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Does Whatever A Spider Can

The Spider offers a similar experience to most masturbators in offering a realistic feeling sleeve. However, the Spider also offers a pivoting suction cup base that lets you mount it to any smooth surface for a truly hands-free experience. The sleeve texture is designed to mimic the inner lining of the vaginal wall and is enjoyable but not extreme.
Realistic texture,hands-free experience, pivoting suction cup for mounting.
Cleaning requires some effort,questionable material quality.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Spider by GTC follows the same basic formula that has proven successful for other masturbators: place a realistic feeling sleeve in a hard casing for a convenient and realistic experience. However, the Spider takes it up a notch by attaching a pivoting suction cup to the base. This allows you to mount the Spider to any smooth surface (vertical or horizontal) and angle it to simulate the sexual position of your choice. While most masturbators do an adequate job of simulating the real feel, the Spider does a better job of simulating the real experience by making the device hands free. As a bonus, you now have free hands to do whatever you wish.

Material / Texture

The Spider sleeve is made of an elastomer that is hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalate free. The material is extremely soft and plush, but has a slightly sticky feel to the touch. The stickiness is easily remedied with a slight dusting of cornstarch. Although the material is cool to the touch initially, it warms quickly when immersed in warm water to enhance the extremely realistic feel. The material has an unpleasant odor that can only be detected when placing your nose within an inch of it. The odor is not noticeable during use. Since elastomer cannot be sterilized, the sleeve should not be shared unless partners are fluid bonded or a condom is used.

The internal texture of the sleeve is lined with multiple small bumps and is designed to simulate the inner surface of the vaginal wall. To this end, the sleeve is successful as the experience of the sleeve is realistic in both feel and texture. Lube will be required to penetrate the sleeve, and a thicker consistency may work better to hold the lube in place as angled positions may result in lube dripping out.

Graphic simulating internal texture:

Inverted sleeve to reveal internal texture:

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Spider has a basic dumbbell shape and the length measures 11-1/4”, with the ends having a 3-1/2” diameter (9” circumference), and the center handgrip section having a 2-3/4” diameter (7” circumference). While the overall length is greater than typical masturbators, it serves the Spider well, as it provides some separation between you and the mounting surface when used on a vertical surface.

Spider next to Fleshlight for size comparison:

The sleeve is designed with a labia and clitoris that further enhances the realism. The opening of the sleeve is only 1/2”, but the elastomer material stretches quite a bit and should be able to accommodate larger users without the feeling of being too tight or constricting. The sleeve itself measures 7” in total length, and longer individuals should still enjoy experiencing the Spider but may prefer to use a toy with more length.

Although the Spider is designed to be mounted for a hands-free experience, it can still be used effectively as a handheld masturbator. The diameter of the casing is easy enough to grip either with a single hand or with both hands for some power thrusting. The smooth surface of the plastic case can prove a challenge to grip if any lube gets on your hands, but the flared end ensures that your hands won’t slip off completely. At 1.8 lbs. weight, the Spider can get heavy when not mounted.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The suction cup base is extremely easy to use. Simply attach the suction cup to any smooth, flat surface to have it stick. Once on, the dial can be adjusted to increase the suction and secure the Spider in place. When attached to an appropriate surface, it is nearly impossible to remove the Spider without releasing the suction first. The angle of the Spider can be adjusted with a knob on the base. Simply loosen the knob, adjust the Spider to the desired angle, and then fasten the knob to secure. The mechanism was very secure during use and did not move or release accidentally at all. You can be confident that the Spider will stay in place. Although there is no information stating that the Spider is waterproof, the metal screw in the base does not show any signs of rusting after several exposures to water. The suction cup has a 3-1/4” diameter, so be sure that any tile surface you plan to mount it on is large enough to accommodate the entire suction cup. Smaller tiles will not work since the grout between the tiles will break the suction cup seal. The suction cup will also not work on any surface with any texture. Attempts to mount the Spider on a table top with a barely noticeable wood grain finish were not successful.

Care and Maintenance

The Spider did not come with any instructions regarding the care and maintenance of the sleeve, so the following are recommendations based on personal experience with Fleshlight sleeves. The sleeve can be removed from the casing and, since it is made of elastomer, both water and silicone-based lubes are compatible for use. Cleaning can be accomplished with either a toy cleaner or a mild antibacterial soap and water. Exercise caution when using soap or any type of cleanser and instead consider either a simple flush with water or rubbing alcohol (see Personal Comments). Because of the cleaning recommendations, I would also use silicone lubes cautiously, as cleaning the inside would become even more difficult. Given the softness of the material, the sleeve should not be inverted during cleaning to avoid tearing. The casing can be cleaned using a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water with no concerns about damaging the plastic.

The sleeve may be placed back in the plastic casing to air dry. Since the internal canal of the sleeve is rather narrow, it may take upwards of 24 hours before the sleeve is completely dry. The suction cup base may be unscrewed to open the bottom of the casing. The entire unit should be elevated slightly to allow water to drip out and air to flow in. A better method would be to use an air dryer on the cool setting to blow dry the entire sleeve quickly. It is important to completely dry the sleeve before storing to prevent mildew from developing. Once dry, a dusting of cornstarch (not baby powder or talc) will reduce the stickiness of the material and restore the realistic feel. The Spider can be stored in the plastic casing and should be separated from other toys to prevent unwanted interactions between materials.


The Spider comes packaged in a cardboard tube that is sturdy and should last with a little care. Although the tube could be used to store the Spider, it’s not really necessary as the Spider is self-contained in the plastic casing. In fact, the casing is more discreet than the tube itself. The tube lacks discretion as it clearly states “Spider – Masturbator for hands-free sexual training.” Instructions were not included with the Spider, and although instructions for the basic use of the masturbator were not necessary, recommendations for cleaning and maintenance of the sleeve would have been helpful and welcome.

Personal comments

A nice feature is that the case can also accommodate Fleshlight sleeves. Although the Fleshlight sleeves are longer, they fit easily and worked just as well mounted. Unlike the Fleshlight case, the Spider does not offer any suction control to increase the sensation. The benefit is that the Spider is much quieter during use and did not have the sucking noises typically associated with Fleshlights.

Spider sleeve next to Fleshlight sleeve:
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    Great review and pictures, thanks!
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    Great review and pictures, thanks!
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    Great review and pictures, thanks!
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