no monster!

We still had some glorious sex with the Titan Mirror wrapped around only his balls. I thought it made for a sexy look and liked the feel of the solid stainless steel bumping against me while his nuts slapped me during vigorous thrusting. My husband also enjoyed it as well and says he likes the added weight on his boys. Cleaning this cock ring up after use is a breeze because steel is 100% non-porous and being stainless it will last forever! We've used silicone and jelly cock rings in the past and they have never made it through more than a few uses. They either tear, get sticky, or just plain dissolve. Metal rings are the answer to those problems and look very cool in a bondage/SM type way.

Our advice is to order the 2 1/8" cock ring, we certainly wish we had. For anyone new to cock rings we definitely recommend doing some research on their proper use because their can be some risks involved. Do some Googling!
We have also searched the Web for information on the use of cock rings with the thought that maybe we weren't using them correctly. While we did find loads of useful information, the Titan Mirror has yet to find its way snugly around both my husbands cock and balls.
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  • It is quite attractive. Sounds like you're better off not trying to get that ring on any further than you have already- could do some damage to him.
    I'd be curious to know how well the finish holds up.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Are you willing to invest to get the larger size? This is definitely a very attractive cock ring at a good price it's too bad that it just wasn't big enough for him. At least you found a way to get some use out of it any way. As I'm sure you know, 100% stainless steel is an extremely durable material and my experience has been that the finishes will hold up to any abuse that might be dished out by a normal bedroom.
  • Bulma
    Measuring saves a lot of headache and money in the long run. Thank goodness you didn't get one of the rings in the $85-$100 neighborhood. Gear Essentials' website has some good measuring instructions on it that I found helpful when doing research for cock ring fitting. I know my husband has an average girth of 1 1/2 inches and he takes a 2 inch cock ring, so if your husband is a little above average I can see how the 1 7/8 inch would be too small for him. Better luck next time, and having a solid hefty steel cock ring that fits, has been an awesome addition to our bedroom, so I definitely hope you find one that fits well too :)
  • We'll probably order the larger size but still haven't given up on getting this sucker on quite yet! We found a few more websites that have some useful tips.
  • CanMan
    Great Review.
  • Raggedy Andie
    My hubby is above average so I am not sure if even the bigger one would fit. We tried a 2" metal one but we had the same problem you guys had. It's too bad eh? I love the idea of the metal ones. Great review!
  • Online
    nice review, thanks!
  • Snozzberries
    Cock rings are so beautiful but the metal ones scare both my husband and me. Maybe one day we will try this one.
  • mikebooks
    Thanks for an excellent review
  • Positwist
    Bummer it didn't fit. Thanks for the review, though!
  • mikebooks
    Well, we are waiting for Eden to restock 2 1/8 version. It has been three months. However, we already posted a support ticket and the staff is really helpful so hopefully we will get the information about restocking soon!
  • Ambug
  • Maximusx
    yeah i am above average on thickness, this one worries me alittle. Thanks for the review and the information, well wrote
  • Andrey2052
    Great Review.
    Thank you for the great review!
  • SecretKinksters
    Nice review! Waiting for it to come back in stock!!
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